Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Jan. 24

Redistricting not only thing politics has ruined

The Kentucky legislature is once again in session with a number of important items on the agenda.

One of the important items is the drawing of congressional and legislative districts. It should not be difficult to draw districts that are geographically and numerically reasonable.

Incumbency and political leaning should not be a part of the discussion. I once served on a committee to redraw local districts, and not once did any member state that a line should be drawn in any manner to protect an incumbent. That could be done on a statewide basis.

Another item that should be discussed is the date of the primaries. The primary was moved from August to May for one reason — to defeat a United States senator. It did not work.

The primary election should be moved to a Saturday closer to the general election day. A Saturday would be much easier for voters to get to the polls.

Another item that should be changed is the date of the filing deadline. It was changed to 120 days before the primary from 45 days. Again, that was purely political to protect incumbents. It should be changed to 45 or even 30 days prior to the primary.

These ideas would benefit the ordinary citizens of this state. Of course, the ordinary citizens do not have influential lobbyists. Many things that would better the government of Kentucky do not happen due to lack of consideration for ordinary citizens.

James M. Groves


Kudos to bowling writer

I would like to extend my regards to Doug Bradley, a contributor to the Herald-Leader Sports section.

Almost every Sunday he presents an outstanding report that recognizes the achievements of Lexington-area bowlers over the previous week.

Not only does he list the highest scores bowled but he does a superb job in his articles of highlighting the details surrounding exceptional bowling performance.

In addition, Bradley keeps everyone abreast of bowling events that are or will be happening.

Furthermore, I admire and thank all bowling league officials who diligently record eligible scores and submit them to the Herald-Leader for recognition.

Erik K. Thingstad


Hunting hogs

Our folks at the Department of Fish and Wildlife may not yet think that an open hunting season on feral pigs is the state's preferred solution, but they'll come around soon, for those rascals can flat breed. A call or two to their brethren in Texas might be in order.

Recently a friend of mine who has a small ranch near Abilene told me they killed 70 pigs in one afternoon from a helicopter. Down there they call it heli-hog'n and it's rapidly turning into a business.

If you want to take a ride on a Texas-style pig hunt, just log on to Vimeo.com/21181307.

Jim Wells


Two sides to that creek

The Tom Eblen column about developing Boone Creek into a tourist attraction business with lodging, suspension bridges and zip lines strung across the creek and into Clark County failed to mention how the Clark County residents in that area might feel about such a venture.

My property is in Clark County on Boone Creek. My neighbors and I were never informed about the developers' proposal to commercially develop along Boone Creek.

This proposal involves 400 acres in Clark County and would have a huge negative impact on the creek, the residents and surrounding area.

The Fayette County government's comprehensive plan claims regional planning, but does not actually practice what it preaches.

If it were to pass in Fayette County the pressure would be on Clark County to do the same. There are no fire stations, no fire hydrants, no emergency medical units, no sewers and narrow country roads in this part of Clark County.

The Clark County Comprehensive Plan designates this area to remain purely agricultural.

The law does not require Fayette County to send out notices to property owners in the next county, however it would have been a good regional planning courtesy.

This would be the only commercial intrusion in this rural and agricultural area of Clark County. It is not a good idea anywhere in this watershed, Clark or Fayette.

Carolyn King


Natural plans

I have some concerns about the adventure park being proposed for the Boone Creek Gorge off Old Richmond Road.

This commercial venture flies in the face of many of the goals set forth in the 2007 Comprehensive Plan, the Rural Land Management Plan, the Greenspace Plan, Boone Creek Conservation Plan and others.

These plans have been painstakingly crafted and adopted by the city over the past 20 or so years for, among other things, the purpose of protecting environmentally sensitive areas such as this from their wiliest predator: man.

Boone Creek Gorge has managed itself quite well over thousands and thousands of years and should be allowed to remain in its naturally beautiful and pristine state.

Martha Jenkins


Positive coverage

Hats off to the Herald-Leader for its Jan. 14 edition. Congratulations on turning around your attitude from negative articles, politically one-sided articles, about murders, robbers, etc. (people who don't deserve the limelight, exposing misuse of state funds, etc.)

Examples: New health clinic (good news), homeless science whiz (has a future because of press exposure), and informative articles such as quick fixes on wood and the building of a community with each member caring and sharing.

I don't think you all realize the impact you have in the community each day. Keep up the good work.

After reading through that Saturday's paper I had a positive proud feeling about people and the community.

You all set moods, change values, expose wrongdoing, etc.

JoAnn Pelphrey


Concentrate on work

If only our elected officials (especially Congress) would spend as much time, effort and money attending to our nation's business and solving its problems as they do getting elected or re-elected, think how much could be accomplished.

The amount spent on campaigning for office is obscene, especially when there are so many worthwhile and necessary programs that need help (education, social programs, etc.)

Wouldn't it be nice to have statesmen instead of politicians representing us?

Beth Graves


Money maker

Same old info from the governor's office. As much as $500,000 left over in the inaugural fund. How much did they actually use? Must have been high office-holders to use $40,581 for payroll expenses.

How about giving the leftover money to the employees' retirement fund?

Dave Willhoit