Letters to the Editor

June 1: Letters to the editor

EPA's rules won't hurt economybut spur it on

I commend Danny Taylor for encouraging Kentucky manufacturers to conserve energy in his piece, "State manufacturers forced to find energy savings." However, I disagree with his suggestion that the energy issue is a trade-off between cost containment and clean air.

The Environmental Protection Agency's new rules to cut emissions will not hurt but will rather help the economy, by spurring innovation, driving investment and creating jobs. For example, the Air Toxics Rule will lead to power sector investments of almost $200 billion in total capital improvements and potentially add more than a million jobs over the next five years. Not to mention the savings in health care costs associated with cleaning up our air.

The EPA's rules will make Kentucky a more competitive energy market and should be encouraged, not hindered. Those who support clean air are not automatically anti-coal. We just want old, dirty power plants to clean up their acts.

Luke Barlowe


Feral cats harmful

A recent letter lamenting the supposed inhumane treatment of feral cats cites euthanasia as cruel and expensive. It does not, however, acknowledge the tremendous damage these non-native feral cats do to our native songbirds and other animals.

The American Bird Conservancy estimates that there are 150 million feral cats in the United States, and they kill an estimated 500 million birds a year. Advocacy of the trap, neuter and release program is either grossly misguided or reflects the fact that cat lovers do not care about native species.

Unfortunately, the supporters of this program are well funded and aggressive. They ignore the wildlife biologists who have documented the enormous damage done by feral cats. This is not just predation but these cats carry toxoplasmosis — dangerous to human embryos — roundworms, hookworms and ringworm.

Cat lovers yowl at what they believe is inhumane, but when biologists in Hawaii presented documented evidence of the destruction of rare and endangered birds, they received death threats.

Wildlife enforcement officers believe the trap, neuter and release program violates federal law, including the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Endangered Species Act. The science tells us that these non-native feral cats do not belong in our ecosystem neutered or otherwise. Cat lovers, on the other hand, use emotion and not science to promote a destructive trap, neuter and release program.

Tom Martin


Beyond our means

The national debt was approximately $12,000 per taxpayer in 1982 when I graduated from the University of Kentucky. The 2011 figure is 10 times that or $128,800 per taxpayer.

Workers' salaries have not gone up even close to tenfold in the last 30 years.

The gutless choice is to add more to the national debt ceiling and pass on an enormous tax to future generations. They are not even voters, so who cares? Why should we have to pay more taxes or cut government programs when we can just borrow more money?

Let's borrow more money and party on, since the young 20-something citizens don't care, as few even vote. In 30 more years, when they are 50-somethings and the debt increases by 10 times, how much will they owe per taxpayer? How about $1.3 million?

The party rocks on until someone turns off the music.

Greg R. Meyer


We're still here

How many times has some delusional religious lunatic cried out for the end of the world, judgment day when horrible non-believing sinners like yours truly will get what they deserve from Jesus returning with fire in his eyes as the Lion of Judah?

What's so silly and scary is that these world-ending false prophets always have plenty of followers swept up in their nonsensical fantasies.

Here are the indisputable facts. There is no more evidence for God or Jesus than there is for the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus. There is no more evidence for heaven or hell than there is for the North Pole home of Santa or Peter Pan's Never Never Land.

You are following gods that were made up by savage men living thousands of years ago who thought the earth was flat and the sun revolved around it, who thought that the moon and stars were but lights put in the sky for their pleasure. The people who created the gods that you follow believed that killing sheep would cover what they believed to be their sins. They believed that an invisible god became a ghost and impregnated a Jewish teenager with himself so that he could kill himself like they killed the sheep to pay for their sins.

You are living in the same delusion as those who got it wrong about May 21 being judgment day. You are simply living a somewhat less public delusion.

Phil Greer


Waiver confusing

Mona Charen wrote a great article about health care waivers on May 19.

Obviously, President Barack Obama knows his health care program could bankrupt companies, so he has given waivers to 1,372 favored folks so far who will not have to start using the new plan in 2014 as everyone else will. They will have a one-year waiver. This will give them an advantage over other companies that sell the same products or services. When the one-year waiver expires, what happens? Will it be renewed?

If Obama knows the plan can cause enough trouble to require waivers for protection from it, should it be used at all for anyone?

I'm having trouble understanding this. Will someone out there please explain it to me?

Helen Martin


Thank you, Toyota

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the 25th anniversary of the Toyota manufacturing plant in Georgetown.

In the past 12 years my family has owned 11 Toyota cars or trucks, each of which has given us excellent service. We had an Avalon for 10 years and it never was taken to a garage for a single repair.

I think the Toyota products speak for themselves as to the quality of workmanship. Thanks for a good ride. I enjoy driving my Camry every day.

In my opinion, this is Kentucky Proud.

Althene Fredericks


Odd pairing

Laura Bush was in Richmond, invited by St. Mark Roman Catholic Church, surprising knowing that the Catholic church is opposed to abortion. It is common knowledge that both the Bush ex-first ladies are in favor of abortion. Barbara Bush clearly states in her book that she does not condemn abortion.

When Laura Bush was interviewed by Larry King on CNN, he asked her if she was opposed to abortion. She said no. Larry then asked what her husband thought about her opinion and she said they never discussed it.

I guess the Catholic church in Richmond is more interested in making money than following what the church teaches about opposing abortion.

Stan Dalton