Letters to the Editor

Readers react to Joel Pett's May 8 cartoon

Messing with fans' escapism bad for business

I'm very confused by the paper's insistence on insulting customers, previous customers and potential customers.

It's the Joel Pett cartoon today, tomorrow will be Jerry Tipton, then John Clay might get in the mix.

Sports is important to us, and it's one of the easiest ways to gain the ire of Kentuckians from all backgrounds.

At least with other types of news or opinions you'll be able to split the crowd somewhat. I'm sure the cartoon will get you some hits online and might even be a short-term economic gain, but once the dust settles you'll probably lose subscribers and people will have a lower opinion of the paper.

It's time the paper begins thinking more like a business when it comes to sports coverage. I'm not saying it has to be all cheer-leading, but don't go out of your way to anger a majority of University of Kentucky fans. Save your edgy and cutting opinions for things that actually make a difference in our lives.

UK basketball is an escape; something to lift us up and bond our community. If you become more supporting it will attract more readers and you'll be able to get down to the business of reporting news and investigating things in our community.

Sports is pretty much covered without you now and people ignore you because you seem to want to make some ham-fisted journalistic points by taking swipes at the program, its players and coach. You're doing no one any favors, especially yourself.

Steven Messer


Unfair shot

I have always respected and appreciated the hard work the Herald-Leader put in to making a legitimate newspaper for the Central Kentucky area.

However, after seeing this political cartoon take a shot at our beloved coach, I realized I was ignorant and delusional to think this was a newspaper instead of a gossip paper and has no respect for its readers.

Real scoreboard: Coach Cal, 1, Herald Leader, 0. Oh, one last thing: Go. Big. Blue.

Andrew Leet


Why the hate?

I am a longtime reader of the Herald-Leader and have always respected its unbiased view on University of Kentucky sports. That is, until now.

Joel Pett's cartoon was an insult to a man who has done a lot for Lexington and its people since coaching at UK for three years.

I don't understand the hate.

Kyle Hamilton


Pett out of touch

For Joel Pett to insult Coach Johm Calipari was another example of his incompetence and lack of touch with reality. While I assume I am a member of his political party, I cetainly disagree with his lack of journalistic standards. I strongly believe in a free press, but Pett is an example of an uninformed, opinionated, one-sided, intellectually stunted cartoonist. It would be wonderful if there was still an unbiased press anywhere in the United States.

Rick Thomas

Mount Sterling

Circus act

You need to send that Pett guy and his circus act back across the river. I cannot believe you would let that stupid cartoon run in the local paper.

Maybe the Herald-Leader needs to move across the river with him.

Danny Word


Back to Indiana

I am disheartened by the Herald-Leader's editorial decision to publish a former Indiana University student's tasteless and baseless slam at our newly crowned championship coach.

Surely there are positions at the obituary desk at the Bloomington Tribune just waiting for someone of such caliber.

Dr. Kim Machmer Gorman

University of Kentucky alum

St. Joseph, Mo.

Leave sports alone

Well, it is a proven fact that some people just can't get over their team being removed from the NCAA Tournament by a great team and coach like Coach John Calipari.

For Joel Pett to try to tarnish his character and record with that lame cartoon was distasteful, not to mention desperate.

We love the Kentucky Wildcats and we love Coach Cal, so if he wants to have a future here, find another subject to bring attention to.

Check out some of the things our government is doing or not doing. Yeah, try that. Now that might interest someone.

George Greenup


Support your own

I find it appalling that the local paper would allow this material after a national championship. Whatever happened to supporting your own?

I know the Courier-Journal would not do this against the University of Louisville. Classless!

Mike O'Bryan