Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Feb. 10

Remember last time we celebrated bullish Wall Street

It is hard to know whether to laugh or cry. The Dow is running with the bulls, the Associated Press tells us. "Market needs more small investors" says the subhead (Feb. 2). We are asked to follow them off the cliff (again).

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report that was just released is not even mentioned.

If the media were as liberal as many give it credit for being, the article would have told us why small investors haven't come back.

There are answers. The housing market bust which caused the latest crisis is traced to the "complex financial instruments" that were bought, sold and resold.

These unexplainable pieces of paper had absolutely no value. They were called derivatives, derived by fiddling with the books of giant financial institutions.

Wall Street creates the bubbles. The stock market rises. The broker tells the small investor that a rising tide lifts all boats. The fallacy, of course, is that when the bubble bursts even stock in good companies loses value. Little boats are left high and dry.

Unfortunately, the recent financial reform bill did little to stop derivative trading.

The report recommends breaking up those huge banks. It tells who is most responsible. People need to know this. Instead, the article points out how much one will gain by buying stock and reinvesting dividends for five years.

One can only laugh, and hope that investors read the report, which is available from the Government Printing Office.

Sara M. Porter


Informed consent

Medical technology now gives every mother the opportunity to know the "glob of cells" the abortionist is about to remove from her uterus is truly her live, tiny son or daughter.

The Jan. 20 letter from the Alabama writer obviously is filled with hatred and contempt for our Kentucky legislators.

Senate Bill 9 would not force mothers to view their ultrasounds; doctors would be obligated to offer the opportunity.

The writer's opinion that this represents religion is outrageous. It deals with informed consent before undergoing an irreversible surgery to end the life of her child, and a decision that puts the mother's own physical and mental health at risk.

Every patient scheduling a surgery wants, and is entitled to, complete information on which to base an informed consent. Why should pregnant mothers be denied adequate information?

Please call 1-800-372-7181 to ask your representative and House leadership to please bring SB 9 to the House floor for a vote. Let the representatives decide.

Hilda Pullen


Shameful rendition

Christina Aguilera's performance was a disgrace to the American people.

It's beyond me how the people in charge of the Super Bowl would let anyone sing one of the most highly regarded songs about America who can't get the words right in front of millions of football fans.

Surely someone screens the performers before they are chosen to do such a task.

Estill Smith


The singing of our national anthem at the Super Bowl was a disgrace. I think she had the words right but she rewrote the music.

I feel an apology is due.

Carl A. Penske


Abortion monstrous

Abortion is a surgical procedure to kill and remove from the womb an incomplete human infant before it can be fully developed, carried to term and given birth.

It is the premeditated murder of a baby inside the womb before it can be born. Anyone participating in an abortion should be so charged.

A recent letter claims opposition to abortion is a religious decision and should be kept out of government. I believe abortion is a legal decision. Killing babies outside the birth canal is a violation of the law and called premeditated murder.

Legalized abortion that kills a baby inside the womb or birth canal is a perversion of that law and it should be called murder and stopped.

A Philadelphia physician, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, has been charged with eight counts of murder (seven babies and one patient) while performing abortions.

He fully delivered late-term babies who were viable (capable of living on their own) then killed them by sticking scissors into the backs of their heads severing their spinal cords. He committed premeditated murder.

Most of the babies he killed were from immigrant and minority women in impoverished West Philadelphia, Pa.

Gosnell is a monster. Abortion is monstrous. I believe anyone who supports abortion has no respect for the life of the child killed by the abortionist.

Edward L. Smith Jr.

Park Hills

Like being robbed

In response to "Call for compassion to illegal immigrants" by Stefanie Brock (Jan. 29): Where is the compassion for U.S. citizens?

I am sick and tired of hearing how hard undocumented immigrants work. Well, how about how hard we work?

I am a Kentucky native and in the 1950s I worked on a farm every day except Sundays until I was 18, when I moved to Louisville to work and attend the University of Louisville.

My family didn't ask for welfare and worked night and day to can our food and preserve our meats so that we would not go hungry over the winter months.

My parents paid for our doctor's visits with cash if they had it, or else had to ask for credit until the crops came in.

My uncle gave his life in World War II for this country so that we could have our liberty and rights. These rights do not extend to illegal immigrants who sneak across our borders. They do not have the right to take our jobs, free medical care and free education.

Families in Kentucky are struggling to feed their kids and make their mortgage payments. Can people faced with foreclosure rob a bank to make mortgage payments?

Brock states that these people come here for a better life, which means they are stealing our jobs. To me, it is no different than robbing us. I urge readers to call the state legislature and voice support for Senate Bill 6.

Betty Hagan