Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: May 5

Derby's being spoiled by having too many entries

As a real Kentucky Derby fan, I must say the way it is run does not show the true champion. A lot of the horses entered in the Derby should not be there.

The trainers pick the easiest route to get to the race. Very few of the Derby contenders have really been tried. The 20-horse field makes it a toss-up on who has the best luck coming out of the gate. Most times, the best horses are mobbed by the rest of the field.

The Derby field should be limited to 14 starters. A lot of trainers use their multiple entries in much the same way as NASCAR teams use multiple cars in a race.

Estill Smith


Pay no attention ...

Why did the powers at the University of Kentucky even release the name of the newly appointed president?

Why didn't they maintain their strict policies of secrecy and exclusion? Why didn't they just tell the munchkins that there is a new wizard behind the curtain, and leave it at that?

Richard Underwood


Kudos to VA

I recently was hospitalized at the Lexington Veterans Administration's Medical Center. The treatment was highly professional and courteous.

The ward personnel of Three North assisted me with outstanding services. During my stay, all treatment was fully explained to me by all who had contact with me.

I have the utmost respect for all personnel at the VA Medical Center. I wish to thank them for a job well done.

Larry Wallace


Give free reusable bags

In response to the plastic-bag debate: As someone who pays way too much in government fees and taxes as a small-business owner, I'd like to suggest stores such as Kroger allow us to receive these reusable bags free for every $100 spent in their stores or at their gas stations, from which they are now recording record profits.

We, as consumers, are expected to pay nearly $4 per gallon of gas, $4.99 for a 12-pack of soft drinks (when not on sale) and then go to the checkout and buy a bag to put our overpriced items in? Seriously?

There has to be a way these stores, Wal-Mart and Meijer, too, can absorb this, isn't there? Until they do, I will use free plastic bags, doubling them when necessary.

Oh, by the way, my Rosie recycling bin does hit the curb as often as any Rosie in the red-light district.

Russ Reide


Return money to state

Who among our Kentucky politicians are actually donating "their money" to "their charity" which in turn is helping the commonwealth reduce its "deficit"?

While it appears to come from "their pockets," it is actually coming from our pockets, as it is taxpayers' money being paid to various charities on behalf of our politicians who, in turn, get a healthy deductible item on their tax returns.

Am I missing something? I hope I'm wrong, I really do.

Herb Petit


Would someone please tell me what benefit there is to the Kentucky budget shortfall for Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer and others to donate their salaries, in place of furlough days, to a charity?

Give the money back to the state. This would help the shortfall a little at least.

Thomas Howard


No thrill for mascots

A clever letter writer made light of schools that use live animals as mascots; but for the animals, it's no laughing matter.

Anyone who has attended a college football game can attest to the sheer intensity of these events. The energy is palpable, and it's what makes going to college games such an enjoyable experience.

But the bright lights, thousands of screaming fans and loud noises such as air horns, marching bands and fireworks are terrifying for animals who can't possibly understand what's going on.

Some mascots have been targets for cruelty, like the ram used by the University of North Carolina that was gutted, had his throat slit and his shoulder cut off. Others, including several Texas Tech horses, have died or been injured in accidents or as prank victims.

Surely, the highest echelons of education can find ways to entertain and excite crowds without compromising the well-being of animals.

Jennifer O'Connor

PETA Foundation

Norfolk, Va.

Spending must stop

I read Richard Dawahare's April 30 commentary demanding a raising of the federal debt ceiling.

Until federal government spending is reduced, a never-ending increase in debt ceilings will not solve our financial problems.

The government spends $188 million it does not have every hour. That is deficit spending.

No effort has been made to significantly reduce this. For example, in spite of the meager $37 billion reduction in this year's budget, the new health care legislation funds $105 billion in new administrative costs next year that will not provide one penny of health care.

This is not a sustainable economy if it is allowed to continue.

Jud Chalkley


Don't vote for despot

What has gone wrong with this state and this country? Why would we want a dictator? Are we so insecure with the give and take of democracy?

Why does anyone give the time of day to dictators such as Sen. David Williams? Has he ever negotiated with anyone? What you will get with him is what Williams wants.

What about The Donald? Many Republicans love Donald Trump, according to what I have read in the polls. You might laugh, but Germans learned to love Adolph Hitler.

Please wake up, starting with Kentucky, and don't be dazzled by these seemingly secure messages. If we give in to these despots, I fear for my country.

Judy Harvey


GOP dumbing down

I used to think the majority of the Republican Party was fairly intelligent. But when a recent national poll showed 45 percent of Republicans think President Barack Obama is not a citizen of the United States, that shows me how ignorant or misinformed they are.

Members of the Republican Party seem to swallow — hook, line and sinker — every lie that their leaders put out.

What's wrong with those birthers?

Gail Hardy