Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: May 24

Prison workers retain jobs, but lose a little soul

As noted in a May 10 article, state officials are closing the Frankfort Career Development Center. The article said 205 inmates will be moved to other facilities and "the 47 workers ... will be offered positions in other facilities within 20 to 30 miles of Frankfort."

As one of those 47, I am grateful to still have a job, a fact not taken lightly. The article gave the facts and figures. As the financial manager of FCDC, I know numbers cannot be ignored. What the article was unable to convey was the pain and hurt of the 47 people who consider FCDC our "work home."

The tears that fell that Monday are not noted in the article. The panic of inmates who felt safe and on the road to a positive change in their lives as they worked hard, learned trade skills, passed GEDs, took college courses and sang praises to God in the prison choir was not mentioned in the article.

We understand the business decision (well, partially). The logic of those decisions does little to dry our tears and mend our broken hearts as we separate from co-workers who became family. The Frankfort Career Development Center made working a pleasure, and I will forever be proud of the best-kept secret in state government.

Lisa Hunn-Thompson


An act for more war

I just read U.S. House Resolution 968, Detainee Security Act of 2011, which your editorial board should research. The intent of the act is to allow the president of the United States to continue his war against the Taliban, al-Qaida and ill-defined foreign forces at will, plus a continuous occupation of Afghanistan.

Shouldn't you tell the people what House Republicans are planning to do to this nation? I sent a response to Kentucky's congressional members, who were not co-sponsors of the cited treasonable act.

Billy Ray Wilson


Crowded streets

When you have a narrow street, parking shouldn't be allowed on both sides.

In my neighborhood, on Sundays or when there is something else going on at a nearby church, people living on my street can't get on the street or get to their driveways because the streets are packed with cars parked on both sides of the street.

Something needs to be done. What if emergency vehicles needed to come down the street? They would have to park a block or two away and walk down to the house, losing precious time.

Louisa Brooks


Investigate gas prices

What is it going to take to get the government to look into the price gouging going on with the gas companies?

If the price of a barrel of oil goes up, gasoline prices go up the next day. That gasoline was purchased long before the price of oil went up. Recently the price of a barrel of oil dropped. Did we see any drop in the price of gasoline?

I am sure I am not the only one who noticed that, if one retailer raises its price of gasoline and other retailers around don't raise theirs, then that retailer will lower the price back to where it was.

Have you noticed that, when it gets close to a holiday, the prices usually rise? When there are reports something might cause a shortage, they use that as an excuse to raise the price.

When I hear a retailer makes only about a penny a gallon on gas and makes up the difference when people shop in the market, I wonder who gets the money when the price is increased just because of shortage reports or the upcoming holiday or the fact others are raising their prices?

What do we need to do to get the government to investigate this and take action?

Madline Markey


Actions speak louder

The Republican Party prides itself on being the party of Christian family values, but it is closer to the party of Satanic family values.

Republicans want to do everything possible to starve out the poor and working people of America (except, of course, for a core underclass of the illegal immigrants they profess to be against, to clean their toilets and wait on them for less than minimum wage).

They want more to fill their own bellies and preempt for themselves those things that should be the right of every American, including quality health care.

Now they want to "save money" by cutting Medicare. Don't be fooled. The only money they're interested in saving is their own. They want the working class to be desperate enough to work for peanuts. And they want the elderly poor to die as fast as they can, to fatten themselves more and more.

Remember, the GOP has voted against every single amendment, law and proposition to benefit the working class, from the New Deal in FDR's time, through the Equal Pay Act and up to today, when it supports gouging and stealing from the poor through deliberate inflation and immoral spending cuts.

The best thing to do is to not depend on politicians to be moral leaders. Instead, vote for those who will do the best job to care for all Americans, not rattle on about "values" while stealing you blind.

Maryann Jones


A sad GOP ticket

The Republican Party has chosen a vindictive bully and a sidekick who is still banking on the fact that he can dribble a basketball while running. Seriously?

Senate President David Williams is widely known as a bully who uses political means to retaliate against people who disagree with him. Sure, that is how our state has been run for decades. But do we really want that pattern to continue? I thought intellectuals welcomed debate. Considering other opinions makes us all better.

Then there's Richie Farmer, an egomaniac who doesn't pay his taxes and declines to join others in a voluntary furlough. Way to take one with the team!

Finally, in a move that implies everyone in the state is a moron, Farmer says he will donate the pay he received when he could have been on furlough to charity. How about giving it back to the taxpayers? That's who he took it from.

Sadly, we will continue to be the worst-run state in the country, with low test scores and high poverty. Of course, if you are a bully and a basketball player, it is probably easier to lead people like that.

Mary Gray


Baffled by proposal

I am not usually at a loss for words, but regarding the idea of establishing a hunting season on sandhill cranes: The depth of mankind's depravity never ceases to amaze and sadden me.

A proposal to take up arms against one of nature's most beautiful and graceful creations? What on earth for? These birds do not compete with us for food, nor do they keep us awake at night or foul our yards and streets with their waste.

There can't be that much needed meat on a crane. The "meat" is between man's ears where his brain ought to be. I used to be a rooter for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. But after this?

I can offer no proof, but when the good Lord gave us dominion over the animals, I do not think this is what he had in mind.

Martha Buchwald