Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: June 5

Sloppy, high-speed mowing in parks is not a bargain

In this economic downturn, I fully understand the path our Parks and Recreation Department took in awarding contract mowing of our city parks. But have they bothered to even take a look at the poor quality of service they have received by saving a dollar?

I am referring to Castlewood Park. The results by the company that received the contract to mow have been disappointing, to say the least. On this company's Web site, it is touted that, "We take pride in providing the highest quality lawn-care and landscape service In Lexington and all of Central Kentucky." And, "My team and I are committed to being the best in our field."

Well, where is it? The mowers are running at such high rates of speed that it is impossible for the grass to be mowed correctly. Trash is just mowed over, never, ever picked up. Not one employee of this company would be hired to mow on the horse farms in our county. I've never seen such poor workmanship.

This is a prime example of when trying to save a buck has backfired miserably. The employees of Parks and Recreation at least took pride in their work and in the parks they were assigned to. Cut the hours and gas of supervisors who ride around and around the parks and spend it on letting the employees mow once again. At least the parks would look presentable.

Barbara Elliott


Soldiers deserve to vote

Our military is worthy and merits our praise, thanks and appreciation. These warriors risk and give their all for us to enjoy our freedoms. They must not be disenfranchised as they were in the 2008 election.

Absentee ballots to overseas service personnel were delivered too late for their votes to be counted. I hope that steps have been taken to see that never happens again.

Ken Whiteley


Is Romney might right?

Mitt Romney stated in a Memorial Day ceremony that he was committed to having "the strongest military in the world."

My question is: Why? What requires us to have the world's strongest armed force? It cannot be any danger of invasion by conventional force, since our geographical position makes that essentially impossible.

We have not been invaded since 1814 when the British burned part of Washington, D.C. If the purpose is to protect other nations who need military assistance, then he needs to say which other nations and which circumstances require a U.S. force so supremely powerful.

If Romney campaigns in our part of Kentucky, perhaps he will address this issue.

Mark Minor


Tyranny not terrorism

Since the war on terror began, our liberties have been taken away by such actions as wiretapping without a warrant, allowing the assassination of American citizens at the whim of any president, martial law declared at the whim of any president, natural resources confiscated at the whim of any president, the TSA treatment of traveling American citizens as if they are criminals, putting into place "no free speech" zones in certain areas, allowing the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge or cause. The list goes on and on.

I urge you to speak out against these measures and support measures to reverse these actions. What Congress and various administrations have said is that Americans must give up their own rights in order for us to combat terrorism.

The question is, how do they define a terrorist? It seems that all American citizens now fall into that category. Tyranny is now America's biggest threat.

Sue Davis


Yes, life is unfair

In response to comments in the "Obama's 'fairness' doctrine" letter, the bullet point list of the policies of President Barack Obama was of course worded to cast a negative light on many of this administration's pursuits. Laughably, even if all of the skewed vision is true, the letter said it best, "life is unfair."

When it's fair to those like the letter writer, it is OK; and when it is fair to those who know the redistribution of wealth has gone to the richest for at least two decades, it is not? No matter, those who go by this creed should not complain, they should accept it.

James Spicer


Grading UK history profs

Whenever I have seen history professors from the University of Kentucky write letters or guest columns, the tenor of their writing has always been from the left and dripping with anti-conservative sarcasm.

It seems that all their brains are in lunatic liberal lockstep. The UK administration should be embarrassed that people on their faculty make the university itself look so under-educated.

We probably shouldn't be surprised, though. UK has never been known for academics, only athletics. Athletics B-plus. History F.

Ted Smith

Park Hills

Fracking destroys wells

Robert Moore claims, in his article about natural gas, that fracking is a new method of recovery. He — as well as everyone else — seems not to know that fracking has been destroying water wells in Eastern Kentucky for decades. Could this devastation be invisible because it occurs among stereotypical hillbillies?

The Knott County area has gas at many levels in rock formations and any blasting is likely to allow methane to seep into water wells. I have a neighbor whose water well was destroyed by fracking in the early 1970s. He was home when a nearby well was fracked; he saw what appeared to be a puff of smoke emanate from his well; thereafter his water smelled like rotten eggs.

According to employees of the Bureau of Abandoned Mine Lands, nearly 80 percent of the water wells in Knott County have been destroyed by mining activities.

George R. Gibson


Radio losing Reds fan

I have been a Reds fan for over 60 years and currently listen to WVLK FM-101.5 while turning the sound down on the TV. This is a very frustrating experience due to the poor operation of the station.

I listen to almost all of the games and several times each week one or more of the following will occur: Between innings the station will go to commercial break and fail to come back on when the game resumes. On some occasions it may be much longer. One night another program came on and stayed on for several innings. This happens over and over.

I often switch to WLW-AM to see if it is just a WVLK problem, and it is. That is always the case.

With modern technology I cannot imagine how this can happen repeatedly, and this has been going on since they started carrying the Reds games. Furthermore, I cannot imagine ownership not knowing or caring about the poor operation.

In older days of listening to WVLK it was an excellent operation. Maybe this is just another example of what corporations do to the local companies they buy, i.e., Lexington's waterworks.

Bob McCormick