Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: May 26

Shine more light on Kentucky's fleet of vehicles

The Herald-Leader has opened the records of flight expenses by Gov. Steve Beshear. Better late than never. More to come?

In 2010, I asked the heads of state transportation in Frankfort this question: How many vehicles does the state of Kentucky have and what is the yearly cost for all?

This includes cars, SUVs, vans, buses and small trucks, plus all the vehicles in the 120 counties that are in road maintenance. All the heads in transportation gave me the same answer: We do not know.

How can we ever have a budget if we do not know what we have?

Beshear's selling off the airplanes. Now is the time to sell off extra vehicles. At least you won't have to recheck the agriculture commissioner's vehicles; his count has been in the paper for a year.

Hope to see the result in writing before the election.

David V. Willhoit


Unsafe border

The Obama administration has assured Americans the U.S.-Mexican border is safe and secure.

Of course, there is this: In 2010, there were more Americans killed in Mexico than killed in Iraq. Also in 2010, approximately 6,800 civilians were killed in Afghanistan, and about 15,000 civilians were killed on or near the American border.

Personally, I'd prefer using crocodiles in the moat.

Oliver Purdom


Fascism on the rise

The outlook for America or the United States, foreseen by Nostradamus hundreds of years ago, is indeed very bleak at this time in history.

Sure, we and Britain and Russia fought a very extreme version of fascism (by Germany and Japan and Italy) long ago, but it was just a less-extreme fascism compared with the extreme version, and thank God we won out.

Today, in the United States, fascism is by far the most extreme it has ever been. Advanced thinkers might claim that only about one out of every 10,000 people in this rotten nation now has the moral fortitude to stand opposed to this most extreme form of fascism.

So, the average high school would probably not have one soul with the moral fortitude to stand opposed to the fascism that permeates our society. A liberal college might have say five or six professors and students who might be of help. A conservative college (Texas, Oklahoma State, Florida, Florida State, Louisville, Kentucky, Boise State, etc.), I doubt it.

Unless things change quite a bit, the change will be very hard indeed. Then, we're doomed. We've let things deteriorate that much.

Doug Lindeman


What intimidation?

Let's get this straight. My lovely federal government jumps all over Boeing Aircraft for opening (or trying to open) a plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state. My government said Boeing was trying to intimidate the workers in Washington state by building in South Carolina. Seems Washington state goes on strike quite often.

Where was my lovely government when many companies went to Mexico and China? Was that not intimidation, or just good business?

Boeing isn't paying off the right folks in D.C. After all, we have the best government money can buy.

C.J. Fernandez


Worst president ever

Barack Obama has achieved No. 1. He has demoted Jimmy Carter to No. 2 as the worst president in the history of America. Obama's cabinet is the most incompetent, inept bunch of buffoons who have ever been in our government.

This man Obama has created $4.2 trillion of debt in just two years and he has a plan to fix it? If you believe that, you could be sold oceanfront property in Kansas.

Democrats today think very differently than those of 40 years ago. President John Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Democrats today say, "I need my country to do something for me."

In time of wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns, Mideast tension, energy crises, joblessness and trillion-dollar deficits, Obama's big interest is gays in the military.

This man is a disaster. God help us if he gets four more years.

Doyle Glass


Save Meadowbrook

I read with interest Beverly Fortune's May 9 article about Meadowbrook Golf Course's struggle to stay open. As a golfer and golf writer, I have to throw in my two bits on keeping Meadowbrook open.

I have been writing about seven golf courses in Madison County for 13 years. I know our city-owned course of Gibson Bay and the short nine-hole course are big feathers in the cap of Richmond. I also know Kearney Hill is certainly a pride and joy to Lexington golfers and that Lakeside is fun and very reasonable to play. Both of these courses are profitable.

I agree with Ron Reinhardt's statement, "How are we going to grow another generation of golfers unless we have courses like this where they can learn?" These short courses are where you learn 75 percent of the game. Young people who learn here will later be playing Kearney Hill and Lakeside.

In the past six years, I am sure the economy has hurt golf courses, but in the last three years ol' Mother Nature has really murdered golf course revenues with the rain, snow, ice storm and heat waves. Ouch! I would think the first four months of this year, revenues are the worst on record.

So, don't close Meadowbrook; better days are ahead. Get out there and learn the game. Remember, "You drive for show and putt for dough."

Edward Glenmore Jones


Honoring terrorists

Confederate apologists want to have a state license plate to honor their cause. That "cause" was slavery.

The South Carolina Declaration of Secession refers to slavery 24 times. The Georgia Declaration refers to slavery 52 times. The Confederate declarations talk of little else.

Some will concede the war was largely fought by poor whites too ignorant to understand their economic interests were more closely linked to those of the slaves than the wealthy few who controlled Southern politics and profited from slavery, and yet still argue that Confederates fought honorably.

The Confederates regularly tortured and executed prisoners and were directed to do so from the highest levels of their government. Captured U.S. soldiers were sent to concentration camps like Andersonville, where 13,000 of them died of abuse and starvation. In 1909, the Daughters of the Confederacy erected a huge monument to honor the war criminal who ran the camp.

The Confederates' treasonous attacks on the democratically elected government of the United States extended to civilians. Confederate Gen. Bradley Johnson described the attack on women and children of Chambersburg, Pa.: "every crime in the catalog of infamy has been committed" and "drunken soldiers paraded the streets ... pillaging, and plundering and drunk."

Neo-Confederates never mention the confederate practices of poisoning water wells during retreats or attempts to use germ warfare. Even the Nazis never tried germ warfare against us.

If we honor these terrorists, who fought dishonorably for a dishonorable cause, then let's have an Osama bin Laden license plate.

David Wilson