Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Dec. 7

Capitalism needs a bit of socialism for balance

Capitalism drives and rewards business and industrial innovation. Socialism takes care of the basic needs of people. Governments in the 21st century must rationally blend these ideologies to be successful.

A country that tries to be only a capitalistic state or only a socialistic state will fail. Finding the balance is the key.

It takes strong government leadership to find the right balance of capitalism to socialism. Right now, the only political party that is trying to find that balance is the Democratic Party.

I would applaud and support Republicans who would start working with the Democrats to provide meaningful social programs in ways that do not prevent capitalistic growth. That's what we need, immediately.

However, such Republican-Democratic negotiations require a perspective higher than either capitalism or socialism alone. They require a perspective that seriously answers the question, "What is best for all of us?"

If the current Republican representatives in Congress cannot do this, then they should resign. Such behavior does not even appear to be constitutional. They are refusing to "... provide for the general welfare of the United States." (Article I, Section 8.)

If they do not understand why they should resign, then we citizens need to work together to replace as many of them as possible in 2012 with new representatives (Democrats, Republicans or independents) who are objective, rational and demonstrate sensitivity to the views of more than just those who finance their campaigns.

Joseph P. Fox


No reason for abortion

The ends do not justify the means. A letter on Nov. 18 stated that choice makes healthier kids. I think that the 1 million babies that Planned Parenthood aborted might disagree with that.

I pray that the pro-choice people remove the veils from their eyes and start to follow God's law that says thou shall not kill. Even if you are an atheist. It should be obvious that this vile act is against the law of nature.

Don't start giving me all your reasons justifying abortion. The ends do not justify the evil means.

Kirby Bischel


Letters worth reading

The letters to the editor on Nov. 19 were a feast for my soul.

Every letter — from Dan Berry's plea for an exposé of those who hide behind the Constitution while using it to feather their own nests, to Linda D. Hall's remembrance of Steve Jobs and his appreciation of government regulations when they make life safer and better, to Jim Powell's gritty description of the wealthy cannibalizing the poor, to Michael Kennedy's defense of President Barack Obama's work to reverse the debacle of Bush's tax cuts, to the final, plaintive plea by Bill Hurt to limit Sen. Mitch McConnell's working days — every letter was an echo of my own hope for the country.

To those who say that this particular editorial page was not fair and balanced, I would direct them to the many previous editorial pages where greed and a desire to unseat Obama are the predominant views.

Every now and then, I am reassured by letters like those that good people abound who want the best for the United States.

Marjorie F. Farris


Revealing appointment

With respect to the Irina Voro matter ("Trustee's legal battles raise questions," Nov. 20), I was shocked to see that the chairman of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees turns out to be an eye doctor who went to the University of Louisville for his higher education and made a great big contribution to Gov. Steve Beshear.

Can I buy out Britt Brockman?

Julie Fligiel


Politics turned around

Herman Cain takes a lead in the polls, so guess what? The attack dogs go on the prowl.

Ted Kennedy drowned a woman and got away with it. Bill Clinton lied to a grand jury and got away with it. Barack Obama went to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years and didn't hear a word he said.

But Cain gets "Borked."

It seems to me that everything is turned upside down, everything that is right is wrong and everything that is wrong is right. Political correctness is destroying this country.

A famous quote says: "You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong, you cannot help small men by tearing down big men, you cannot help the poor by destroying the rich, you cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer, you cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred, you cannot establish security by borrowed money, you cannot build character and courage by taking away man's initiative and independence, you cannot help the mass by permanently doing for them what they could and should for themselves."

It seems to me Obama is doing the exact opposite. Think about it.

Doyle Glass


Water is state's future

Kentucky has the greatest opportunity of the century. Water is plentiful for the present.

Kentucky can be the precious jewel with water for the future. Dams are the easiest way to compound water. The rivers that run throughout our wonderful state provide us with the ultimate natural water reserves.

Not 10 years from now but possibly 25 to 50 years down the road, Kentucky could be the diamond in the rough for excess water.

Industries need a lot of water, our citizens need a lot of water, so what a perfect way to attract both to our fair state. Kentucky may be the best of all states with this opportunity.

Let's go for it. For our future.

Our state is known for basketball, horses, bourbon, beautiful ladies and fresh water.

Governor, legislators, listen to the news. Droughts everywhere are being broadcast by the media, warning us of water shortages. The West is already dry and other states are not far behind. Most states are too flat to impound water.

Daniel Boone knew what he was doing as did George Washington when they acquired land in Kentucky. They foresaw the great possibilities of this great state.

Let's put Kentucky on the map with water to use and sell in order to preserve this great United States of America.

Walter C. Cox Jr.


Here are some savings

I had an old friend, Henry Spaulding of Hazard, who had a saying, quoting another, which he repeated often when he had an idea. It was, "I had a rush of brains to the head."

The other day a thought occurred to me about a solution to our national fiscal problems. Since Congress has spent us into ruin, its own members should pay our debt by forsaking their perquisites, grand pensions, splendid health care benefits, travel expenses, etc. ad infinitum.

They will know of those things better than I.

William A. Watson