Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Sept. 15

Dream finish: Beshear beats Williams for 2nd

In what is a very unusual combination of circumstances, Kentuckians will finally have a real choice in our gubernatorial election on Nov. 8.

I believe we will be wise enough to vote David Williams into third place. He has the character of a schoolyard bully who was held back enough times to be bigger and meaner than others in his class.

Last session, he tried to gain votes by scapegoating immigrants, but he found out they and their allies weren't as politically weak as he assumed. He backed Senate Bill 6, the most un-Christian bill I've seen in my 29 years in Kentucky, but it was defeated in the House despite the efforts of Lexington's own hypocritical Rep. Stan Lee.

It's unclear to me whether we'll have the wisdom to replace Steve Beshear, who proved he is just another corrupt politician when he fired Ron Mills in 2009 in order to cement his support from the super-rich campaign fund-raisers who own Kentucky's coal mines.

Mills was a dedicated state employee who was enforcing the law by defending our citizens' land, clean water and private property rights against violation by certain coal corporations. Someone in Beshear's office gleefully tipped off the coal industry's lobbyist at the same moment Mills was being fired.

Only Gatewood Galbraith has the courage and honesty needed to serve as governor at this critical time in Kentucky's history.

Geoffrey M. Young


Williams impressive

This year's Fancy Farm Picnic was a first for me, and I recommend every Kentuckian attend at least one, just as everyone should go to the Kentucky Derby at least once.

The sides were evenly matched, Democrats and Republicans. The two camps cheered for their folks and gave their opponents the business, but it was all in good fun, and this is probably why the tradition has endured 131 years.

All candidates were there, of course, along with supporters for the political parties. However, I was surprised in a state that is registered more Democratic, there were at least half of the folks, if not more, cheering for Republicans.

The Democratic candidates, led by Gov. Steve Beshear, did not have much of a message. Kentucky's economy, like the nation's, is suffering unnecessarily. And like President Barack Obama, Beshear has not been making the right decisions to improve our state and the lives of the good folks who call Kentucky home.

I was impressed by the message of David Williams and many of the other Republican candidates running this year. They get it.

They outlined specific plans which will improve Kentucky's economy and make us competitive with our neighboring states, who figured it out a while ago and are now doing better, relatively speaking.

We might not be able to do anything about Obama until next year, but this November, we can make a difference in Kentucky by voting for Williams for governor.

Bill Marshall


Not just for stoners

Two months ago I decided I needed to seriously start thinking about who I would vote for in the governor's race.

I am a registered Republican but was unsatisfied with the choice of David Williams/Richie Farmer. On the Democratic side, it is the same old politics as usual in Frankfort with Gov. Steve Beshear.

So, whom does that leave? Gatewood Galbraith. But could I take him seriously? Wasn't he just the stoners' candidate?

Having always loved Galbraith's openness and honesty, I made a decision to be open to hearing him out on the issues and went to Gatewood.com. After reading his stance on education, job creation and mountaintop removal, I was sold.

I didn't realize a candidate could be against mountaintop removal yet pro coal miners, but he is (go to his site to see how).

Unfortunately there are many, including this newspaper, who write Galbraith off as not being a legitimate candidate. Many people put too much weight on his stance on marijuana and close their minds to his views on the most serious issues facing Kentucky.

When will we stop forcing him into a box and realize that Galbraith is a genuine candidate who truly cares about the people of Kentucky, not for what we can do for him but for what he can do for us?

Be an informed voter. Go to Gatewood.com. What do you have to lose? Come Election Day, I will be voting for Galbraith for governor, and I don't smoke pot.

Jessica Cleveland Bowman


Let's hear Galbraith

Regardless of the fact that he is a viable candidate for governor, Gatewood Galbraith seems limited to one sentence mentioning his name at the end of articles. They fear anyone that really does want to change things or wants to give the power back to the people, such as Galbraith does.

Any chance of breaking away from the nation-splitting two-party system immediately gets swept aside for fear of shaking up the status quo. I strongly urge everyone to remember you are an individual when you step into that booth, with an independent mind and thoughts.

Put that to use and vote based on conscience instead of showing loyalty to any one side of the system that is crippling this nation.

That doesn't mean do not vote for anyone with a party affiliation, it simply means vote for the one you truly feel will do something for you regardless of their affiliation.

Please check out Gatewood.com. This man truly loves Kentucky. He refuses contributions from special interest groups or corporations, and he wants to do what's right. And he wants the citizens to tell him how to do that once elected.

Bill Yoder


Perry's Ponzi scheme

Gov. Rick Perry calls Social Security a Ponzi scheme. However, he does not advocate the end of the Social Security tax.

If he wants to continue the Social Security tax, what Ponzi scheme does he prefer?

It does not matter what he says. Calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme in the first place means any alternate plan will be a Ponzi scheme.

James Rodgers


All Americans should be very concerned that Gov. Rick Perry of Texas considers Social Security a Ponzi scheme. Last time I checked, Ponzi schemes resulted in investors losing every single dime they invested.

Therefore, Perry is letting us all know that all the money we have invested in Social Security for our individual futures could be gone if he wins the presidency.

Make no mistake about it — he and the Republican Party do not and never will want to continue Social Security. If you are a young person who is just now entering the work force, then you have other options.

But for those of us who have worked and paid our fair share for 10, 20 or even 30 years, where does our money go? Is it just gone like in a Ponzi scheme, like Perry says?

Americans want their money that is due them when they retire. Watch out. Republicans are coming for the money you have invested and there is no way to make up for all those working years. There is not enough time for most people to start over.

I have a hard time believing another Texas governor is what America needs to prosper, especially when he has no respect for what most Americans see as their way to help support themselves as they grow old.

Amy Battaile