Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 4

Obama wrong on views about Michael Vick

Two years ago, President Barack Obama had a photo taken of himself holding a small, white three-legged dog. The dog, once locked for years in a rabbit cage at a puppy mill, was the companion animal of a young woman doing what she could to promote the elimination of puppy mills. Obama promised he would do whatever possible to stop the torture of dogs used only for breeding purposes, locked forever in small wire cages, barely alive.

Recently we saw Obama on vacation in Hawaii, playing golf and tennis with the kids, drinking beer and having a great time. He called the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team and told him what a swell guy he is for giving Michael Vick a chance for a comeback.

Funny, about the time Obama was holding that small dog, Vick was serving time for handling small companion animal dogs taken from yards, tossing them in with his fighting dogs and laughing while they were torn to bits. Remember this when the 2012 election comes. Anybody but Obama.

Dan Anglin


Capitalism works

A Dec. 8 letter said: "Liberals appear to be people who listen and value what is important to others ... chances are you won't be liberal if you hold tight to biases. Maybe it is their familiarity with bias that makes conservatives so sensitive to it."

This seemingly argues that there is no such thing as a liberal bias while assigning bias to conservatives through personal prejudice, then using circular reasoning to persuade the reader to believe this bias. Really, using bias to prove there is no bias? This is tragically illogical. The piece then reasons that, "conservative statements are not verifiable facts, but rather are emotional assertions from cynical viewpoints and innuendo."

There were general accusations berating conservatives for their opposition to nationalizing health care, saying that health insurance companies care only about stockholders.

Thousands of economic and civil experiments have resulted in telling us one thing: The public receives better products and services when private actors provide them for profit (capitalism beat socialism, remember?). In capitalism, when market participants don't do their jobs, they get replaced by someone who will. In other words, profit from the private sector is more than offset by the efficiency inherent in that system. Do we really want everything run as efficiently as the Department of Motor Vehicles, the U. S. Postal Service or 90 percent of schools in America?

Tyler Davis

West Liberty

Immigration dilemma

Immigration: What do we do? Take down the Statue of Liberty and put up another that says, "Only send us your rich people." Or "Sorry, no more room. We're full."

This country was built by immigrants, with most citizens being descendants of someone from another country.

My cousin took a trip out West eight years ago and told me that the Mexicans are the ones feeding the U.S. citizens. He said these people work in the hot sun all day, bent over picking fruits and vegetables.

This reminded me of the slave labor in the South years ago. My cousin was a tobacco farmer and knew how much labor and sweat it took to grow a crop. He also said the younger generation wants only white-collar jobs to go with their big houses, two cars, designer clothes and a wallet full of credit cards.

These immigrants and American farmers are the only ones willing to do this outdoor manual labor. Go after the big landowners who exploit these people. (Don't take away from the little farmers.) Make the rich pay their taxes.

But as with all people, you have the good, the bad and the ugly. The Mexicans can't just come over, draw a welfare check or get paid in cash by the Ugly American, then send the money back home.

Alberta Toomey


Stumbo offends

I am furious over Greg Stumbo's remark in the Dec. 23 story about the Kentucky hunting-rights amendment. He called Republicans, "the damned Republicans." I would be ashamed of myself to make a statement like that to the public.

I am a Republican and proud of it. I am not a damned Republican, and I'm even more proud now that Barack Obama is in the White House. He has done nothing but try to take over this country by socialism and has done more to damage our freedom than any president in history. I am ashamed of Stumbo and hope that the people of Kentucky will have enough sense to never elect him again. He is a grandstander who hounded a good governor out of office for nothing but misdemeanors.

If Stumbo is too dumb to see what Democrats are trying to do to this country, he needs to get what he deserves. I am good and mad at him for taking my taxes and feathering his bed.

Stumbo is supposed to represent all of the people of this commonwealth, not just Democrats.

Okey Smith


Hunting under attack

Transylvania University political scientist Don Dugi was quoted as saying Kentuckians' wishing to preserve their hunting and fishing rights was "one of the silliest things I've heard." ("Ky. hunting-rights amendment prefiled," Dec. 23)

Radical, liberal anti-gun groups have been attacking us nationwide, all year long. Anti-hunting federal judge Donald Malloy just reversed the U.S. Fish and Wildlife's decision by banning all wolf hunting in Idaho and Montana, despite the wolves being in such numbers they are decimating the wildlife in our national parks.

The Center for Biological Diversity petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency to ban all lead ammunition and fishing tackle, calling the bald eagle a "lead tragedy," even though their breeding population has increased.

No matter what clever new acronym they come up with, they ultimately have only one goal: to totally disarm America.

For evil to prevail, good men must do nothing. So, please, do a little homework before teaching our kids such ignorance and apathy.

Mike L. Rozman


'Don't ask' repeal wrong

Those of us who have actually worn the uniform applaud the Democratic Senate and eight alleged Republicans who voted to end that bigot Bill Clinton's "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

We are also hopeful the military genius Barack Hussein Obama will further end the Department of Defense's discrimination against other deviants such as polygamists, practitioners of bestiality and pedophiles.

As with the Democrats' previously corrosive, sexuality-driven policy changes (such as co-ed basic training and ship assignments), our national security was the last thing on the minds of the socialists who seek to destroy our nation's most conservative pillar. Our armed forces are nothing more than an entity to be derided by such louts.

Though Ben Chandler will not mention this in any of his taxpayer-funded constituent correspondences to you, he, too, voted to force open homosexuality upon our military. It'll take far more than 600 votes to save his seat next time.

Ret. Sgt. 1st Class Shane Morris