Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Dec. 28

Merger restricts reproductive medicine

The board of the Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice voted unanimously this month to oppose the merger of Catholic Health Initiatives with University Hospital, Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's Healthcare, and the St. Joseph Health System in Lexington.

We do not see how following the Catholic Ethical and Religious Directives can be compatible with providing the full range of reproductive health care services to our citizens. Of particular concern is the restriction of services that will occur at University Hospital, a public institution operating with public funding, which provides services to the Louisville area's indigent population.

The proposed merger will prevent University Hospital from providing basic services that a public medical institution should be able to provide to the women and men of our community. The services which almost certainly will violate the Catholic directives include family planning, contraception, tubal ligations, vasectomies, medically necessary abortions and stem-cell research.

KRCRC is an organization of people of faith who believe that women must be free to make decisions about their childbearing according to their own faith and conscience. As such, we cannot condone a hospital merger that will restrict reproductive health care services to those who need them most, at our public hospital, based on the ethical dictates of the Catholic religion.

Carol Savkovich

Board chair, Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Mocking the season

For the past several years, Planned Parenthood has used Christmas to send out fund-raising holiday cards to private donors emblazoned with "Choice on Earth." One could also buy gift certificates, redeemable toward an abortion as well as a Pap smear.

Only an organization as morally bankrupt as Planned Parenthood would use Christmas to promote abortions, which they deem to be "reproductive health care."

Planned Parenthood is a politically powerful organization with lots of money. Last year, its total income exceeded $1 billion.

Its political action fund gives millions of dollars in campaign contributions to a majority of Democratic candidates each election cycle.

It is an insult to religiously minded Christians and Jews alike when the birth of Jesus Christ is used to promote an act that takes human life. The irony is that Christmas is also a season to seek and renew hope for "Peace on Earth."

Currently under investigation by Congress for seedy business operations, this organization is the target of lawsuits in federal courts for overbilling the federal government for birth control pills and covering up sexual abuse of minors by child predators who bring their young victims to Planned Parenthood for abortions.

The federal funding for Planned Parenthood increases each year. In 2010, federal funding amounted to $363 million dollars. Does giving taxpayer money to an organization like Planned Parenthood make sense to anyone?

Diana Maldonado

President, Right to Life of Central Kentucky


Let the 'tax' return

There seems to be a lot of hubbub in Congress about allowing me to contribute 1 percent less of my salary in Social Security "tax." Hey, guys, I do not want to underfund Social Security (you know, the "entitlement" program that I've been paying into since I was 16).

I can imagine the headlines after the election: "Social Security underfunded by a bazillion dollars; Democrats (or Republicans or Whoville residents) to blame."

Perhaps we should give Congress credit for devising a "tax break" that won't require any belt-tightening since the only program this money should support is future (read: not in my term) benefits.

To paraphrase Henny Youngman, "Take my money ... please."

Suzanne Thompson


Time to evolve

I find it very unsettling that a man as ignorant as Ricky D. Line is a Kentucky school superintendent.

If evolution is so difficult for him to accept in this enlightened day and age, I suggest he lash himself to a tree, lest he fall off the edge of the earth.

P.K. Compton


Frustrating mistake

Did you know the Grinch is alive and well? Well, he played a trick on me. On a recent Monday, I tried to open my mail compartment in front of the trailer park where I live and my key wouldn't fit. Someone had changed the lock without my request.

The mail person happened to be there at the time placing mail in each compartment so I asked her about the changed lock. She called the postal department and they said it was a mistake. Can you imagine what would happen if a doctor or nurse made a mistake? A check and double check should be made before someone's lock is changed.

In the meantime, I've made several trips to the post office, become aggravated, used up gas and gotten a lot of mail which wouldn't fit in the smaller space. May I wish the same on the person who changed my lock.

Roger L. Brancato


Why change now?

Maxwell, High, Upper and Limestone streets have been one-way as long as I can remember, and I am 57 years old.

Main Street changed in the mid-'60s and Vine was put in. But in my time I know Maxwell and High were one-way streets. In my opinion, traffic flow would be terrible if some of these streets are made two-way.

Wayne Wardle


Save post office

I cannot believe the federal government would even think about closing the Nandino Boulevard post office. Being in the center of Kentucky it reaches out equally to thousands of citizens who depend so much on their mail being on time.

Thousands of citizens, especially seniors, mail-order their medications because many cannot afford local pharmacies. As it is now, we have come close to running out of medications. I can't begin to think what it would be like if the federal government closes Nandino. How many could die if their medications were late?

As for my friends, the veterans who work for the Postal Service, how many with families to feed will lose their jobs? Hundreds and hundreds in Kentucky.

Is this any way to thank these women and men who have served in war? No, no, no. Come on people, write your letters to keep Nandino.

I know one congressman who will fight to keep our post office on Nandino. He is Rep. Ben Chandler. I will not forget him next year.

Bill Manuel