Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: May 7

Here's a 'fact' birthers are sure to enjoy

President Barack Obama's place of birth debatable? Yes.

So just what is the United States of America? Look on any map and you will see states "united" from the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast on westward to the shores of the Pacific, "from sea to shining sea." They are bounded on the north by Canada and on the south by Mexico, leaving no room for another state.

It is true Alaska and Hawaii are states, but united they are not. If you or any person is born in one of these two states, you were not born in the "United" States. And that's a fact which of course has been ignored by those who would say otherwise for political reasons.

Earl H. Stewart


Obama passive with dictators

The civil wars of Libya, Syria and Egypt are 21st century genocide. Their dictators Moammar Gadhafi, Bashar Assad and, until recently, Hosni Mubarak are as evil as Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin in the 20th century. All regard human life as cannon fodder.

Fortunately, they are too small and primitive to have the industrial capacity of Germany and Russia.

Sadly, there is no Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Winston Churchill to destroy these despots. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan or Churchill would not have hesitated to use drones or stealth bombers to destroy these targets and end the bloodbath of innocents under the heels of the tyrants.

When will President Barack Obama become the leader of the free world instead of a politician, golfer and basketball player?

Steve Kesten


Let's party

Lexington should have more block parties. The reason I say this is that many families can come downtown and experience the new and improved Lexington.

Local businesses also would flourish. Having everyone downtown would mean more people to buy things from local stores. It also would allow other people from other counties to come into Lexington and see what we have to offer.

I spoke with a few residents from Georgetown. They came to one of our block parties, really enjoyed it and wanted to have one in their city.

It's just an idea for future events in Lexington.

Ben Fister


Bad timing on conversion story

As a minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), I deeply regret the timing of the religious conversion story in the April 30 Faith section of the Herald-Leader.

Although I applaud the effort to offer stories of faith journeys, it is vitally important that a reputable newspaper such as the Herald-Leader be aware of how the timing of some non-news stories can be highly insensitive.

This article, the first in the series, featuring a conversion out of Judaism into Christianity, appeared the day before Yom HaShoah, the day on which those of the Jewish tradition remember the nightmare of hatred that was the Holocaust.

In light of the mission of Nazi Germany to extinguish Judaism in the world, it is regrettable the paper's staff failed to do the minimal research which would have alerted them to the insensitivity of posting the article at that time.

I don't know what is an appropriate action for the paper to take given this gross insensitivity. An apology may be a beginning. But all of us carry within us an ignorance of other faith traditions' days of remembrance.

Perhaps a quarterly article featuring upcoming days of remembrance for various faith traditions is a way of helping the paper, and its readers, become more hospitable to our neighbors.

Janet Ehrmantraut


'Giselle' deserved review

After the newspaper's nice preview of Lexington Ballet's production of Giselle, it's a pity there was no review of the performance.

The company gave a satisfying rendition of the classic. The principals danced well, and the corps de ballet was engaged and precise. Costumes, sets and lighting contributed to the overall pleasing effect. A great deal of effort and devotion was obviously expended on this ambitious undertaking.

Lexington Ballet certainly deserves more attention as well as a larger audience.

Doris Parkes Petan