Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Sept. 19

Congress must stop EPA from destroying coal

I would like to know what Congress intends to do to limit or stop the Environmental Protection Agency from destroying the coal industry, shutting down our power plants and destroying jobs in all related industries.

What will be done to stop the lawsuits to prevent finding and using our natural resources, and to get them out of my home and off my property?

This agency was created by our federal government and controlled by the president. It is unacceptable that Congress cannot limit or eliminate this and other departments that make our lives subservient to the central government and constantly create rules and regulations on every facet of our lives, and this must be changed.

If all these agencies are going to control us, we no longer need the Congress or state governments.

The president, through his control of agencies and departments, appears to be all the government we can stand. Congress evidently does not have the leadership ability or political courage to stop this steady erosion of our freedom and to roll back countless rules and regulations.

I hope the voters remember this come the election.

Cecil Hall


Unchristian attitude

There is no more polarizing topic today in America than the subject of gay marriage. I simply don't understand why the issue of two people of the same sex is such a threat to the Christian community, however on two such occasions I have watched record numbers of people come out to demonstrate against the LGBT community.

In 2004, approximately 78 percent of Kentucky's registered voters came out to vote for the constitutional amendment on marriage.

And on Aug. 1 of this year, record numbers across the country stood in line for hours to get a fried chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A — all to demonstrate family values and to pledge allegiance against the LGBT community.

In both cases, I fail to see a display of Christian love. I left all claims of Christianity for myself back in 2004. Now, I feel that it is time to leave all claims as a U.S. citizen.

What a petty, shameful, selfish and self-righteous group of citizens we have become.

Charles Jones


Save Mathews garden

When I read the University of Kentucky, for renovations of its law school, was considering demolishing two historic houses and the botanical garden associated with the Mathews House at 660 South Limestone, built in 1908 by UK's first dean of agriculture, I was heartbroken.

As a graduate of and 25-year retiree from the university, I have often passed this lush botanically diverse jewel nestled into the corner of South Limestone and Washington Avenue.

It is a native woodland oasis for many rare native plants, maintained by a dedicated UK biology professor. What a special treat to find such a protected and lovely wild garden at such a busy corner — a place to pass a few moments in quiet reflection on the beauties of nature right in our own backyard.

I respectfully ask that our university administrators consider other options for the law school in order to spare this unique native habitat on our campus.

I hope that other alternatives can be explored, including partnering opportunities with the Arboretum and with existing facilities, which will not require further destruction of both the historical Ligon and Mathews houses and precious garden. Once destroyed, such a place takes a century to grow into what we can now enjoy and treasure today.

If interested in seeing photos of the plants in the garden, go to Uky.edu/projects/mathewsgarden.

Jeannie Taylor


Stop teaching evolution

Evolutionists mock creationists and love it when we call evolution a theory — but evolution isn't science; it's a philosophical assumption. Since neither creationism nor evolution are scientific theories, the real problem is thinking that either one of them should be taught in public schools.

Darwin's Origin of Species was a hypothesis based on a natural philosophy and there have been no scientific experiments that can show its validity regardless of the billions of dollars that have been spent and are being spent to do so. As Christians, we should teach creationism in our churches and in our homes.

Instead of demanding that creationism be taught equally alongside evolution in public schools, we need our lawmakers to help us fight to get this very bad philosophy of evolution expelled altogether from our public schools.

Sadly, our children have been exposed for years to this false teaching, denying the creator.

Light shines in the darkness and everyone has knowledge of the truth but many love darkness and would rather believe the lie.

Amanda Shannon


To tell the truth

The truth implies factual accuracy and honesty. A lie is anything meant to deceive or give a wrong impression.

Rep. Paul Ryan, the man Mitt Romney picked as his running mate, misled about a GM plant closing, the Simpson-Bowles, welfare reform changes and Medicare. And he took the "didn't build it" comment completely out of context.

How very sad they feel they can deceive and insult you and you will reward them. Good, honest, God-fearing people want honest men who can be trusted.

Romney and Ryan have proved they cannot.

Myrna Sholty


Science catching up

Today's measured undoing of the traditional American identity is the political endgame between those who are accountable and others who are accountable to no one. And between those who are made in the image of the Christian God and others who attribute human soul to evolution.

The point of evolution is the survival of offspring, which is prevented when the strong outside the womb often casually destroy the weak thing differentiating into human form within it. Abortion contradicts the rationality granted to evolution by science and is irrational.

To guarantee the procreation of offspring, science predicts evolution selects for the fittest of individuals with bias against the less fit. Homosexual behavior, a joining together without any promise of reproduction, certainly rejects the rational scheme of evolution and is irrational. To normalize homosexual behavior through civic marriage is to publicly sanction irrationality.

The rational aspect of evolution highlights the rationality inherent in Christian moral principle. To abuse Christian moral principle is to be irrational.

Today science penetrates to the deeper truths of physical reality and upholds early Christian revelation. Translated from Greek, the King James Bible explains "... so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear."

Recently, science has seen proof and reported on the existence of an invisible field where subatomic particles, as they pass through the field, gain mass and visibility.

At last science is catching up.

Gary Ward