Letters to the Editor

June 8: Letters to the editor

Counties pay price for ignoring Constitution

McCreary and Pulaski counties are going to have to pay the American Civil Liberties Union almost a half million dollars. Why? Because they repeatedly violated the Constitution, which clearly states that there shall be no law "respecting an establishment of religion."

The officers of the counties were also at odds with the Kentucky Constitution which contains an article that begins: "No preference shall ever be given by law to any religious sect, society or denomination; nor to any particular creed, mode of worship or system of ecclesiastical polity."

The number of households in the two counties is about 25,000. So for a fraction of the cost now to be paid to the ACLU, each home could have had a framed copy of the Ten Commandments. And home, for those who wish to be guided by them, is where the Ten Commandments belong.

For a government to try to push religious precepts is illegal, wrong and can be expensive.

Michael Kennedy


Competent, too late

How fortunate that Jared Lee Loughner will receive medication and treatment in order to gain competency to stand trial. Now he will understand the nature and consequences of his crime and will be able to participate in his defense.

Unfortunately, he apparently did not understand the nature or consequences of his crime when he committed it. How sad that we are willing to punish people who do not receive treatment until the damage is done.

John Burke


No ticket, no opera

I recently had a disturbing experience with the Lexington Opera House. I received a very expensive glossy color brochure inviting me to order season tickets for the 2011-12 season. I assumed it was because I had purchased tickets and made donations to the Opera House for a number of years.

The brochure indicated that I could purchase priority level seating if I called early. I called the day I received the brochure, only to be told that they would not sell me tickets until June 20.

Now I know why the arts in Lexington struggle to fill up auditoriums — those in charge of selling tickets don't want to sell them. I'm happy we have the Norton Center nearby and am really glad to learn of the new center at Eastern Kentucky University. My money won't stay in Lexington, but I'll enjoy the show.

Virginia Lawson


For funeral escorts

Having been a minister for more than 50 years I have conducted many funerals and have always had a police escort. This is a very important part of the service. Keep doing them in the Lexington area, and throughout the nation. The families appreciate the service.

And do not charge the families, like they do in Louisville. Families have a hard enough time coming up with enough money to bury their deceased so don't burden them with this extra expense.

When meeting a funeral procession on the highway the proper courtesy is to pull off the road and stop until it passes. Some folk won't even do that. That is disrespectful to all concerned. Be courteous and drive with lights on when in a procession.

The Rev. Ron Moroni


Treat animals humanely

With rising temperatures comes much suffering for animals. Dogs are descendents of the wolf, which spends its days in cool forests or rock shelters. Dogs need shade. A dog house sitting in the sun quickly becomes an oven. Deprived of shade a dog can die a slow, painful death from heat stroke. Dog houses should be placed under a large tree or other shelter.

Dogs need plenty of fresh, clean water every day. Water will stay cooler and cleaner in a bucket, rather than a shallow bowl. Keep a small scrub brush by the spigot as a reminder to keep the bucket clean. It is also essential that cats have fresh water always. Don't put pet care entirely in the hands of a child; adult supervision is needed.

Many supposedly loving owners leave pets in the car while running errands during the warm months. Animals and babies are found dead every year locked in cars with the windows cracked. Temperatures as low as 65 degrees can quickly soar to 120 degrees inside a car, resulting in agony and death. Please leave your animals at home and save the car rides for cooler months.

Having an animal requires time and money. If you are unwilling or unable to give either, please don't get an animal.

Each hour of each day, 12,500 dogs and cats are killed by animal control agencies in this country. You can help stop this terrible suffering by having your male and female animals neutered or spayed.

Lucia Beeler


How hard is it?

We can launch the Space Shuttle into earth orbit, we can communicate instantly via the Internet to any place on earth and we can build computers that work at astonishing speeds and manage most of our daily operations, but we haven't perfected the technology to insert a newspaper into a plastic bag, tie a knot and deliver a dry Herald-Leader newspaper on a rainy day. It has happened so often this year that I have memorized the 1-800 number to call, and the sequence of buttons to press, to report this frequent fact to a computer voice in cyber-space somewhere and claim a refund for that day's paper.

Is it too complicated for someone to examine the process, identify the faulty step that is allowing all this moisture seepage and rectify?

Trevor Brown


Smarter than a pol

Last week a group of us were having coffee and a good but heated discussion about politics.

They all came to the conclusion that whether you are a good Republican and believe in the Republican Party or a good Democrat and believe in the Democratic Party, if you vote for an incumbent in a national election you are a fool, because both parties in the last 40 years have just about destroyed the United States.

We decided that a group of fifth-graders could have done a better job, because they still have love and trust in their hearts, instead of special interests, money and power.

Cliff Barker


Good Samaritan

To the kind lady who found my purse in the Walmart parking lot a couple of weeks ago, I am forever grateful. I had recently been asked if I thought people in general were basically honest, and I answered not if money were involved. You have restored my faith in humanity.

Martha Jenkins