Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: March 17

Paper should not have relocated 'Doonesbury'

Your decision about the Doonesbury series this week can be described in one word: gutless.

Calling yourself a "family newspaper" is an excuse. You barely qualify as being a newspaper as it is. Cartoonist Joel Pett should resign in protest.

I went online and found the first day's cartoon and it was, in one word, brilliant.

I will continue to access Doonesbury online from this time forward. I don't need some Nazi-leaning newspaper to tell me what I can and cannot have access to.

Wayne Wilson


When I read that my paper caved in to the rising tide of pulling Doonesbury, I was shocked.

I hated what radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said about the young women supporting birth control, but I defend his right to say it.

Now when it comes to women's rights we get screwed again. I wanted to see the story as it unfolded, not all at once.

Katherine Clayton


McConnell misses point

I disagree with Sen. Mitch McConnell on the birth control mandate. The question is not religious freedom; rather, it is the standard of care for health provided each U.S. citizen using tax dollars.

First, any government health care program will establish a minimum standard of care. If any health care provider refuses to provide the established standard of care, then the provider simply should not get the tax dollar.

If a health care provider declines to provide services because these services are against the religious beliefs of the provider, but it expects to continue to be funded by the government, then the constitution is being violated.

The First Amendment directs "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

If a health care provider is permitted to pick and choose the care provided depending on a position of religion, then the government is respecting a religious position.

I agree with his quote from R. Albert Mohler Jr.: "The new policy effectively tells Christian institutions that, if we want to remain true to our convictions and consciences, we will have to cease serving the public."

That is almost true. The religious institution could continue to offer health services, but if it could not provide the standard of care, it could not expect the tax dollar.

McConnell quoted several authorities. All of them are men and all of them are religious authorities. Where are the women and the doctors in this question regarding women and health?

John Thompson


Limbaugh shameful

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has made a good living over the past 25-plus years demonizing liberals, liberalism, Democrats, the poor. Money and greed seem to be his chief motivators and plutocracy his preferred system of government.

Limbaugh has said many outrageous things on the air for years, but the Sandra Fluke flap may be the most outrageous, the last straw.

All the shameful things Limbaugh has said over the years show he has no shame. What is equally shameful are the corporate sponsors who have sponsored his partisan hate-filled rhetoric during his lengthy talk-radio tenure. The Republican Party also shares some of the shame for adopting Limbaugh as the unofficial leader of its kind of conservatism and for refusing to strongly disavow his outrageous comments and put-downs of worthwhile human beings he dislikes.

Despite his apology, businesses are right to withdraw their sponsorship of Limbaugh's radio show. To be more credible, the Republican Party should also distance itself from him.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.


Pay for own birth control

I have had it. The entitlement mentality has got to stop. We are bankrupting our country with the entitlements. What ever happened to personal responsibility?

This contraception controversy is the latest thing that the government is trying to burden the taxpayers with. Contraception is a personal matter and since it is a personal matter it should be paid for personally.

There is nothing in the Constitution that says contraception is a right and I as a taxpayer do not want to pay for someone else's decision. The law student that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi interviewed should be ashamed.

If she wants to have contraception and cannot afford it she needs to get a part-time job. She is 30 years old and needs to start taking responsibility for herself.

If she can't afford it and doesn't want to work then have a little courage and just say no.

Harry Van Epps


No equality for women

Have the feminist movement and the media evolved to the point where they only defend Democrats and liberals? Since Sarah Palin was added to the McCain ticket just four short years ago, there continues to be free speech concerning her, often what many would consider cursing — even when children can hear — yet the media don't seem to think there's anything inappropriate.

Then it's not clear whether Rush Limbaugh said anything wrong even though the media are falling all over themselves to make a martyr of the young lady at the news conference made to look like congressional testimony.

It would appear the media are biased and only helping Democrats because when language that is far worse is applied to a Republican or conservative woman, the media think that's OK.

So either the media are biased and Limbaugh said something wrong or the media are not biased and Limbaugh's words were perfectly acceptable.

Bill Marshall


Abortion practicalities

The argument about abortion continues unabated. This dispute, on an intellectual level, is similar to that of a party of diners trying to "out fumble" each other in paying their restaurant bill.

The evaded question about abortion is more practical. Who will pay for medical care, feeding, housing and clothing, and educating this unborn individual for 20 or more years?

Adolphus Huxley's book Brave New World offers hints on "assembly line" parent selection, and the care of infants and children.

I offer no solutions to the debate about abortion. Finding an answer might start with publicizing facts about a lifetime of poverty and privation for the typical single parent.

Additionally, popular entertainment could be deprived of some "constitutional rights" now used as an alibi to spread propaganda.

Fred H. Salisbury