Letters to the Editor

Meet our letter writers: Dan Anglin

Born in a Frankfort housing project, reside in Lexington with Louie, the wonder dog, and his two sisters (cats); have Asperger's syndrome, survived cancer, brain tumor, two serious trauma events and major depression; government lists me as being 64 years old, my brain tells me I'm 30, my body tells me I'm 120.

What motivates you to write?

I have lived an existence few can imagine. My perspective on life comes from a rare point of view. My passion is animal rights. I will not let humans forget the abuse and suffering that animals endure. In the U.S.A., our government makes it easier for humans to torture and abuse animals. Locally, laws to protect animals are so weak that animal abusers are allowed to keep the animal they are convicted of abusing.

What shapes your world view?

Though it may sound strange, all of this is true. I have:

■ Traveled to 50 or so countries on six continents.

■ Been in Libya during a time when thousands were trying to kill me because I was not Muslim.

■ Run across the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, a very exciting two hours.

■ Stood at the top of Ayers Rock in central Australia viewing the most spectacular sunset possible on Earth.

■ Touched a multi-megaton fusion bomb, loaded into a B-52 bomb bay, ready to start World War III.

■ Been trapped on the Amazon River, clogged with huge trees and dead animals taken from the rain forest.

■ Learned how organized religion causes so much suffering in Third World countries.

■ Been witness to unimagined cruelty delivered to helpless animals by smiling humans.

■ Given away everything I had with me to those who had suffered human cruelty.