Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: May 16

Sorry to see Perkins restaurant forced to close

I just wanted to say how disappointed I am that Perkins Family Restaurant is forced to close after 21 years of great food and friendly service in the same location. It was an asset to the community.

A lot of people will really miss going there to eat as well as the friendly service provided. Not only is this a loss to the community, it is bad for the economy, as so many people who worked there and paid taxes have now also lost their jobs.

For the church to raise the rent so high in this economy was certainly not very Christian. The church knew this would force them out of business and this restaurant was there long before the church even thought about locating there.

I think for Southland Christian Church to force this restaurant out of business and to leave this location, where it has been for so long, was not acting in a Christian way in God's eyes.

This was a selfish act on the part of the church, and as the Bible says, you reap what you sow. I would never want to go to this church for worship. It claims to be Christian, but actions speak louder than words.

Leona Hopkins


Mossotti proven leader

Jennifer Mossotti will bring to the Lexington Fayette Urban County council a very strong work ethic, a keen and independent mind and rational thought processes.

She and I served together on the council, and my experience working with her confirmed my opinions about her character and her intellect.

We did not always agree on solutions to the many problems that our local government confronts, but she always listened to other points of view, ferreting out the facts pertaining to the issue being considered.

Therefore, I am pleased to endorse Mossotti in her quest to return to the 9th District seat on the council and urge the citizens to support her candidacy and vote for her in Tuesday's election.

David B. Stevens


Jennifer Mossotti has given the voters of the 9th District a rare opportunity, the opportunity of returning a proven leader and hard worker to the council. She served the district well from 1997 to 2004. If elected, she will be as responsive to the issues now as during her earlier terms.

I was on the Reynolds property committee that had more than 450 acres of infill property to convert. While the project raised great differences among the committee members, Mossotti was good to work with.

She was open-minded and used a common-sense approach to the many issues, an example being the problem of water runoff. Her efforts resulted in not only the water issues on the property being addressed but also 16 downstream water issues being addressed.

She listens to both sides and is hardworking. We are fortunate she is willing to serve again.

Wanda Delaplane


Akers an advocate

I write in support of Shevawn Akers, candidate for the 2nd District of the Urban County Council in the primary election on Tuesday.

Akers is a mother, a social worker and a determined advocate for many school and community organizations. As an advocate, she has had extensive interaction with local government and knows how it serves (or does not serve) its citizens.

This knowledge combined with her energy, good humor and intelligence qualify her to be an effective leader and advocate for citizens of the 2nd District and, through her votes on council, for all Lexington citizens.

You can learn more about Akers' record on her Web site, Shevawnakers.com. If you are a voter in the 2nd council district, please vote for Akers. You'll be glad you did.

Ann Garrity


Spires energizes

I first met Stephanie Spires when I was on the Board of the Bluegrass Tennis Association and she was our executive director. Nine years later, I am honored to call this amazing young woman my friend.

Spires is one of the most professional and compassionate people I know. In addition to serving on several community boards such as the Lexington Public Library and Carnegie Center, she is also a foster mother and mentor to our community's children.

Through her service, Stephanie understands the strengths and weaknesses of our city and has the knowledge and experience to help move Lexington forward.

Spires has a lot of energy and is extremely organized, so I have no doubt she'll be able to exceed our expectations. The 3rd District could not ask for a better candidate for council. I encourage you to vote for Spires on Tuesday.

Geoff Rothman


Invest in Marrs

I would like to introduce you to the Richard Marrs I know, a young man who is running for state representative.

I have known Marrs since he was in middle school in Fayette County.

As a junior leader in the YMCA, as a member of the Ohio-West Virginia YMCA leadership council and as a part-time employee of the Lexington YMCA, Marrs showed his dependability, his core values, his realistic perspectives, his loyalty and his leadership skills.

As a father, husband, and resident of Lexington, Marrs has a vested interest in Kentucky's future. A vote for Marrs is a vote for Kentucky's betterment.

Dale Packer


Tyler's skills a plus

I voice my support for Chris Tyler, who is running for the District 45 state House seat.

Tyler is a breath of fresh air in Kentucky politics. As a lifetime Kentuckian, it is exciting to see someone who has the energy and enthusiasm to work with both sides of the aisle.

Tyler also brings skills in engineering and business that are increasingly needed in our state.

We are in a time in which critical thinking and a mind toward problem-solving is desperately needed, and Tyler brings this to the table. I am especially glad to see a Republican who can be environmentally conscious toward energy conservation without bowing to a liberal agenda.

Tyler supports all of the core values that we Republicans hold dear. He is the right person to lead us during this challenging time.

Damon Mazza


Spirito has the intellect

I would like to strongly endorse Lavinia Spirito in the Republican primary for the 76th District Kentucky House of Representatives.

I have known Spirito well for many years. She is a wife, mother, lawyer and educator. She is not a long-term professional politician but the kind of talented individual who our forefathers hoped would become involved in elected government service.

She has the intellect to understand the many issues that face our state and the impassible integrity to serve admirably with no interest in some sort of personal gain.

Our state would do well to make her part of our government. I encourage you to cast your vote for Spirito.

Douglas Neuman