Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: May 23

Internet piracy bill would hurt access to key Web sites

The Stop Online Piracy Act, SOPA, would violate our First Amendment rights and take away our freedom of the Internet.

The bad thing about SOPA is that its broad enforcement could limit the availability of sites that we find useful — for example, Wikipedia and Google.

Dailymail.co.uk says, "18 senators withdrew support for the controversial bill, the Senate Web sites collapsed under emailed protest, Google's petition was signed by 4.5 million people and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg opposed laws and described the Internet as 'a powerful tool for a more open and connected world.'"

United States citizens have been protesting in many different ways, from signing petitions online to protesting outside of senators' offices. With very big Web sites opposing SOPA, it is getting the word out that this act is bad and needs to be eliminated.

If we come together. we can stop this act. Although SOPA is shelved for now, it could still come back at any time. Most citizens do not want this act to be passed. So, I advise you to tell your representatives to vote no on SOPA.

Mackenzie L. Been


Subjective faith

The question of same-sex marriage is either a civil rights issue, such that any two consenting adults should be able to marry, or it is a religious issue, based on the Bible.

Although it is true that homosexuality is prohibited in the Bible, one cannot just pick and choose. There are many things that are prohibited in the Bible that we either ignore or no longer accept.

For example, we generally ignore the fact that the Bible has passages that prohibit men from cutting their hair, and that forbid anyone from wearing mixed fiber clothing, or planting two different kinds of seed in their fields or eating shellfish.

As to more important issues, the Bible also commands slaves to obey their masters, parents to stone unruly children, and upholds as heroes of the faith men with multiple wives and concubines.

If we rationalize those passages in the Bible that we feel are no longer relevant or to which we morally object, then what right do we have to insist on acceptance of a prohibition against same-sex marriage?

Thomas Zentall


Not a democracy

Our founders gave us a republic. Benjamin Franklin said, "We have given you a republic if you can keep it."

America is moving away from the republic's constitutional rule of law toward democracy.

The Roman philosopher Cicero once said, "Without checks and balances, democracy becomes mob rule, chaos and a prelude to dictatorship."

Karl Marx, author of The Communist Manifesto, totally understood that a socialist or communist dictatorship would be the next step after a democracy.

Unfortunately, many Americans in today's world erroneously believe "freedom" and "democracy" are interchangeable.

They have been led to accept this distortion by influential politicians, news media, educators and members of the clergy.

Democracy is never mentioned in our founding documents or Pledge of Allegiance.

The founding fathers of this nation often expressed their loathing of democracy. Let us make a valiant effort to keep our "constitutional republic."

Ted Garrison


No incentive to add jobs

Republicans have no incentive to put the American people back to work. As it stands, productivity is up and wages are down.

Have you ever wondered why the GOP has not passed a jobs bill in the past three years?

The rich can pay slave wages to the people who have jobs because those people fear losing their jobs.

Wake up, America, and vote. Until you do our country will be held hostage by those who would hold you hostage to low wages and long hours just like before unions.

Lynn Congleton


Spend your fair share

The economy's steady decline since the great recession can be attributed to those few citizens with billions of dollars who do not spend it, but simply invest it.

Television ads attempt to tell the American people that investments create jobs.

But the truth is that the rich are buying bonds, stocks and currencies from each other, which does not create jobs. It simply brings them back more money to put in their pockets.

The situation that America is in can be better described as a lack of demand.

We've seen Warren Buffet, with a net worth estimated at $44 billion, not spend it on goods that could have created jobs.

Instead, he stayed in the same suburban home he bought for $31,500 and drives his own car, which he has owned for years.

About the only big money he has reportedly spent was paying for his grandchildren's tuition and buying a $10 million jet.

America's economic crisis is directly proportionate to the lack of consumption.

In order to change this situation, the Buffett rule, which (not patterned off his lifestyle) states that everyone pays a fair share, must become active in ways other than taxes — and soon.

Jordan Tre Sims


Don't go back

Folks, don't listen to the propaganda coming from the Reich, er, right.

I mean, Adolph Hitler was preaching his conservative poisonous venom during the 1920s and '30s. The Tea Party conservatives and libertarian Republicans are just dying to take us back to them good ol' days.

Hooverism was what led us to the Great Depression. I believe President Herbert Hoover was a Republican.

The only way we can get this country out of the bottomless pit that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney put us into is to vote Democrats all the way.

I was saying during 2008 thst it took Bush eight years to create the mess; it would take whoever was elected eight years to get us out of this depression. And, that still goes.

Victor Privett


Beware of hubris

Wisdom in the letters page is to be expected. This is because God was directed to bless America — or so he may have understood our bumper stickers?

Wisdom probably comes with the blessing for otherwise we would not be mighty, superior and exceptional.

Now that we have this divinely directed wisdom we must beware of becoming over-wise. This condition could lead to proud posturing, fancy pronouncements and theatrical hubbub.

To be blessed with wisdom implies we need outside help and cannot come up with good judgment ourselves.

God, of course, is also able to send down stupefying paralysis if he wishes.

However, we never pray for that. There is no need to.

Risto Marttinen