Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Dakota Meyer

President Barack Obama awarded Kentuckian Dakota Meyer the Medal of Honor for heroism.
President Barack Obama awarded Kentuckian Dakota Meyer the Medal of Honor for heroism. MCT

Investigating a war story

Report needlessly maligned Ky. hero

Why did you expend so much energy and news space to malign our own Kentucky hero?

Everyone who has seen combat has also heard unlimited war stories about what happened in one engagement or another. It is normal chitchat among servicemen, perhaps a morale booster when you are living close to death.

Even you wrote that the other Marines agreed that this medal was well earned. So why be so picky about all the war stories? Do you realize that the story may have hurt Sgt. Dakota Meyer more seriously than any of his battle wounds? Do you care? Your last big story about Meyer detailed problems with an employer. These are common problems experienced by many of our young men and women who go off as volunteers to do our fighting for us.

They often return with issues. Our system has not prepared them for re-entry into a work force where they do not expect to be dodging bullets every day. And they certainly do not expect it from their own favorite regional newspaper. So please do not disparage our hero, who was only going beyond the call of duty on our behalf.

One other question: Would you have printed the same story if Meyer, like most Medal of Honor heroes, had come back in a pine box?

John Fister

Vietnam veteran


Should have come forward sooner

If McClatchy News had an embedded reporter as your article concerning Sgt. Dakota Meyer states, why did he wait until the Medal of Honor was bestowed on Meyer to present the story?

Then information would have been passed along to the military. Was he embedded with Meyer's platoon during this action? I find it hard to believe that all of a sudden the information received from the men involved is suspect.

I am a veteran and know that the Medal of Honor is not awarded unless the actions of that person are above and beyond the requirements of a normal individual. I also know that those actions must be cited by individuals who witnessed them. It is a shame that the reporter decided to come forward with this story, if he had knowledge before the medal was awarded. Meyer and the men who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan are true heroes in my book.

Tom Gillion


Tabloid treatment of story

I was appalled to see the attention given to the apparent discrepancies in the details of the actions taken by Sgt. Dakota Meyer on Sept. 8, 2009.

The bottom line is, everyone agrees that Meyer acted in a selfless, heroic manner on that day and that the outcome of that mission was enhanced by his actions.

I suspect the McClatchy reporter, who went to great lengths to ferret out all of the discrepancies, has never found himself in a situation where split-second decisions he made would result in the life or death of himself and his comrades. Your newspaper owes an apology to Meyer and the citizens of Kentucky for the tabloid-like attention you gave this Page 3 level story.

Michael Bell