Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: April 30

Founders wanted freedom from others' religion

William O. Witt's well-thought-out diatribe was meant to convey that we first and foremost are a Christian nation. Begging to differ, I submit that the founders wanted nothing less than freedom from people who professed a desire to have their religion imposed upon citizens who had other beliefs.

His reference to an "almighty God" and the "divine" can be found in other spiritual denominations. Which one do you choose? Answer: none. Religion and spirituality are such a personal choice. How can these personal choices, these wellsprings of spirit, be imposed on someone whose spirit dwells elsewhere?

James Spicer


Commissioner's load

In regard to the article about Jonathan Gassett, commissioner of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, and his excessive billing for travel and lodging: Spokesman Mark Marraccini said approval of valet parking is "dependent on the situation, location and particular equipment required for the conference. Often there are substantial materials to load and unload at the door."

I have to agree with his justifications for the fleecing of the taxpayers of Kentucky. There is a substantial load involved in all this.

Dorothy Kline


No future in coal

The photo that accompanied Kentucky Coal Association president Bill Bissett's guest editorial was a great illustration of "fossil fools." The older men wearing shirts with "Coal Our Future" on them says it all.

It's their short future but it leaves no future for their descendants. At age 82 and living in Eastern Kentucky, I have watched the value of our land and heritage be annihilated.

They should know better than to fall for the same old "clean coal" and "cheap electricity" lies put out by the greedy corporations who own our legislators.

Patty F. Wallace


Interesting conflict

I'm very happy that Bill Bissett has volunteered to be a citizen member of the Herald-Leader editorial board. He is the president of the Kentucky Coal Association. I'm sure no one could possibly see a conflict of interest.

Margaret Ricketts