Letters to the Editor

Meet the writers: Alberta Toomey

Native of Scott County, resident of Lexington, 67. Married to Bill Toomey (soulmate of 48 years). Mother of three and grandmother of three. Retired from Lexmark.

What motivates you to write?

Nowadays, it's a no-brainer: the direction of the U.S. economy. Congress members only work four months then vacation with money from taxpayers and lobbyists. They don't represent the people, only themselves. The world is in fast-forward and Sen. Mitch McConnell is stuck in the stop mode. He wants to stop everything President Barack Obama tries to get done for the people. Yes, we have a huge deficit, but don't blame Obama; he inherited this mess. The middle class bailed out the rich and now it's their turn to bail out the middle class.

My paternal grandparents had 17 children. I learned to express my opinions early.

What shaped your worldview?

My father only went to the fourth grade, had to help with the farm work. My mother didn't finish high school, had to take care of elderly parents. Fortunately, my family was close and happy. We four children learned to do chores because both parents had to work. They also taught us to be frugal. One Christmas, all we got was a Monopoly game. But we didn't realize we were poor.

Most of my views were formed in junior high school, when my family moved to Lexington. My mother found a job but it took a while before my father did. He only knew farming and construction. The lunch lady made me yell "free lunch" when I went through the lunch line. After being embarrassed, I never ate lunch at school. The teachers were great, and I learned a lot of life lessons like confidence, how to write thank-you notes, manners, how to take care of my health, how to grow a plant. Even the very old home economics teacher taught us to take pride in cleaning (especially the kitchen sink). She would say "Put some elbow grease into it!"