Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Jan. 5

Buy low until gas-price gouging comes to an end

By now maybe we all consider the constant fluctuation of gas prices as just the norm. Perhaps we should think nothing of it.

I think it is a bunch of bull. It is beyond me how some of the extreme changes in gas prices have not been considered price gouging, including this latest jump just before Christmas. As if we have not been stretched to the limit finding enough money to buy gas for quite some time, our Christmas was made complete by the additional 40 cents to the price of a gallon of gas.

Where does this stop?

Rise up, people, and pay attention to the timing of this pricing roller-coaster and buy when it is in the dip. If we do not take some sort of stand, not only will they continue to take the merry out of Christmas, but every bit of the jingle that is left in our pockets.

Laura Jean Spence


Pipeline decision

A few days before Super Bowl XLV on Feb. 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, President Barack Obama is to render his decision on whether or not to go ahead with the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline connecting Canada with Texas.

Earlier concerns regarding an important side issue of the Sandhills region of Nebraska and the Ogallala aquifer seem to have been addressed by rerouting a portion of the pipeline. The three gut issues of protecting the planet, providing carbon-based energy to the economy and creating private-sector jobs hang in the balance.

The real matter to be decided, however, is not jobs, the economy, or the environment. It's all about him — Obama — and the issue of his re-election. If his answer is "yes" he steps on the enviros, helps the unions and takes away an anti-Obama talking point. If his answer is "no" he steps on the unions, helps the enviros but reinforces an anti-Obama talking point. If his answer is "later" he keeps the campaign funds coming from both the enviros and the unions but reinforces an anti-Obama talking point.

You be the judge; join the betting pool. I have made my prediction, which I will keep to myself.

Richard Degener


Paul overstates jobs

I am writing in response to a radio interview that I heard with Sen. Rand Paul on Dec. 13.

I agree that the XL Pipeline is a reasonably good project not only from a jobs standpoint but also what the pipeline will accomplish when it is complete. It will indeed create thousands of jobs. How many thousands we do not know. There will be many "intangible" jobs created by firms that are in some way connected to its construction, far beyond the actual labor utilized to build the pipeline.

I think Paul should be saying something similar, not suggesting "the creation of 20,000 jobs," as he does not know this or any other number to be fact. That would be more credible.

From Paul's conversation, it seems he is supporting the pipeline on the basis of job-creation. But he did not support the jobs bill. The jobs bill would have created far more jobs than the pipeline in areas where they are desperately needed, such as education and infrastructure. Did he have a problem with it being funded by a 4 percent increase on the second million dollars of an individual who nets more than $1 million after deductions? You have got to be kidding me.

I would like an explanation.

It is disappointing that Republicans attached the pipeline project to the tax-cut extension. I assure you if the president was a Republican, this would not have happened.

Andrew Kimbel

Wyndmoor, Pa.

Wildcat glory days

I'm 76 years old and have been a Wildcat fan since I was a pup. I am delighted with our basketball team's prospects this year. I believe we'll do very well.

From 1948 till 1952 we won three basketball championships. In football we won two of three bowl games when there were only the four big bowls and the Gator bowl. We had two legitimate, bona fide, first-team All-Americans in both sports.

Florida fairly recently and UCLA in the mid-1960s are the only two teams that I can recall getting anywhere close to accomplishing what our Wildcats did over any such five-year period.

I can die happy now that we have beaten Tennessee in football, and I'm hopeful that we win our eighth national championship in basketball.

Thank you, and go Cats.

Charles N. Jenkins


UK hoop writers lame

Do Herald-Leader sports columnists John Clay and Mark Story and UK basketball beat writer Jerry Tipton have something against former Kentucky and now Louisville coach Rick Pitino? How else can you explain why they continue to bring up the Marquis Teague recruiting story?

I wasn't surprised that all three gentlemen brought up the story before the University of Kentucky vs. University of Louisville game, but must they beat this story into the ground? They act as if this were back in April when Teague signed with Kentucky.

If Clay, Story and Tipton can't find anything better to write about other then the Teague recruiting story, then they're the ones — not Pitino — who should consider retirement.

Jim Zimmer

Lakeside Park, N.Y.

One nation, divisible

Judging from the sometimes screechy tone of radio and cable TV folks, Internet chatter and some letters to the newspaper, our country is deeply divided. Sometimes it seems that we are more invested in demonizing our countrymen than in helping ourselves.

Like most people, my own family has headstrong people on both the "red side" and the "blue side," but when we get together we basically agree on things that need to be done in the long run. We need economic success, and, therefore, we need a way to bring jobs back to America. We need a more sensible and fair tax structure. We need spending to be in line with revenues.

Respectfully, I encourage everyone to recognize that indeed no nation that is divided against itself can stand. We must work together. Our children will be striving against the same internal and external problems if we do not face them together and with resolve. And, God forbid, if need be, our sons will be serving together in the same trenches under the same stars and bars.

We will sink or swim, together. Let's do the latter.

Peter T. Nelson


Christmas spirit found

On Dec. 15 I went to a Central Bank branch on business.

While there I purchased gift cards for my grandchildren. When I left I dropped the gift cards in the parking lot. Later that afternoon I received a phone call from the bank. They told me that a lady had found the gift cards and turned them in.

I didn't realize they were missing.

Along with my grandchildren I want to say thank you to Julia Sparks. She made us believe that the Christmas spirit still exists in Lexington.

Margaret Ditchen