Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Feb. 16

Pseudoephedrine must be restricted to protect public

I am a registered pharmacist and doctor of pharmacy who has practiced in Kentucky for the past 30 years. I'm responding to recent Herald-Leader articles about methamphetamine and the proposed legislation, HB 15 and SB 45, to make pseudoephedrine a controlled drug prescription.

I disagree with many of the points made by the opposition.

Meth labs cause serious problems to the environment and people's health due to the toxic waste, fumes and chemicals used in the production of methamphetamine. The cost to clean up the labs, the arrests and incarceration have a $48 million a year impact on Kentucky.

There are many other medications to treat colds and allergies that are safer to the consumer and are available over-the-counter which do not require a doctor's prescription.

Lastly, the laws passed in Mississippi and Oregon that made pseudoephedrine a prescription drug have significantly reduced the number of meth labs in those two states.

The dangers of meth labs must be eliminated or minimized to protect our population. In order to do so, HB 15 and SB 45 must be passed.

Leah TolliverLexington

Change our anthem

How many times must we cringe as popular vocalists throw awkward, personal spins into The Star-Spangled Banner before our government officials finally proclaim it a natural disaster and replace it with America the Beautiful?

Recently, a media storm arose over whether a principal had acted properly in telling a talented young student to tone down her rendition of our anthem. Apparently, a vast number of viewers deemed the teen's dramatic flair offensive, particularly toward the military.

I was flabbergasted. The girl had navigated a daunting piece of music with more grace and gusto than a celebrated professional artist. She deserved a warm pat on the back, not public scrutiny, for rising to their challenge.

Sometimes we critics of the world can get politically stuck. Rather than instigate protracted debates over one lone, dumbfounding moment, why not examine why we as a nation — a highly regarded, evolved global power — are still trying to tackle the unconquerable strains of an outmoded, overly aggressive war song? If the armed forces are genuinely strengthened through having the song performed in their honor, why not reserve it for military occasions and make it uniquely their own?

Let's face it. Soloists and spectators have been bombing the lines to the anthem for years. America the Beautiful is so much more majestic and manageable. It also encourages harmony. Isn't it time we rang in the new and adopted this treasure as our national anthem?

Jo Ann Lucas


Remove union lovers

Unions do protect employees' rights, but they can also be corrupt. They might slide money into a Democratic politician's campaign fund to get a huge bid of $2.5 million through. The union bosses don't care; they're getting big money. Road crews or carpenters don't mind; they're making $35 to $45 per hour.

Why do I say Democrats? Because Democrats support unions and unions support Democrats. Unions almost killed General Motors because the employees want this, and they want that — which totals $120 per hour with all of their perks. And who bailed them out? The Democrats, uh, I mean the American people.

Toyota can sell cars cheaper because there is no union. The workers don't mind, either. This is job security for Toyota, and lots of money for the Japanese bigwigs. People, uh, I mean Democrats, hate how the bigwigs here in America are getting rich, but what about the Japanese or Chinese bigwigs getting rich, close to $800 billion a year off of us?

Democrats destroyed the housing market. President Barack Obama gave billions of dollars to Mexico, Brazil, Sudan, Greece and who knows where else. This is called redistribution of our wealth.

We have to get the Democrats out of office, then the unions can be controlled and our taxes will go down.

Larry Renicker


Pay attention

We know not paying attention while driving can cause a disasters. To not pay attention in raising our children can be a disaster to them as well as others.

Children of all ages are being exposed to drugs at a very young age and we know that drugs not only destroy their health, they have a sad effect on family and friends. We have let those who don't care about our children take God out of our schools and state and federal governments. If we had been paying attention, would we have allowed this to happen?

My wife and I were both medics in the military and have seen those who lost it all and those who came back with body parts missing. I hope those who give it all and the families who continue to suffer did not make sacrifices for nothing.

Opportunities need to be available for returning service personnel to obtain job skills, places to live and professional assistance when needed.

It is easy to say it is not my responsibility. We all have a responsibility for our fellow man. All should have an opportunity to obtain job and survival skills, and we get into trouble if we do not pay attention to those in need.

We need to support our schools and educators and hold our state leadership more responsible to preserve the things many have given their lives for. We need to pay attention.

Patrick E. White


Save the unborn

On Jan. 24, President Barack Obama reaffirmed the constitutional right of women to choose to abort their babies.

From eternity, our First Lawmaker stated: "I am the author of life." Six million Jews were exterminated by the Nazis because they were "different."

Fifty-eight million American babies were scraped from the sacredness of the womb to the vile dumpster because of our complacent "indifference."

How many must we sacrifice before enough is enough? While our holy innocents are denied their rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," pregnant women are legally free to annihilate their babies for whatever reason.

The music of our newborn's first cry, snuggling, nurturing and worrying may require following the honorable, rocky less-traveled path of self-sacrifice and hardship with possible insults and humiliations. However, the rewards will be buckets of love, giggles, laughter and peace of heart.

Multitudes walk the mantra of "right is what feels good at the moment" as they blindly follow the seductive crowded superhighway of bountiful empty pleasures, deceptive self-absorption, laziness, selfishness, shallow commitments, illicit sexual lures and ever-changing personal needs.

Only the lonely darkness of night shines on their emptiness.

After believers and unbelievers alike breathe their last, they will stand alone and naked before the Author of Life, who will pronounce words of eternal joy or everlasting damnation.

We are free to make the choice.

Robert A Padgett, M.D.