Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Jan. 12

Blame legislature, not state workers, for pension mess

Senate President David Williams made an asinine statement when he said "state employees cannot expect to be treated better than their bosses, and their bosses are the taxpayers." He obviously has no inkling how state employees are treated. He should check the last time they received a raise that even matched the inflation rate.

Look at his retirement package. I don't see him quibbling about that. When I retired, state workers had to work 27 years to receive full benefits, but how long does this self-righteous hypocrite have to serve to receive full benefits? In addition, he and his legislative buddies have ensured that their salaries are quite a bit larger than most full-time state employees.

It shows the intelligence of a gubernatorial candidate to alienate the entire state work force, as well as teachers, police, firefighters and their families and friends, along with fair-minded citizens. Maybe he thinks having Richie Farmer on his ticket will eliminate any negative reaction.

He also needs to understand that most state workers are paid less than their private-industry counterparts. When you take away the benefits that attracted quality people, all you do is hurt state government.

Who caused the shortages in the retirement fund? Williams and the majority of lawmakers, by refusing to follow the recommendations of knowledgeable individuals in the retirement system, over and over again.

It's the same old story: The legislature creates a financial problem then forces the commonwealth's employees to pay for it.

J. D. Miniard


Indict Palin

Perhaps those Republicans who use implied death threats in political campaigns should be held responsible for their conduct.

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' challenger, Jesse Kelly, invited supporters to help unseat Giffords by joining him in shooting an M-16 rifle. Sarah Palin, a promoter of firearms, published a map with Giffords's congressional district in the crosshairs of a rifle. Now both are claiming to be shocked and saddened by what their handiwork has accomplished.

Since when are implied death threats accepted as political discourse in this country? Palin needs to be indicted for complicity to murder.

Sally Wasielewski


Paul bad for Ky.

Why do politicians and their constituents attack spending on welfare, education and, with Sen. Rand Paul, defense, instead of corporate welfare, pork barrel spending and salaries of officials who do not represent the masses?

Paul's win could be a huge loss for Kentucky, one of the poorest, least educated states. Paul could do poor youth, our state's future, a disservice through his opposition to federal funding for education and the U.S. Department of Education. Young people from poor, rural families would feel the sting the most. Not being able to afford an education will further the poverty cycle. Paul is an ophthalmologist, so education had to be important to him personally. Paul does not care about furthering the education of Kentucky's youth, he only cares about furthering his own political agenda.

I am disappointed that Kentuckians keep electing politicians who do not support their constituents' needs while supporting the agendas of large corporations or the lucky few elite. Most Kentuckians are below or near poverty, lack health care and opportunities for gainful employment; they are not being represented in Congress but are being attacked.

Politicians such as Paul and other Tea Party members are attacking those less fortunate because they believe they cannot defend themselves. People who are disadvantaged do not have a collective voice and many are too consumed by surviving to be savvy about politics. Come on Kentuckians, we can do better than Rand Paul.

Loretta Gilmore


Salary sob story

Regarding the whining about University of Kentucky faculty salaries: Please, cry me a river. Should a recent letter writer or her husband choose to resign in protest I am sure UK will be able to find a capable, grateful person to fill the position.

Bill Grieme

Villa Hills

Let's talk taxes

Maybe Congress ought to consider the Golden Goose Theory of Taxation in 2011. Basically, it says that those who own the most gold should pay the most taxes simply because they have the ability to pay more. Let's bear in mind that the reality is a bit more complicated, though.

We know the economy works differently for those who possess more economic power. More opportunities are accessible at the higher levels; the profit margins and discounts are higher. More gets more by exponential growth. Everyone knows the rules of play change as you move up the ladder. It makes intuitive sense.

So, the ability to pay higher taxes is not based merely on the possession of gold. It is based on opportunities, advantages and rules of play not commonly accessible. This will inevitably sound like "class warfare" to those who want to keep more gold for themselves.

The economic problem with that is not greed, however. The problem is hoarding. Economic growth requires participation at all levels. All the economic players must play to the best of their abilities.

Some say the best way to prevent hoarding is low taxes. Others say the best way is fair taxes, based on the economic law of opportunity costs. We deserve an honest and intelligible airing of the pros and cons.

Tom Louderback


Economics defied

Well, here it is. Everything taught about economics is wrong. That or else the media have been lying.

Gasoline consumption in the U.S. is 20 percent below the level of the last 10 years. Supplies are at an all-time high. Yet prices are above $3 a gallon. What happened to supply and demand?

C.J. Fernandez


Ax editorial board

The Herald-Leader's editorial board needs revamping with editor Vanessa J. Gallman removed, Joel Pett retired to a funny farm, Merlene Davis, though she's not on the editorial board, fired and new members given truth serum so they will finally reveal the truth about President Barack Obama, the Democrats, liberals and progressives who are so out of step with most Americans.

Someone needs to reveal that the Democrats and Obama lost the Nov. 2 election and are irrelevant. The board has gone nuts with a call for cap-and-tax and for the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases. That global warming crowd has no honesty or credence now that the "scientists" have become so unscientific and remain in collusion with the Al Gore crowd. All they are concerned about is enriching themselves by promoting a false agenda that steals millions that could be better used to produce good jobs in the U.S. These people have no concern for the hardworking people in Kentucky or West Virginia or elsewhere who are struggling, while the Obama administration is engaged in pure thuggery and criminal incompetence that are ruining America. No matter your political persuasion, the election was a huge rejection of Obama, "Obamacare" and Nancy Pelosi. Read The Obama Diaries and learn about the evil Chicago crowd behind the worst president in our history.

David W. Masters