Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 15

Romney should distance himself from extremists

Mitt Romney needs to distance himself from that dangerous cult.

No, not The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Mormons have proven to be smart, hard-working, trustworthy, devout and moral Americans. They serve God and others before themselves. They are a church, just like the others.

The dangerous cult is the Republican Party, which has been taken over by false prophets and profiteers who cannot be trusted, think that greed is the new morality and put their own well-being before everything else.

The Republican mantra is entirely negative about America, its current accomplishments and its future. It is repeated constantly to force people to remember it without questioning its truth or its logic. This "trash talking" advances the party at the expense of America. So, the party is in suicide-cult mode.

Should Romney trust the people behind the "birther" whisper campaign? Does it make sense to make companies rich by eliminating regulations about worker health, drug safety and financial fraud? Isn't it just plain lazy to preach about the Constitution, macroeconomics and history without going to the trouble to really understand those subjects? For example, why is "survival of the fittest" good economics, but bad biology? Or, wasn't the Boston Tea Party about an unregulated big business?

The new Republican cult is being led by people who think their wealth makes them supreme beings, to be worshiped and obeyed. That's not Romney's style.

Douglas S. Andersen


Rich don't do it alone

Recent columns by Cal Thomas and Mona Charen and letters from readers (yes, Virginia, the Herald-Leader does give space to conservative viewpoints) have taken President Barack Obama to task for asking the rich to pay more taxes. Arguments given are that no one should be punished for being successful and that we should instead be grateful to the rich for bringing us material advances.

What conservatives don't want us to uncover are the gaping holes in these claims.

The notion that success is synonymous with rich is a colossal insult to the millions who are successful in service without being rich. To list just a few, start with teachers, police, nurses, farmers, soldiers, clergy, shopkeepers and truckers. Add most every dedicated worker who doesn't drive to work in a Lexus or BMW.

Just as galling is the notion that it is the chief executives and financiers who brought Charen such goodies as "GPS, iPads, non-drowsy antihistamines, smartphones," etc., as if these wonders would exist without the scientists, engineers, tinkerers, technicians, assemblers and process managers who create and develop this stuff and earn barely a whiff of the profit and celebrity of the guy in the corner suite who wouldn't know a quark from a duck call and thinks that covalent bonding is a sin.

If Obama is "waging class warfare," then there are no words strong enough to describe what the GOP is doing to labor and the vanishing middle class. Are we as dumb as they think we are?

Ernest Henninger


Lead by example

Sen. Mitch McConnell calls for cuts in Social Security and Medicare repeatedly.

My question is: Why, as a leader, has he never proposed to cut his health care, his retirement, his safety net?

I live in a country where our leaders feather their retirement, nests, never share in the cuts and suffer only by proxy.

Randal A. Lanham


Don't fight for money

I write this in anger. For me there is no other reason, except to fling words of praise, to write a letter to the editor.

At 89, as a World War II veteran, I sometimes don't know why I wasted my time to fight for this country, a country where most individuals usually don't want to help anyone but themselves, a country in which thrills, money and drugs are the best they can do.

The good life, that's what they call it. What good life? It's a tragedy.

I know we have done some good things, but it is not enough.

Maybe I should have gone to Canada and forsaken the Distinguished Flying Cross and six Air Medals. But at that time, with all its faults, this country was like a God-given gift, one well worth fighting for and still would be, if only its citizens would straighten up and fly right.

That's why I approve of the unrest on Wall Street. Now that's the kind of political party I would enjoy. Why? Because they care.

A registered Democrat, I no longer believe in any party. And I will unregister as quickly as possible. From here on it's independence.

Money doesn't care about you or me, but only itself. Money is not worried about the poor, the dispossessed. All money wants to do is to disenfranchise and take from those who have little money.

What a waste, even for those who have money. Life is more important than that.

Bob Saffell


Too much UK sports

Every morning, I sit at my favorite restaurant and eat my favorite morning foods. I always grab the morning USA Today instead of the Herald-Leader. I mostly pass by the local paper because of its lack of world news events and the latest political news. The Herald-Leader seems lacking in what I think is important news concerning our world.

I understand the need to sell papers, but it seems that your paper is nothing more than the University of Kentucky sports news. I also understand that the majority of the people reading the Herald-Leader are UK sports fans.

What I am most interested in seeing in your paper is more world events and political events. I like to stay informed about these issues. These issues are what people are talking about at kitchen tables at night; they are talking about our economy, the lack of jobs and our high unemployment rate.

Please do the people of Lexington a favor — inform us of the events concerning our economic future and not how the Cats lost another football game.

John Scanlon


Holiday for horses

This upcoming holiday season I've decided to help those horses that are now living out the remainder of their lives at the Blackburn Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. I personally sponsor a retired thoroughbred at Blackburn, and I witness each and every time I visit him the remarkable work that is being done, not only for him, but for all of the horses currently there.

I'm asking the citizens of Lexington to help these noble animals during the holiday season by making a donation of any amount to Blackburn in order that they may enjoy their twilight years.

Please send donations for Blackburn to the MMSC at: Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, 4089 Ironworks Parkway, Lexington, Ky. 40511. Please make your donations out to the TRF and designate "the Blackburn program" on the memo.

Jack Taylor