Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Dec. 9

Library wrong to restrict two-wheel vehicles in garage

As of Nov. 1, the downtown library decided that motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are no longer permitted in its parking garage.

This decision to ban ecologically friendly vehicles from the publicly owned library parking garage is both a public policy mistake and fundamentally unfair to Lexington-Fayette County taxpayers and library patrons who travel on two wheels.

Contrary to many recent governmental efforts to encourage and support (even subsidize) energy efficiency, the library's new parking policy effectively discourages fuel-efficient vehicles. I can drive my gas-guzzler and park free for up to two hours when visiting the library, but if I ride my Vespa ... ?

The library's notice states an area for motorcycle parking has been established for residents of the apartments above the garage. It's not clear from the notice if the public will have any access for two-wheeler parking. The spot chosen as the parking area is not really suitable for transient parking: congested, difficult ingress and egress, on a sloping section of the garage, and exposes parked vehicles to rain and snow.

For the library to decide that people who drive cars, SUVs and pickups are welcome in a public garage while those who drive motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are not is just plain unfair and wrong.

If there were problems with cycles in the garage, why not just deal with the troublemakers instead of banning all two-wheelers?

I urge the library to reconsider its policy and allow the public's garage to be open to all.

John Hilliard


Besides 2-way streets ...

If the city has millions to spend on downtown roads, here are a few alternatives for funding:

■ Traffic police.

■ Accurate, comprehensive traffic studies in neighborhoods.

■ Traffic-calming devices and driver education.

■ More emergency medical services vehicles so they don't have to optimize Medicare dollars by cutting through neighborhoods.

■ Extension of the free downtown trolley service.

■ Multi-use paths to and through retail areas such as northeast New Circle Road, Winchester Road, Southland Drive and downtown.

■ A traffic engineering plan for Nicholasville Road.

■ A requirement that businesses mediate the traffic problems they create in adjacent neighborhoods.

■ And finally, an evaluation of the effect a downtown bottleneck will have on surrounding neighborhood roads.

Lexington has a long list of traffic-related problems that have been ignored for decades. Recent pedestrian deaths are an indication that we need to put money toward structural change, not a facelift.

Clarissa Spawn


More than just a win

It is my belief that a large majority of football fans who are reveling in victory cannot begin to appreciate what was accomplished Nov. 26 at Commonwealth Stadium.

I have never heard of a team in any sport completely revamping 50 percent of its game plan three days before the game. The amazing thing is that the plan got carried out. The coaches didn't panic and do something that would have been a negative for the team.

The offensive team did its job for 60 minutes. This created a positive that kept the defensive team at or above expectations for 60 minutes. Our punter was selected as Southeastern Conference player of the week. The quarterback, the offensive team, the defensive team and coaching staff and managers should have all been selected for SEC honors.

This shows what the coaching staff can do and will be a positive for recruiting. Go Big Blue.

Arch Williams


Florida is next

Congrats to the Cats, players and coaches. The Tennessee streak is dead, now let's end the Florida streak.

The University of Kentucky is my school. I have loved, followed, cheered for, sweated blood for it for over 50 years. So, I must add this: Please dig a deep hole and put those ugly black uniforms down in it. My school has two colors, Wildcat blue and white.

Ken Kreutz


Part of the problem

I am tired of the kid-glove treatment of these demonstrators. When am I going to see these questions asked of them?

Do you have a credit card? Do your parents have credit cards? If you are in college, do you have student loans or grants? Do you have a job? Who is paying your bills while you are here?

Where did you get the money for your clothes, your food, your tent, your haircut, etc.? If you are against big corporations, why are you purchasing the items mentioned in the previous question?

Someone needs to let these demonstrators know that while the big banks are making way too much money off middle-class people, the middle-class people have enabled the big banks to make money by using credit cards indiscriminately and purchasing things they don't need and can't pay for, be it video games or 3,000-square-foot houses.

Ask the college students who are under 25 how many unnecessary things their parents have bought them for Christmas, graduation, etc., using credit cards.

I know no one can make these people understand that they, through their spending habits, are as much the cause of the current financial crisis as any corporation.

Joyce M. Coomer


Protect your pets

It is the time to check our doghouses, patching and repairing all cracks and leaks. It is also time for clean bedding — straw is the best — and this bedding will need to be replaced often.

A board along the bottom of the door opening will help keep the bedding inside. Turn the door away from the wind. Also, the door needs to be offset to one side, giving the dog a wall to lie behind; an overlapping roof and small porch can provide additional protection.

For those who still have not built or purchased that doghouse, know that the house should be only large enough for the dog to walk in turn around and lay down.

If the house is that size, the dog's body heat can warm the interior somewhat. Cats also need a house, something they can get into — not just a box — with a blanket in the garage or barn.

High-quality food is very important and adding a tablespoon of corn oil can provide extra calories for warmth. Meat fat, drippings and bones are bad for dogs and cats.

The need for a constant supply of fresh water cannot be exaggerated. Insufficient water can lead to dehydration, hypothermia and death.

Even though the weather is harsh, take time each day to talk and play with your cats and dogs. They love you. You are their whole world.

Lucia Beeler


Dodged that one

How did this go down without someone asking questions? Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer used his job to benefit his girlfriend to a job of $60,000 per year.

I hope all the people who voted for him are satisfied with him not only hurting his family but also the taxpayers.

I have a very hard time believing Sen. David Williams didn't know anything about this. If this is the case, we are very lucky that we did not elect these two to run this state.

Patrick J. Doyle