Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Dec. 29

PDR: Silicone implants of the Bluegrass?

A few years back our local government saw fit to pay $28 million of local taxpayers' money through its Purchase of Development Rights program to farmers, some of them millionaires, for not doing something, i.e., developing their land, which they probably would not have done anyway. PDR is basically a beautification program, a "facelift" so we'll look glamorous enough to lure conventioneers and other transients into visiting our community and partaking of our charms. We taxpayers benefit from this program in that we can drive down Fayette County's rural roads, look at said farms and say "Ain't that purty?" — $28 million doesn't even entitle us to a spot for a picnic.

Now, due to a lack of funds (wouldn't that $28 million come in handy?), this same local government has instituted an austerity program, cutting back on essential services, laying off employees at our local parks (golf courses, in particular) and now downsizing our fire department. What's next? Do we illiterate Kentuckians really need all those libraries? And why all the cops, since we have a right to carry guns and can protect ourselves against evildoers?

The intellect for such astute decision-making reminds me of a voluptuous adult entertainer who, with winter approaching, desperately needs a new furnace for her house. When she comes into enough money to pay for the furnace, however, she instead spends it on a medical procedure to enhance her body.

That's right. Lexington's PDR program is nothing more than an overpriced unnecessary boob job. The rich farmers get their windfall and the taxpayers wind up being the boobs.

William S. Watts


Respect for Calipari

Ever since high school, I've told everyone that I have the utmost respect for an educator, whether it be classroom teacher or basketball coach. We often witness family sacrifices, especially a coach searching for his "dream job."

John Calipari has said he hopes not to be coaching into his 60s. There is no doubt in my mind that a Calapari championship banner will be hanging from Rupp Arena's rafters long before he retires. He is simply saying he hopes he doesn't have to put on his glasses to find it.

What a personality. What a man. What a family. Go Cats!

Ronnie Anglin


News media lacking

Our local media generally do a good job, but not always. For instance, the Henry County Humane Society's problems with overpopulation were reported by my favorite, Channel 27, without giving the address — so one couldn't send donations. I called and was given the address — 467 North Main Street, Eminence, Ky. 40019 — but no announcement was ever broadcast.

Another story, about stopping over-the-shoulder theft at ATMs, was first reported on a Wednesday morning and said that details would be given on the 11 p.m. Thursday newscast. How many robberies could occur as a result of this delay?

Jim Broaddus


Young center? Again?

The local government closed the doors on the Charles Young Center three years ago. The government shut down the Mayor's Training Center earlier because nothing unique was being offered there, just duplication.

A new council person now says the Young building has to be re-opened at taxpayers' expense. Job training would be offered, which was also offered at the MTC before it was shut down. If job training was not needed then, why is it now? Is it smart to make taxpayers pay for job training when no jobs are available, in a building that is not needed?

The new council person had people who live near the Charles Young building come and state their case. Everyone said it was a need in "my community" but did not say anything to prove the need. Do they think the building is for their community only and the rest of us taxpayers who will be footing the bills are not welcome?

The name can be removed from the building and the building sold. It has been closed for three years, meaning the government does not need to keep it.

Waste, waste, waste.

Stan Houston


Chandler's hold

Ben Chandler wants Kentucky's 6th redistricted his way. His career endangered, Chandler's been ingratiating himself with Kentucky legislators. No more talk of standing against his party. He's become the consummate Democrat, for "A Ben in need is a friend indeed."

We've endured much for Chandler's convenience. He's held zero town hall meetings, declaring voters too uncivil to address en masse. Instead, he delivered a condescending lecture urging improvement of our attitudes. Chandler's own attitude, however, changes with the wind. When he wants something, he's all smiles. When challenged, he goes "scorched earth." His 2010 ads blared "criminal" accusations. Coal miners were threatened with death-by-employer; images of maltreatment assaulted seniors. This onslaught worked, but barely, so Chandler wants new constituents to replace troublesome ones.

To whom does our district belong? There's lately been much ado about percents. Chandler belongs to the 0.000016 percent — the ruling class in D.C. Tiny, yet wielding great power, dictating terms of daily life. Chandler votes as paid to or ordered to, while hiding from constituents, denying public discourse with him, preventing opportunities to evaluate his depth of knowledge or lack thereof. Chandler's backhanded approach reveals an attitude of ownership and entitlement.

Chandler has his foot on our necks and plans to keep it there. If that's your desired relationship with government, then stand aside as politicians implement Chandler's redistricting plan. If not, call state GOP senators, our only line of defense. We are the 99.999984 percent. We do hold power, unless we abdicate.

Eunice Logan


Mideast madness?

I would like to know what we have accomplished since 9/11. Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Moammar Gadhafi and other Muslim leaders have either been assassinated or have stepped down. Our troops are still being killed in the Middle East and for what reason?

Why even try to help those countries when we can't even help ourselves? The future looks very bad for our young American people. We have to quit this power struggle and unite to be strong, like we once were. And don't point fingers at who's to blame, because all parties are to blame.

Pete Herrera

Van Lear

Ditto on Cain

In "Politics turned around," I thank the author of the Dec. 7 letter for saying so well how I — and I imagine millions more also — have felt. The present administration has taken us to hell in a hand basket.

I was heartbroken when Herman Cain had no choice but to step down.

Cain won me over the first time I heard him speak. The opposition would continue more false accusations merely because of his color. They have no shame.

Susan Washburn