Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 1

Fund education; return will be tenfold

The most important person in the world cannot fix the mess in which our country finds itself. We are on the verge of burning as Rome did.

After World War II, our country was in deep debt; but we managed to make it back and the economy slowly but surely recovered. It took high taxes, loose pocketbooks, hard work, a great amount of hiring by employers for almost anyone willing to work. The GI Bill provided the opportunity for service men and women to return to college for an education. The millions who took advantage of that bill went on to become the greatest generation and the ones who paid the taxes for these many years.

Now, that generation has retired and no longer paying the high taxes but is drawing Social Security. We in the U.S. need to provide all of our upcoming bright young people the opportunity to become educated citizens who will earn large amounts of money and pay large taxes. College fees and costs prevent many from getting a good education.

In other words, they need to step up and become the second greatest generation. Our government can provide the funds with which these young people can attend colleges all over the United States, and the advancement of these funds will be repaid to our government tenfold.

We need to stop giving money to our citizens for being unemployed and make them employable.

Will our elected officials pay any attention to this idea? Probably not, but it would be wonderful to see that a few believe in this concept.

Walter Cox


Still for Pratt

Even though the election for council at-large is over, I still feel I need to express my opinion about the outcome. I'm not saying Steve Kay and Chuck Ellinger winning was wrong for the city of Lexington, but they weren't the best choice. Don Pratt was the best candidate for our city.

Pratt might be known as the agitator of our city, but he has a good look on today's society. Every election, he is fighting to persuade everyone that he is the best candidate. People in Lexington need to believe he will always be questioning what is wrong and advocating what is right.

People need to trust Pratt. He is best for our community. We all know he will be in the running during our next election, so know that his ears and eyes are always open for what is better from you and others so Lexington can improve.

Brandon Bowlin


Rethink U.N. funding

I recently learned Canada was left off of the U.N. Security Council. Apparently, Canada had the audacity to state it stood with Israel in its plight to survive and its willingness to bolster its trade relations. Prime Minister Stephen Harper said, "Canada was bruised but determined to do the right thing."

Obviously, most of the member nations are corrupted to the belief that fanatical Islam and terror against the West is acceptable. Any damage the U.N. can bring to Israel is its way of striking the U.S. and the few remaining countries who recognize Israel's legitimate right to exist.

The U.S. should seriously rethink the billions we give the U.N. so long as it remains an agent for evil and destruction. The corruption and theft of our money is unimaginable.

I appreciate and congratulate Canada for its courage and conviction.

Steven H. Caller


Let them suffer, too

I noticed a Nov. 14 article, "Our big balancing act," about the U.S. deficit. Our representatives and senators are going to solve this problem by taking away from Social Security, taxing the middle class, cutting domestic spending, eliminating tax deductions the middle class depends on and putting a burden on those who are on Medicare or Medicaid by increasing our part of the fees/taxes we will have to pay.

Nowhere did I read about cutting pay for the members of Congress or government employees, or bringing their benefits (pension and health care) in line with the private sector.

"Double-dipping" should be outlawed. In the private sector, when you decide to retire, you retire. Until the federal, state and local governments get a handle on the outrageous pensions for elected, appointed and civil service positions, we will always have budget problems. For centuries, the people in power have padded their pockets at the expense of the masses.

The final point I want to mention is the 1982 "greed bill" in Kentucky. The arrogance of state legislators who think they have a right to better themselves financially in Frankfort should be rejected by all in Kentucky. The legislators in Frankfort should consider it a privilege and honor to serve their districts. If one were to check the tens of millions of dollars paid since the inception of the "greed bill," we would understand why there is a budget shortfall year in and year out.

Danny Sullivan


Information, please

Today's big stories in politics are about the midterm elections and the low turnout. It was a trendy topic on Twitter about the low number of African-Americans who voted, and that young black Americans were not enthused enough to vote. I believe this is false. We just weren't informed.

As a young black American woman in a secondary school and serving in the military, I really do care about what goes on financially and who is in charge. The difference between midterm elections and the presidential election is that the presidential election had more publicity, and young Americans were able to get enough views to vote and be included. I had no clue about midterm elections. I am a registered voter, but I don't know anything about anyone running, except for the negative commercials.

There should be some kind of media to show political candidates' achievements and their plans of action. As I read different political articles about this election, I feel disappointed but I cannot complain. I can only hope and pray Congress and the president can come to agreements. I will try to get more involved in the next election in Kentucky.

Danitra King


Thanks for votes

Big thanks go to all who helped make my write-in campaign happen. In this 10-day campaign I received approximately 10 percent of the votes and a nice endorsement from the Herald-Leader. However, my health issues had to come first when I dropped out in the primary.

Congratulations go to Jim Gray and his campaign. He had two of the best campaigners on his team — former Mayor Teresa Isaac and former Council Member Jennifer Mossotti. Let them continue to be a part of Gray's group and put them to work.

If I had prevailed in the 10th District council race, I would have wanted to be the one to put on the agenda the acceptance of the deed to Jacobson Park, which should be coming to the Urban County Government in January.

Also, please change all franchise agreements to includ rights of first refusal.

Sandy Shafer