Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: April 21

Harrodsburg glass reaches for stars, not just the iPhone

A news story datelined Harrodsburg gave that city's Corning Glass plant credit for one of the basic parts (and worldwide success) of the Apple iPhone.

The story told how the plant turned out Gorilla Glass, a durable scratch-resistant material used for the iPhone's screen rather than the original plastic screen.

The result was booming sales of the iPhone and a star in the crown of the multijeweled reputation of Harrodsburg.

I read the story with pride, being a native of the Mercer County city. Memory was jogged, as it sometimes is in old age. and broke into a full gallop when I remembered that this wasn't the first time Harrodsburg and Mercer County teamed with Corning Glass on a major project.

I recalled an exchange with the late Col. George Chinn, author of The History of Harrodsburg.

Chinn remembered the birth of the world-famous telescope atop Mount Palomar in California, sometime in the l930s. Corning Glass of New York made the telescope lens. Where did Corning get the basic ingredient, calcite, for the lens? From the Chinn Mine of Harrodsburg, of course.

At that time, Chinn said, Mount Palomar was home to the world's largest telescope, thanks in no small part to the calcite of Mercer County.

William J. Hanna


Bobby Knight was wrong

Bobby Knight was wrong on the Kentucky Wildcats' No. 1 ranking, wrong about Player of the Year Anthony Davis.

Why would any network want his opinion?

Enough said.

Gary Nelson


Best team yet, maybe

One of the post-NCAA basketball tournament articles was headlined, "Winningest team, best year yet" (April 3). I have some agreements with that statement, but some arguments as well.

It has been an incredible year for this Wildcats ball club, and you can't knock what they've done. 38-2 is in the record books as the program's best.

Add the fact we revenged our loss to Indiana with a 12-point victory in the Sweet 16, beat Louisville in the Final Four, and then beat another legendary program, Kansas.

My only argument against this being the best is the 1996 season. That team only had two losses as well, both to very good teams.

One was to Massachusetts (coached by the great John Calipari), and the other to Mississippi State in the Southeastern Conference tournament, which was clinched by the Bulldogs only because coach Rick Pitino benched Antoine Walker in the second half.

Mississippi State made it to the Final Four as well, whereas Vanderbilt, who we lost to in the SEC Tournament this year, only made it to the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Personally, I like this year's team better than any other team we've ever had because of the chemistry and selflessness from each player.

I don't know if we'll ever be able to decide what was the best year, because there have been too many exceptional teams to put one on a pedestal.

Sean Stinnett


Team a blessing

Never again will we see a team like the current champs. No serious injuries, no arguments, no run-ins with the local police, no member stole a teammate's gold necklace, no academic issues, no problems of any kind.

What a blessing to have a group of athletes like that to represent our state university. I think it will be a long time before we see a team like that again.

Coach John Calipari deserves a lot of credit for putting together a team of unselfish players like that. He gets my vote for coach of the year.

Thanks, coach.

Gerald Caldwell


Blue Nation's big heart

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Big Blue Nation.

On the way home from New Orleans and the Final Four, we had a terrible car accident on Interstate 59 in Alabama. After our van stopped rolling, people were already upon us. People dressed in UK blue and white. They pulled us from our upside down vehicle and started making sure everyone was fine.

They collected our belongings, comforted our scared children and just kept telling us how glad they were that everyone was OK.

They stayed with us until the ambulance arrived, and one wonderful woman drove three of us to the hospital to meet the other two of us. Luckily, our family was only bruised and sore.

At least 20 members of the Big Blue Nation stopped to see how they could help. None of these people knew us, but they saw someone in trouble and felt compelled to help.

We don't know any of their names, but we will forever remember their kindness. Bless you, Big Blue Nation; you are an amazing group of people.

Ryan and Kimberly Hill


Judd's crass remark

Ashley Judd recently stated on the Jimmy Kimmel show that hell is where Louisville fans go.

It is difficult to understand why winning fans cannot enjoy their victory without assailing opposing teams or fans. In this case, Judd must be completely void of any self-esteem or self-respect. She does not rise to the level of "low class."

Donald Bell


Hit 'em in pocketbook

In regard to the price of fuel and whether our politicians have any say in the matter: If our politicians had to foot the bill for all of their travel expenses, including fuel for air travel, they would find a way to get the fuel prices lowered.

Phil Curtis