Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Sept. 18

Horse racing's actions belie pleas to be saved

Let me make sure I got this straight. According to the Herald-Leader, the chief executive officer of Santa Anita Park, Mark Verge, and some other investors purchased an outstanding racehorse named Richard's Kid. Like many owners after purchasing a horse, they made the decision to transfer the horse to a new trainer, Doug O'Neill.

Of course, the new owners could not actually send the horse directly to O'Neill because he is currently serving a medication suspension being honored by Santa Anita Park, for which Verge is CEO.

The lack of judgment shown by Verge and, apparently condoned by Santa Anita Park, in this situation really leaves one scratching his head.

Much is made of the needed efforts to save the horse racing industry. However, true progress cannot be made until the horse racing industry begins to save it from itself.

Marc Craft


More like 'far left'

What strikes me as a subtle, but powerful, distortion is that the man in the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting and all his pernicious evil beliefs and actions somehow reside to the right of center on the political beliefs spectrum.

Why are ignorance, intolerance, racism, violence and hate groups exclusively reserved for the right?

What does neo-Nazism or today's oppressive dictatorships — characterized by a concentration of power, cults of personality, socialism and political corruption — have to do with right-of-center political ideology? Nothing.

Although members of active militias probably share with most conservatives support for the right to bear arms, what else makes this killer's domain anymore far right than far left?

The American Nazi Party would have the federal government deeply embedded in the lives of its citizens and crafting social policies that would, for example, "eliminate the cult of ugliness and insanity known as 'modern art' and 'modern music' (... like 'rap')."

Imagine a government so powerful it could decide what music and art its citizens can enjoy, or a government with the power to dictate what foods to consume, what God to worship and what cars to drive. Or what about a government that forces its citizens to buy health insurance?

No conservative would favor a government so powerful. Citizens on the right are charitable, religiously tolerant, do not discriminate or provide advantages to anyone on the basis of race, recognize the struggle to achieve, value personal responsibility and believe the best government governs least.

Clyde Pelton


Improve drug testing

Narcotics have become a plague in every town and city. You have people known to do home invasions due to drugs. Seekers know how to get the drugs anyway, right? Do you not think these professional seekers do not know how to pass a urine test? Come on.

I would like to know why we are not checking samples of their hair or nails. This should be taken very seriously. People are dying — and we are worried about smoking.

Lisa J. Johnson


Imbalance at UK

Concerning the letting go of some employees at the University of Kentucky awhile back, it let go of some employees because of funds for this year. On the other hand, when it comes to sports there is no shortage.

There is always money for the sports programs. Education should come first. Wherever the money comes from, it comes through the same filter. I don't understand how there's not enough for one but ample for other things.

Concerning UK basketball, we were all glad they won the national championship and that a lot of the players went on to the NBA. All of them will have something to fall back on with their education.

Darryl Chasteen


Pro-choice in denial

Concerning Merlene Davis' column on Rep. Todd Akin's comments regarding rape, I wish to comment on one sentence, toward the end where Davis says, "we were unborn babies at one time, too."

There are various things that bother me so much about our country's stand allowing abortion. Women are so intent on "having control over their bodies."

With 50 percent of pre-born babies being female, what is right about denying these girls the chance to have any say over what happens to their bodies? They were denied the opportunity to even live, much less to grow up.

Davis concludes her commentary with "now we are voters."

We, formerly unborn babies, now can vote. These little pre-born girls are, among so many wrongs, denied their future right to ever become "the voters."

Barbara Bellinger McClellan


A vote for Barr

I am 110 percent for Andy Barr. We need Barr. He will help the poor people and help the 6th District.

Rep. Ben Chandler must be defeated. He is for the rich big business. Chandler is not good for the district. If we elect Barr. the district will be a better, safer place to live. We need a true Christian like Barr. I urge all Republicans and Democrats and independents to get behind Barr and get him elected.

Joseph Obin Beck Jr.


And they strip, too

Coal mining is about the same as prostitution. The producer/provider has a source of income and the consumer/customer enjoys some dubious benefits, but neither is particularly good for society.

The big difference is coal mining is legal.

Richard Kuehl


Save Medicare

I read in the Herald-Leader that Sens. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell had bonded against Obamacare.

I guess neither of them has read Jesus' words in Mark 19:14 where he says "Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them, not for such is the kingdom of heaven."

They do not want the single mothers and children of Kentucky to have health care. And yet they, at the taxpayers' expense, enjoy first-class health care. I might suggest canceling all health care for Congress and let them go out and get their own. You know, what's fair for the goose is fair for the gander.

This November election is very important. All women and senior citizens need to get out and vote, the straight Democratic ticket, to save Medicare and Social Security.

Nancy Atchison


Conservatives, buy now

It's time again for some well-off conservatives to buy this liberal rag the Herald-Leader, which recently had another round of layoffs.

So come on. You could sell shares. I pledge to invest if I get to give Joel Pett his pink slip.

Don Foster