Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: May 8

Joan Brannon, President of ArtsPower Lexington, and curator of the bus top exhibit tlked abou the project as LexTran, Art in Motion and the Bluegrass Community Foundation unveiled the first of three commissioned art projects at the corner of Third st. and Elm Tree ln. in Lexington on Sunday, May 23, 2010. Photo by Mark Ashley 10119
Joan Brannon, President of ArtsPower Lexington, and curator of the bus top exhibit tlked abou the project as LexTran, Art in Motion and the Bluegrass Community Foundation unveiled the first of three commissioned art projects at the corner of Third st. and Elm Tree ln. in Lexington on Sunday, May 23, 2010. Photo by Mark Ashley 10119 Mark Ashley

Celebrating death lowers us to enemy's level

The image from 9/11 that most comes to my mind has always been the burning of the American flag and the celebration by Muslims all over the world at the death of so many Americans.

My thought was, and has been, what kind of people would celebrate the death of so many? Were all of these Muslims terrorists, or is the chasm between Islam and Judaism and Christianity deeper than we would hope?

The death of Osama bin Laden has elicited the same behavior from my fellow countrymen, celebration and flag waving across America by "civilized" Christians. Elation that he "will burn in hell," as many have said and as newspapers have decreed.

No doubt bin Laden was evil and had to be "neutralized," but is the death of another cause for celebration or cause for reflection?

Perhaps we are more like our enemies than we care to admit.

Chuck Proctor


A-pluses all around

Patience was the key.

President Barack Obama: A+.

Intelligence community: A+.

Navy SEALs: A+.

Fox News (for briefly posting on screen "Obama Dead"): F.

Edmund Miller Jr.


Unarmed? Who cares?

I was very disturbed when I saw my May 4 paper with a headline in large bold letters: "Al-Qaida chief unarmed."

Really? Does it matter? Has the liberal media forgotten the 3,500 unarmed lives brutally murdered on Sept. 11, 2001? Now this unarmed coward is taking way too much attention away from the poor people suffering from tornado damage in Alabama.

We should be focusing attention on how we come together as an American family and help one another in desperate times. They've been tossed to the side for bigger news like, "Navy SEALs killed unarmed terrorist."

Becky Watts


Was Osama bin Laden armed? Who cares? Were the 3,000 men, women and children who were murdered on 9/11 armed?

Marsha Dance


Traitors to our values

I have become more frustrated with my fellow Kentuckians and the red states' citizens. Most members of Congress are traitors to the values of this great country. The president is an administrator of the policies and laws approved by Congress.

Don't blame President Barack Obama for our current woes.

We have been engaged in wars and hostile environments in the Middle East since 1948 for two reasons: oil and support for Israel. The current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan came to reality based on the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act, which ordered President Bill Clinton to remove Saddam Hussein as head of state. Clinton didn't order the invasion of Iraq.

The same year, Osama bin Laden declared war on the United States. He wanted to end U.S. military presence in Saudi Arabia and end support for Israel. The aerial attack on the United States was drawn up by a terrorist cell in Germany, not Afghanistan. Bin Laden was a figurehead

If you want our country, as envisioned by our founders, then replace Congress in 2012 and 2014. The same goes for Kentucky's governor and General Assembly. History repeats herself. Read about the Holy Roman Empire.

Billy Ray Wilson


Tearing down Obama

Two of America's most conservative newspapers are the New York Post and the Washington Times. They are doing everything they can in the remaining months before the 2012 presidential election to denigrate President Barack Obama, in hopes of making him a one-term president.

With great regularity, both papers' editorial boards and columnists portray how unfit they think Obama is to be president. In reality, he is more fit to be president than anyone conservative Republicans currently have to offer the country. The Post and Times are probably still questioning the fitness of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to be president, even though Roosevelt was elected to serve as president for four consecutive terms.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.


Well done

As we warmly welcome Yetta Young to her new post as executive director of the Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center, let's give a standing ovation to Joan Brannon. As interim director, Brannon saw the Lyric through planning phases, the grand-opening festivities and the first months of operation with grace and devotion to duty, shepherding the board's vision and encouraging performers. She deserves praise and heartfelt thanks for a job well done.

Deb Shoss


Nice jobs

Wow! Almost $400,000 of taxpayers' money to pay a fired fire chief and a fired medical director.

Sounds like the best paying jobs in Lexington are as fired government employees.

