Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 27

Bucking arms treaty makes no sense

Failure to ratify the new arms agreement between the United States and Russia in this lame-duck session of Congress, because the Republican Party wants to spend money on "modernizing" weapons we dare not use anyway, is another stupid move by the party of "no."

We live in a world far too dangerous for the politically driven agenda of the so-called right. This dangerous behavior by the Republican leaders in the Senate has reached a new low.

They were offered $4.1 billion for modernizing our nukes, which should be more than enough to upgrade enough nukes. For what purpose, who can say? Is this what the next two years are going to look like?

We need to ratify this treaty as soon as possible so that we can resume joint mutual inspection by the U. S. and the former Soviet Union of nuclear arsenals.

We must reverse the current trend of cooled relations between the world's most heavily armed nuclear powers. Not ratifying this treaty for selfish political reasons is a seriously stupid mistake.

Sens. Jon Kyl and Mitch McConnell need to sit down and shut up.

Polk S. O'Neal


Dogs left outside

One answer to the "Keep dogs inside" letter: A petition was sent to the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government supporting a ban on the chaining or tethering of dogs in this county. It did not pass. The reason? One member did not know "who's to say what is or isn't humane?"

I asked a fifth-grader what does "humane" mean? Without hesitation he said, "To be kind and merciful." A fifth-grader really is smarter. Don't blame the dog, the owner is the one to blame.

The August Southsider magazine read, "LFUCG leaves chained dogs out in the cold."

Eulalie Begley


Tea Party can't deliver

Congrats to the Tea Party movement for its victories nationwide. Although I don't doubt its diligence and conviction, I wonder how it plans to deliver on promises to balance the budget, cut spending, eradicate national debt and solve social problems.

Just to define the fighting factions, it's a battle between the working-class taxpayer and everyone else who wants my paycheck. We begin with government waste versus entitlements.

Count the people in your community who draw a check from Uncle Sam. Everything from Social Security/SSI checks, for those who worked for it to those who didn't, to the common drug addict who abuses the system to pay for rehabilitation, hospitalization, etc.

Oh, and don't forget the party girl who has graduated from dancing topless on bar tops to a house full of dogs, cars and rug rats, all fed, clothed, housed, medicated and entertained by taxpayer money.

Not to mention the cost of police and legal intervention to referee between the prostitutes and pill heads in the nightly smack-down tournament. This all leads to expensive, yet often under-resourced, battered-women and child-abuse centers, child welfare advocates and a bloated, inhumane and ineffective prison system. Sadly, the list goes on.

For the Tea Party to dissolve the debt it first must sacrifice "Draw-check Charlie." Good luck with that.

Danny Stamper


Why laud Reagan?

The Republicans keep bringing up the name of former President Ronald Reagan as their ideal of what a national leader should be.

But Reagan was a national disgrace. Campaigning for the presidency, he went into Philadelphia, Miss., and blatantly played the race card by avowing his support for states' rights.

States' rights was an idea developed by segregationists to try to retain racial segregation in the Deep South.

It was the idea that the states should not be subjected to the will of the non-elected members of the federal courts, but should retain their racial traditions as supported by the will of the people.

Reagan was advancing the Southern strategy envisioned by President Richard Nixon. Reagan's speech was a major factor in turning the South upside down, from Democratic to Republican.

Wayne H. Davis


Blame parents

Local and national news reports have recently lamented the drastically poor performance of public school students. Teachers and schools are blamed for this state of affairs while the role of parents is largely unacknowledged.

Suggesting the system should carry all the responsibility for a student's performance is equivalent to sanctioning a lack of personal accountability in children and adults. Scary.

Linda Birk


Finish job in 2012

It's questionable whether the United States can survive two more years of Barack Obama and the Democrats, but in 2012 we can throw the bums out and send his failed presidency packing.

I hope this would also signal the end of liberalism and progressivism and the culture of class warfare, entitlement and grievance peddled by Democrats for 60 years or more.

Cal Thomas nailed it in his recent column when he wrote that Democrats and their supporters never have the nerve to honestly debate anyone over their terrible policies (note brave Rep. Ben Chandler) or will never show up on Fox News to be grilled, and have the audacity to thumb their noses at people in the heartland who have made this country great.

Does anyone honestly think that Obama or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or Bill and Hillary Clinton are real people? They are caricatures and fakes who will do anything to win elections. Sadly, they cannot govern.

People were mesmerized by Obama, but won't make that blunder again. Bye bye, Barack.

And by the way, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway is a "brilliant" lawyer and he alone had the smarts to decide not to join the suit against Obama's health care program.

Give me a break. Kentuckians are wise enough to decide, one way or the other, rather than leaving it to the usual suspects, Gov. Steve Beshear and Conway.

David Masters