Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: May 18

Foster parents, urgently needed, make a difference

May is Foster Care Awareness Month. Many people know of foster care, but few really understand how the system works, the role of the foster parents and, most importantly, the experience of the children and youth in care.

More than 6,800 Kentucky children are in out-of-home care. Most are placed in temporary foster care due to parental neglect or abuse. The average age of a child in care is 10.7 years.

More than 73 percent of the children in care are white; 19.3 percent are black and 4.3 percent are Hispanic.

Of the children in care, 50.7 percent are male; 49.3 percent are female. The average length of stay for children in care is 25.5 months.

More than 32 percent of the children in care are in the 12 to 18 age range, and most just want a place where they belong, where they feel secure.

Is foster parenting easy? No.

Is it for everyone? No.

Will you make a lot of money foster parenting? No.

What you will get is the deep satisfaction of knowing you made a difference in a child's life — whether the child is five or 15. Your actions may be the ones that turn his or her life around.

There is an urgent need for qualified foster parents, especially those who can accept a sibling group of two or more children.

To learn more, call (270) 740-2300. Help make a difference in a child's life.

Jerianne Strange

New Beginnings Family Services


Tyler impresses

I have had the good fortune to know Chris Tyler through my volunteer work with the U.S. Green Building Council. What first struck me about Tyler was his absolute belief that if you wanted to be involved, believed in the mission and were willing to give of your time, you could take real and practical steps to make a real and practical difference.

For three years now, I have had the pleasure of watching and helping Tyler build strong relationships within our organization, and throughout the commonwealth, by focusing on common ground and by constantly reminding everyone of the overarching goal.

In addition to his passionate yet practical outlook, Tyler is exceedingly reliable and has an incredible work ethic.

This is my first candidate endorsement, but Tyler is unique and I believe he will serve the 45th House District and Kentucky exceedingly well. I am proud to lend my support.

Ryan Daugherty


Akers shows strength

Shevawn Akers is the best candidate to serve as council member for the 2nd District of Lexington.

As an advocate for social and policy change, Akers is already working to help make Lexington and our district a great place to live and work. She stands firmly behind her beliefs and she doesn't hesitate to take action when and where it's needed.

The strength and courage she has shown in her personal life translate to her professional career and to her tireless efforts advocating for the best solutions for our city. I believe no one will work harder for the 2nd District and effect more positive change.

Christina Noll


Spirito on our side

I have known Lavinia Spirito for 25 years and am honored to endorse her as the best candidate in the primary race for the 76th District House of Representatives.

As a lawyer serving in family court for decades she is aware of many important issues affecting our community. This experience, coupled with her tireless energy, will ensure her continuing effectiveness advocating for families and children.

She is also the best choice to represent our distinctive signature horse industry in the legislature. Spirito is a strong conservative, both socially and fiscally.

As a small-business owner, she understands the struggle businesses face with excessive taxation and regulations and can help formulate positive solutions helping the economy and improving job growth in our area.

Finally, Spirito is the best candidate to defeat an incumbent career politician with very little to show after 22 years in the legislature.

Please vote for Spirito.

Ralph Martino


Mossotti memorable

It was my privilege to serve as a member of the Lexington-Fayette council for 12 years, beginning in 1997. I assure you that it takes time and dedication to represent your district and the city as a whole.

During my tenure, in my opinion, one of the most dedicated members was Jennifer Mossotti. She brought to the job a great deal of clear thinking and common sense, which made her an outstanding member of that august body. Mossotti worked hard for the 9th District while balancing what was best for all the citizens of Lexington.

The 9th District is indeed fortunate to have Mossotti running again for that office. For an effective, honest and hardworking representative, I recommend voting for the candidate with experience, Mossotti.

Dick DeCamp


Tyler is genuine

When 45th District Republicans vote Tuesday, I hope they endorse Chris Tyler for House representative.

I work with Tyler as an engineer and as a volunteer. He takes complex situations and finds reasonable solutions on a daily basis, and offers sound expertise. He is a leader in our community organization, which is committed to improving lives and providing sustainable environments in our community.

Tyler is genuine. His family values provide a strong foundation for his work as representative and connect him to the working-class families and community he serves.

Tyler is running for the right reasons and not personal gain. He is the type of person we need in Frankfort to help change the direction of our government to one where elected officials can be trusted to balance the budget, work in a timely manner and put aside party differences in order to better serve those who elect them.

Bill Sharp


Jury duty not so bad

I would like to give a tip of the hat and a general thank you to all of the people at our Fayette Circuit Court system. I was recently called to jury duty, which no one really enjoys but has to be done.

Everyone I dealt with — from the court administrator's office to the bailiff and the judges — was polite, courteous and helpful.

In my line of work, I have dealt with many government offices, at all levels: federal, Kentucky, all surrounding states and numerous local offices. I do not recall ever being treated with so much respect and courtesy as I was by the people from the Fayette Circuit Court. It was truly a refreshing difference.

Everyone was polite and helpful to the extreme, from the time I was screened and scanned, through the time I talked to the judges.

The judges were kind and understanding, really wonderful people.

Everyone wants to be treated as if they were special, and not just a number. I was given a number, but treated as someone special. There is a difference. Lexington has proven that.

My thanks to everyone at the Fayette Circuit Court.

Archie Falin