Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Dec. 13

Send a letter, make someone happy, save a post office

Our post offices are in need of our help. This is a good time to chip in and do our part by putting down the phone, picking up a pen and writing.

Send cards and letters. Nothing will make someone happier than finding a letter or a nice card in the mailbox. An email or text, not so much.

Try it. You may get a few from old friends or loved ones. That will make your day also.

The post office has been here for us all these years. Now it's time for us to pay back.

All of these people who are complaining about it closing are the ones who are putting it out of business. You have your bills taken out of the bank. You don't send cards or letters by mail. All that is taking away from the post office.

You can't have it both ways. I went and bought cards and stamps. I'm loving doing my part. So stop complaining and help.

Lois Gravette


No alternatives

I hope the crime rate doesn't go up during University of Kentucky games at Rupp while the police try to catch some poor UK fan buying a ticket.

For a lot of people who can't get tickets this is the only way they can watch their Cats. As a lucky longtime season ticketholder, I think everybody needs to go to Rupp to watch the Cats at least once. TV doesn't catch the atmosphere.

Billy G. Williams


Release more records

Big news. The governor orders the child-protection system's records to be released. It was something that should have happened years ago. Just watch TV. You see details of how our young children are treated. Better late than never.

It would be great if he'd release other records.

How about releasing the names of donors who gave to his re-election fund — the ones who had a spouse giving in place of employees in high positions? How much have taxpayers paid for him to stay at his farm? List all upgrades on the farm, like security system, etc.

What is he doing to replace the money he took out of the 2012 budget for the 2011 budget? Tell us how much the employees' retirement fund gained since he has been in office.

What happened to the electric vehicle plant in Shelbyville? How much did it cost taxpayers? Is the Ark Park on schedule? What is the true cost of this project to taxpayers?

For two years, I have asked cabinet heads for numbers of vehicles and cost of insurance and credit card expenses. They will tell you they have no idea.

The Lexington government cannot furnish the employees' insurance now, but it can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to find out if Rupp Arena is good enough for basketball teams to play in.

Just remember, winning or losing games is not important as long as the players get pro contracts.

David Willhoit


Worth cheering

Every once in a while, Washington gets it right. They got it right when they said, "If you get federal money, you have to let girls play sports, too."

That happened some half a century ago. Now, here come those girls.

When I was in high school, girls stood on the sidelines cheering us boys to victory. Today, they are the ones trying to get the victory.

When I was in college at Berea some 60 years ago, I went to a girls' basketball game. They played only on a half court.

By the way, Berea also started a soccer program at that time. I was among only three Americans on that team.

After college I was into my teaching career when my principal asked me to coach our first girls' basketball team. They did not know the game. They could not dribble, pass or shoot. But we got through the season and almost won the county championship.

Look at them today. They can dribble, they can shoot, and they can win. And they want to dribble, shoot and win.

Why did I throw in that soccer thing? I had never seen or heard of soccer, even though it's the biggest game on our planet, until I tried to play the game.

That helped me coach the girls who knew nothing about basketball.

Today, they know how to be athletes and can play the game, be it basketball, softball, soccer or whatever. We can cheer them on for their efforts.

Willard Ashworth Jr.


Time for Williams to go

Once again, King David Williams has opened his mouth and proved he had no business running for office, let alone running for governor.

He says that the state furloughs were not useful and a gimmick. At the same time, financial reports showed sales and tax receipts were up for the year, except for property and cigarette tax receipts.

Everyone knows that property prices are going down nationwide and less people are using tobacco products.

For once in his life Williams should put his head on straight, get out of politics and go home. The state would be a lot better off.

Bryan Popplewell

Russell Springs

Shut down Daymar

I want to shut down Daymar College.

I am a dislocated worker and the Trade Adjustment Assistance program paid for my education 100 percent. But now finishing my schooling at Daymar, I am $20,000 in debt.

So you tell me how that happened. Daymar's financial aid methods are questionable and no one will stop it.

I have written everybody I know to help, so don't stop printing students' letters. This is the school from hell, I swear.

Annette N. Angel

Oak Hill, Ohio

Thrill watchers

I enjoy watching and occasionally attending football and basketball games. I am anything but a paragon of virtue in what I observe.

Even with all our technological advances, our human behavior seems to basically stay the same. Throughout history, humans have maimed and sacrificed animals (and humans) to the death.

We cheer as we observe boxing, football and other sports as they emulate the same behavior.

Peace on Earth, goodwill toward all.

Bernie Rosenthal


No judgment

Regarding the Nov. 20 article on the Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church, I cannot believe that a so-called minister would tell a couple they could not sing at the church again, all because one is white and her fiancé is black.

So sad, especially for someone who claims to be a minister, to say that. I wonder what Bible he studies. I guess he doesn't know that God loves everyone, no exceptions. We should not judge.

Janet Smith


A drag on the system

Big-time basketball at the University of Kentucky has dragged down the university's academic achievements. Please discuss.

Douglas S. Andersen