Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: May 13

Commonwealth lags in nation, lacks leadership

Congratulations, Kentucky. We have been ranked by 24/7 Wall Street as the worst-governed state in the union. No small task considering we had to beat Michigan, Arizona and California, ranked 47th to 49th respectively.

Kentucky is 43rd in GDP per capita, 47th in median household income and 47th in citizens with high school diplomas.

We have one of the highest percentages of citizens below the poverty line. Kentucky also has an extremely weak S&P rating of AA-.

I don't see that this has affected this year's governor's race. Gov. Steve Beshear, a very nice person, proposed a budget counting on money derived from gambling, then provided no leadership after his gambling bill was defeated.

Senate President David Williams, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, is an avid gambler but is against expanded gambling for the state, a political thing.

Then there are the other two Republican gubernatorial hopefuls, Phil Moffett and Bobbie Holsclaw, who have no chance since they are splitting the anti-Williams vote.If they really cared about the state and not themselves, one would drop out to give the other a chance.

Our state legislators can be bought. Consider the $450,000 spent to pass the optometry bill in less than a week.

As usual, when it comes to the election, we have no choice. We can only vote for what we consider the lesser evil. How long will it be before Kentucky has a government of which we can be proud?

Larry J. Hall


Votin' Gritton

On Tuesday, Kentuckians will go to the polls to cast their votes. We need to elect an experienced commissioner of agriculture. That person is Democratic candidate Stewart Gritton.

Gritton has been a dairy and tobacco farmer for many years. He also worked in the Department of Agriculture for 15 years and in the Division of Fairs and Shows Promotion.

He has served his native Anderson County as Farm Bureau director and immediate past president; soil conservation district supervisor and director; Cattlemen's Association member and past president; he is a former Dairy Herd Information Association president.

Gritton is also a past president of the National Association of Fair Agencies.

His experience, dedication to the agricultural community and his vision for promoting Kentucky's farmers make him the best man for the job.

I am asking all residents of Mason, Bracken, Robertson, Lewis, Fleming and all the surrounding counties to consider Gritton for this very important job.

I have known him for a long time, and even though I am not a farmer, I think he is the best man for agriculture commissioner.

So please, cast a vote for Stewart Gritton.

Kathryn (Kitten) Gilligan


Solar pioneer?

Thank you for the April 10 article, "Project gives new meaning to sunroof," about two Glasgow High School students.

Who knows if the young man, Daniel Cambron, may be a pioneer, the Thomas Edison of solar energy?

There has to be a more economical way to capture what the sun gives the Earth, than what we are doing with fossil fuels and other stored deposits of nature.

I hope that this Cambron lad will find the answer.

Harold W. Dorsey



I'm beginning to get the impression the Herald-Leader will not be supporting Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer in his bid to become the next lieutenant governor of Kentucky.

Ken Kious


Experienced candidate

Kentucky's primary election is Tuesday. Good citizens will educate themselves about the candidates. I've already made my decisions.

For secretary of state, I'm voting for Elaine Walker because her leadership and experience make her the stronger candidate by far.

She is the incumbent, appointed by Gov. Steve Beshear to fill the post when Trey Grayson resigned.

She is doing a good job in Frankfort. I have personally experienced her attentiveness, intelligence and effectiveness while dissolving my recently deceased husband's business.

Also, Elaine was selected as the national outstanding woman mayor at the U.S. Conference of Mayors. As a two-term mayor of Bowling Green, she was widely respected by her constituents, brought many new jobs to that area and improved town-gown relationships with Western Kentucky University. Also, she and her husband owned and operated a small business.

She is not widely known in Central Kentucky. Her opponent, a young lawyer, carries a locally well-known family name but has never held public office and is inexperienced.

Please remember to vote for the candidate who will do the best job, not for one who has a familiar name. Join me in casting your vote for Elaine Walker.

Kay W. Garner


Son of Jefferson needed

Americans are in dire need of a leader like our third president, Thomas Jefferson. America and the world need such a leader.

Please step forward and be recognized.

Dennis Childs


Proven leadership

Secretary of State Elaine Walker brings proven leadership to her position. During her tenure as mayor of Bowling Green, the community grew 5,000 jobs in one of the worst economic periods in Kentucky history. Her team balanced the budget, streamlined government and held the line on spending.

She created a business-friendly climate that protected workers and expanded economic opportunity. She worked to create a Master Plan to help redevelop the downtown area. In 2009, she was voted one of the Top 15 "greenest" mayors, due to her commitment to preservation and the environment.

Walker has the real-life experience we need during these challenging times. Her father, a decorated World War II Air Force bomber pilot and career military officer, taught her the importance of service.

As she watched her mother, who suffered from a debilitating injury, she learned the meaning of faith, perseverance and overcoming obstacles.

She is a Kentuckian by choice, having married a Vietman veteran. She and her husband wanted to find a community that reflected their values, and selected Bowling Green. Their children attend public schools.

I worked with Walker as she secured bipartisan support for the passage of Senate Bill 8, which sets up a one-stop Web site for businesses to interact with the state.

To promote one-stop service, provide civics education to students, prevent election fraud and preserve experience in the office, Kentucky will "win with Walker."

Ruth Ann Palumbo