Stephen Stinson


NPR: truth in depth

The reason many Republicans don't like National Public Radio is it tells the truth in depth.

For us to know the truth in depth interferes with the primary goal of the party, which is to make rich people richer.

Claims of bias regarding NPR broadcast news are absurd. I challenge any independent thinker — this excludes for the most part mean, stupid rich, or selfish people — to listen to a week's worth of NPR news broadcasts and interviews, and come up with evidence of bias.

Leaving news and analysis to truly biased multibillion-dollar commercial radio outlets and "personalities" just pushes the middle class and poverty-stricken parts of our society further down, since they then have to operate without being able to find out what is really happening.

Michael Kennedy


Right about Paul

Tom Eblen's April 24 column hit the nail on the head. Sen. Rand Paul is not taking care of the business he got elected to take care of in Washington. He's much too busy running around promoting his book and himself.

As a junior senator, he should be learning all he can about the legislative process, how Washington works and so forth. He might just learn something, therefore becoming qualified to actually make a difference.

I hope he's just a "flash in the pan" and fades away by the time the next election rolls around.

Eileen Stansbury


Spruce up the flags

With Memorial Day fast approaching, it would be an excellent idea to check the condition of the U.S. flags flying around Lexington. Recently, I noticed several in extremely poor condition, some in shreds. A few in front of public buildings.

Memorial Day commemorates U.S. soldiers who died while in the military service. A great way to honor them would be to display a crisp new flag on that day.

The Flag Keepers organization states: The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.

Their Web site, http://www.flagkeepers.org, provides information on the maintenance of the flag and proper disposal.

Christine McCabe


No sports equity

By local standards, I'm only a moderate fan of University of Kentucky sports. But I have shirts, caps, flags, etc. Now, I'm trying to understand spending $6.25 million so fans at the game can watch the game on TV.

What does Title IX say about a special dorm for a men's team, but not one for any women?

If there isn't one, there ought to be a law.

Chuck Sanborn


Tuition-hike dangers

Despite a doubling of tuition costs over the past decade, the University of Kentucky is once again raising tuition by another 6 percent.

These increases have made it increasingly difficult to obtain a college degree, which is crucial to achieve success in the modern world. Eventually, only the extremely intelligent, well-connected or wealthy will be able to attend college. The result will be to further increase the disparity between the wealthy and the poor.

Society continues to bear the costs of the welfare system, yet it is increases like these that hinder individuals from exiting and avoiding the welfare system. UK is a public institution with a mission to promote diversity, inclusion, economic development and human well-being. Does excluding students based on ability to pay promote this?

UK continues to place increasing financial burdens on its students, staff and faculty, while constantly improving athletics. The faculty and staff haven't had a pay increase in three years, yet one reads in the paper every day of pay increases for coaches, athletic directors, new additions to athletic facilities, etc. I suppose "Go Big Blue" should replace the mission statement.

If UK truly believes in its mission statement, it should develop a plan to focus on the fundamental reason for its existence: to provide an education that doesn't place a heavy debt on its graduates as they enter the workplace.

Katie Wingate and Brittany Conners


Jennifer Congleton


The other UK team

The same week the University of Kentucky men's basketball team traveled to Houston, another UK team made the trip. A team of engineering students, the Weightless Wildcats, traveled to Houston, taking with them a project selected by NASA for testing with the possibility of development for use on the space station.

This team was one of 10 chosen from across the country to participate in a weeklong program with NASA scientists.

Insufficient university funding left students paying for some project materials out of their own pockets, even though an agreement between UK and NASA stipulated the project would become the property of NASA.

The university paid for transportation and hotel expenses; the students paid for their own food. Upon their return, faculty stressed the need for this group to raise the public profile of the project, while not supplying guidance as to how to accomplish the task.

The responsibility for this increasingly common situation does not lie with one person. It includes not only those trying to make ends meet but also those who say education is a priority but don't make it a reality.

This group should be commended for digging into their own pockets to complete this project, especially since no course credit was given. Three members of this team will graduate today, the remaining two next year.

This team is on track for a 100 percent graduation rate.

Carol Davis


It all makes sense now

I certainly agree with Joel Pett's erudite assessment in his April 28 cartoon, that any white guy who believes the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land and should be obeyed and endorced by all citizens, up to and including the president, is definitely a racist.

Gene Fleming