Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: May 17

Replacing price index blocked by partisanship

For several decades now, it has been recognized by economists that measuring inflation using the Consumer Price Index overstates inflation by a 0.3 percentage to 0.8 percentage point per year.

On the expenditure side, many government programs' cost-of-living-adjustments are tied to the CPI (Social Security, federal employee pensions, etc).

On the revenue side — income tax brackets, exemptions, deductions and tax credits — are pegged to the CPI.

By adopting the "chained" CPI index, the Congressional Budget Office estimates we could save $145 billion in federal spending, increase tax revenues by $90 billion and lower interest payments on the debt by $33 billion over the next 10 years.

Without getting into the details of the two different indexes, the "chained" method provides a more accurate level of inflation. By switching to the chained CPI, immediate savings would be realized, helping put the economy on better footing.

It has been endorsed by the president, lawmakers from both parties, many economists and several bipartisan deficit-reduction committees. Business as usual in Washington has once again gained a stranglehold on another good idea.

This simple bipartisan change in price indexing methodology should be adopted. Call your senators and representatives to move them to change this fundamental accounting practice. The sooner it is changed the better.

Robert Hoeller


Spirito for human lives

Residents of the 76th House District, please nominate a candidate who will bring you principle and integrity. Lavinia Spirito is a lawyer and a successful businesswoman.

She is articulate, energetic, honest and capable of bringing conservative values, a truly tremendous asset, to the General Assembly.

She respects the Constitution, believing the lives of all humans are sacred and guaranteed by our Constitution, including unborn babies, the mentally and physically handicapped and elderly.

Had President Barack Obama been alive before the 14th Amendment, he would not even be a "person," much less a citizen. Since Supreme Court decisions of 1973, unborn babies are not persons merely because they live in their mother's womb.

The House Democratic leadership is indebted to a group of pro-abortion women to refuse any pro-life, pro-family legislation to come to the floor, because they know it would pass overwhelmingly. The 2012 elections must change that leadership.

Hilda Pullen


We need Tyler

I'm writing to support Chris Tyler, Republican candidate for 45th District state representative. I have lived across the street from the Tylers for four years and now know Chris Tyler and his family very well.

We need people like Tyler in the Kentucky legislature. Tyler is not a lawyer, not another career politician. He is an engineer, businessman, Christian and family man who, like most of us, devotes most of his time and energy to loving and providing for his family.

The thing that sets Tyler apart is his tireless energy. In the four years I've known Tyler, I have seen him work with his church, neighborhood association, our local school, and volunteer with our legislators in drafting legislation as a local leader.

I support Tyler without hesitation. Please join me to put a good, honest, down-to-earth, fiscally conservative man into office. We need him there.

Neill Kahle Jr.


Mossotti for all

Not only would the council's 9th District benefit from the election of Jennifer Mossotti, but the city of Lexington would as well.

Her level of knowledge in both the public and private sectors allows her to hit the ground running at a time when we need a commonsense approach to our crossroad issues.

A balance between neighborhood concerns and the growth of downtown is well within her purview.

Marta Surgener


Spirito a civic leader

Constituents in District 76 will finally have the opportunity to be represented in the state House by a competent fellow neighbor and civic leader.

I have known Lavinia Spirito for nearly a decade. She is a woman of outstanding moral character. As a highly respected attorney, Spirito serves as a true advocate for families and children. She will propose no-nonsense legislation that reflects the values of her fellow citizens.

It is time for Ruth Ann Palumbo to step out of the political scene. She has had ample opportunity to stand apart from the establishment group that bows to the abortion industry by blocking legislation that protects and promotes the health and welfare of all Kentuckians. Pro-choice means "no choice" to oppressed women who are denied adequate information under Palumbo's watch.

Spirito will restore honor to the position Palumbo has held for 21 years.

Colleen Milburn


Spires shows leadership

I am voting for Stephanie Spires for Council District 3. Spires spoke up when our neighborhood needed someone to represent us at a planning commission meeting last fall.

When the Lexington Public Library was faced with scandal, Spires joined the board and helped strengthen policies and develop a strategic plan for the future.

As a former adviser to House leadership and employee of the University of Kentucky, Spires has the professional experience necessary to represent our district.

Additionally, as a community advocate, she brings a strong understanding of the issues. I think she will ask the tough questions and challenge her fellow council members to have some difficult discussions.

I am a member of the Mentelle Neighborhood Association, along with Spires and Diane Lawless. Additionally, I have known Rock Daniels for several years. The 3rd District needs a knowledgeable, professional leader, and Spires has the experience.

Mary Beth Cain


Right to Life endorses

Kentucky Right to Life has endorsed candidates for the primary election on Tuesday.

Candidates receiving endorsements are: Matt Lockett, District 39; Stan Lee, District 45; Ryan Quarles, District 62; and Lavinia Spirito, District 76. Richard Marrs had 100 percent pro-life responses for District 76, and Chris Logan for District 79.

Both Spirito and Logan are vying for key seats in separate races currently held in the state House by anti-life legislators Ruth Ann Palumbo and Susan Westrom.

Both women serve on the Health and Welfare Committee, along with Rep. Kelly Flood of Lexington.

All three are responsible for killing all pro-life legislation in committee for the past eight years.

Both Spirito and Logan will be formidable opponents in the General Election in November.

Please use your vote to protect innocent unborn human life.

Diana Maldonado

President, Right to Life of Central Kentucky