Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Aug. 9

'Murdochism' has destroyed civil media discourse

A very large portion of what ails us stems from what Rupert Murdoch has wrought upon our electronic media — a universal sleazening of public discourse. Even old-line commercial media now focus, with maniacal obsessiveness, on antics of our least admirable citizens or the missteps of any of the rest of us. The intent is not to cast light upon acts or omissions genuinely needing redress (always a noble journalistic aim), but rather to denigrate, besmirch or cheapen.

Oh, sure, every conventional newscast now ends with an upbeat minute on an "everyday hero" or "someone who makes a difference" — but it is an overt sop, almost cynical in its wholesomeness.

How can such a constant avalanche of toxicity not oppress the mind and depress the soul precisely when we most need vigorous, enthusiastic thinking?

Our local news consists of today's list of shootings, robberies, knifings, home invasions, child murders, molestations and corrupt politicos. Never about what is working, or the good idea someone is trying to enable — only about what failed or merely didn't quite work out, as decided upon by unseen arbiters of what the public should be fed.

Nor are we treated to rational discussions of potential solutions to the large problems facing us. Instead, we see a steady stream of finger-pointers.

I am not a mushroom, to be kept in the dark and nourished with manure. Journalism needs to shuck Murdochism and get back to balanced, neutral reportage of genuinely newsworthy material while scrupulously separating fact from opinion.

C. S. Merrill


Not being Catholics

The local EMW abortuary Web site proudly states that it is staffed by "University of Louisville faculty." Yet, their names aren't on the door, and the receptionist is reluctant to tell you their names.

Real doctors customarily display their name publicly and their phone is answered with their name. Murderers, however, don't generally wear name tags.

Calling these dregs of the medical profession butchers is an insult to those who do needed and honorable work. Without pity, these "doctors" shred innocent and defenseless babies for big bucks, and without anesthesia.

Reps. Thomas J. Burch and Mary Lou Marzian are Louisville Democrats and ethically enlightened — just ask them. They express not a morsel of concern for these precious babies, but they do fear that with these Catholic Health Initiatives' proposed hospital mergers that abortion will be prohibited.

Water seeks its own level. Nonetheless, for these two political defenders of such savagery to call themselves Catholics is either evidence of profound catechetical ignorance or contempt for the church's teachings.

In his post-synodal apostolic exhortation Sacramentum Caritatis (2007), Pope Benedict XVI listed four non-negotiable fundamental values of the faith. The defense of human life from "conception until natural death" is the first of these values. The pope went on to say, "Catholic politicians and legislators, conscious of their grave responsibility before society, must feel particularly bound. ... There is an objective connection here with the Eucharist."

Have Burch and Marzian earned excommunication?

Dr. A. Patrick Schneider II


Too many horses

The Jockey Club predicts the foal crop will be the smallest since 1971.

If they can't run and we can't eat them, why should we breed them?

Willard Ashworth Jr.


Democrats dishonest

Democrats can't live with their own despicable history. They try to steal the honorable history of Republicans and attribute their historical misdeeds to Republicans.

For example, an Aug. 18 letter referred to "Congressman Ron Paul's associates in the Ku Klux Klan." That is dishonest. In fact, the KKK was created by Southern Democrats and it became the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party, terrorizing, burning and lynching blacks for more than 100 years.

Democrats label those who abolished slavery as "progressives" or "liberals" without adding the word Republican. They do this to make people think it was Democrats who abolished slavery. That is dishonest.

Abraham Lincoln was a Republican "progressive" as to slavery. He freed the slaves by executive order. The Republicans who dominated the 39th Congress that outlawed slavery by writing and passing the 13th Amendment could be called progressives as to slavery.

However, the Democrats from the 11 Southern states that left Congress in 1862 to form the Confederacy to continue slavery were "conservatives." Conservative Democrats.

Democrats are dishonest. They blame "conservatives" for slavery, segregation and the KKK when in fact it was Democrats who supported slavery, created segregation and formed the KKK. Jefferson Davis was president of the Confederacy and Alexander Stevens was its vice president. Both were pro-slavery Democrats. Conservative Democrats.

Democrats are using the terms "liberal" or "progressive" and "conservative" to suit their own devious ends. It's a shame that the Herald-Leader is letting them get away with it by spreading their despicable lies.

Ted Smith

Park Hills

Thanks for escorts

I recently attended two funerals and the Fayette County Sheriff's Office handled the escorts to the cemeteries. They did an absolutely fantastic job.

The trips involved using Harrodsburg, Tates Creek, New Circle and Versailles roads, arguably some of the most heavily traveled streets in our city.

The only problem was that the second burial was in Anderson County and the Fayette County officers had to stop at the county line.

Why weren't arrangements made for the Woodford County and subsequent sheriff's departments to take over in their jurisdictions?

I don't know where a lot of my tax dollars go, but in this case I think it is money well spent.

Thanks, Fayette County Sheriff's officers, for a job super-well done.

Harry Miller


Global economy lesson

Given what Vladimir Putin, who is up for re-election, has said about the United States — that we are "parasites" on the global economy — and that Russia has invested securities here, it might be a good time for teachers to begin talking to students about the way a global economy works and about the health of our country, while underscoring the need to stay in school.

I do not believe most students understand how valuable their skills can be. Nor do they understand that, without democracy, there can be no freedoms. Teachers need to stress to students to be the best they can be to maintain our country. Democracy does not come cheap.

In one college class I taught, I asked students which comes first, themselves or their country. Most said themselves. An answer that is disconcerting.

Jean-Ann Kerr