Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 28

Breathitt coach earned respect of his players

I was fortunate to play football for Coach Dudley Hilton on some of his first teams at Breathitt County High School.

Hilton started winning football games in 1975 on that rocky, old field by the cutoff, then at two other schools (Bell and Bourbon), and this season he tied the Kentucky record for the most wins in a coaching career, 345.

Breathitt County boys helped Hilton win 57 games. Our football program was still in its infancy when he arrived, and each year he took a bunch of big, rough mountain boys and turned them into football players.

His teams were likely our first involvement in something bigger than ourselves, and perhaps for the first time we felt important.

During practice he was all over the field, flashing that big smile and congratulating us for doing something well. Other times he'd be crawling on the ground next to us, growling and showing us how to throw a block.

His boys loved and trusted him; that's why he won so many games, hard work and football brilliance aside.

No matter where he coaches, his former players check the Herald-Leader box scores on Saturday mornings to see if he won.

His teams become our teams, and we all become brothers under Coach Hilton. He'll be at Pikeville College next year, so we'll be checking the Sunday paper to keep up with our man now.

Jerry Deaton


McConnell ruthless

If somebody had told me that somewhere on this planet there is a person who is so selfish, so greedy for power and money, so callous about the needs of others, so politically ruthless that he would:

■ Declare repeatedly that his first priority is to make President Barack Obama a one-term president.

■ Hold hostage tax cuts for average Americans so that he can get fat tax cuts for himself and his multimillionaire cohorts.

■ Fight the ratification of START, endangering our national security so that he can get a fat tax cut for himself and his multimillionaire cohorts.

■ Insist on continuing fat tax cuts for himself and his multimillionaire cohorts, raising the deficit by $700 billion, even though he cries about reducing the deficit, and even though those tax cuts would do nothing to create jobs or stimulate the economy.

■ Put Congress and the administration on notice that no legislation would be passed until fat tax cuts for him and his multimillionaire cohorts are extended.

If anybody had told me-that such a person existed, I would have said, "Impossible. There can be no such person." But there is, right there in Washington. Sen. Mitch McConnell has surpassed all of the superlatives for greed, selfishness, callousness and political ruthlessness.

The most merciful punishment for his evil deeds would be to spend the rest of his life in a Republican, unfunded, public nursing home. And live a long time.

Lawrence E. Durr


Support all UK hoops

As a former Lexingtonian, I write in the hope that the University of Kentucky women's basketball team be given the support it truly deserves by the UK athletics department.

I attended the women's basketball game in Louisville's new arena on Dec. 5. The attendance for the game was 22,152. The support for the U of L women's team was amazing — band, cheerleaders, highly enthusiastic fans, etc.

UK got walloped by 26 points. While I support U of L athletics, I remain a UK fan at heart.

What was deeply disappointing to me was that UK did not send any band or cheerleaders to the game with its biggest rival. How dispiriting for the UK team, who really took it on the chin.

UK traditionally has focused on the men's basketball team. To produce a winner, you have to treat a team like a winner. While the men's team deserves the traditional accolades, what about pouring more heart and soul into the UK women's basketball program?

Unfortunately, the school showed none of that at the Dec. 5 UK-U of L game. Can't the UK athletics department do better?

Margaret S. Plattner


Illegal means illegal

Those who supported the DREAM Act do not understand that illegal immigrants have no allegiance to this country and are only here for the money. Check out La Raza or MECHa on the Internet.

I personally want them gone yesterday. If anyone hires them or rents to them they should be arrested and put in jail. This is a country of laws (supposedly) and these people are criminals. You know, lawbreaker, illegal. What part of that don't people understand?

Ray Cordial


Generous support

Salvation Army kettles in front of liquor stores were not incongruous in the 1940s war years in Lexington.

There was a very nice older lady dressed in her dark blue Salvation Army bonnet and dress and high top shoes who visited the Golden Horseshoe and all the other restaurants and bars along Main, Limestone and Short streets in downtown Lexington, with her kettle.

She found out the people there were very generous.

The most generous were in the dance halls at Joyland and The Green Dome about 4 or 5 miles outside of Lexington. She walked out there by herself, unless a kind passerby stopped and gave her a ride.

Porter Peel


Aid the homeless

During the holiday season and during cold weather, we need to remember and keep those in mind who don't have many of the simple luxuries we enjoy.

There are many families who are homeless and/or living in poverty in the Lexington community who need help with clothing. Many poverty stricken individuals will be without shelter this winter.

According to the Catholic Action Center, there are about 1,500 homeless individuals in the Lexington area. That is a huge number of people who need our help and donations that could contribute to keeping them warm.

I'm sure, like many of us, you have several items in your closet that have never been worn or haven't been worn in a long time. Clean out your closets and donate to those who really need it this winter.

Please donate new and gently used items to help those in need stay a little warmer during this cold season. Winter is one of the harshest seasons for those who are homeless because of the icy cold weather.

All clothing donations are accepted, but warm jackets, pants, shoes, tops and winter accessories are greatly needed. God's Garments, which is a program of Catholic Action Center, accepts donations 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays. It is at 614 East Seventh Street in Lexington.

All clothing items are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible.

Kristina Karahalios