Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 20

Whose religion infringed upon by health coverage?

While I can appreciate the fervor of a letter writer's belief that "the federal law forcing employers to provide insurance coverage for contraception and sterilization is "the beginning of the end of religious freedom" for many of the Catholic faith, I pose these questions:

Will any of the employees who select this insurance coverage be forced to use contraceptives or be sterilized? If not, whose freedom is curtailed?

If I am not of the Catholic faith and am employed by a faith-based employer and disagree with my employer's views on family planning, whose freedom is curtailed when I seek these services? Should I be forced to make the most intimate and impactful life decisions based on my employer's dogma?

If the Catholic understanding of God's will in its teachings is correct, the church will survive, even if this law stands.

If the law fails, then my freedom of choice, privacy and liberty has been eroded.

My freedom is ensured by the Constitution and those who valiantly serve to protect and defend it; not those who would have me serve under their interpretation of spiritual teachings.

I need no mediator between me and God.

Robert Atkinson


It hits heart of belief

I would like to reply to the letter writer who couldn't understand the position of Catholic institutions on the question of supplying insurance to employees for birth control.

Our Constitution provides for freedom of religion. It is against our religion to commit murder. We look on abortion as murder, since it destroys life in the womb. Also birth control can prevent the attachment of the fertilized egg to the womb, also causing abortion.

Any Catholic institution that provides insurance that will enable any woman to have an abortion, birth control, etc., is guilty of the death of that infant as well. We cannot do that.

This plan will cause Catholic institutions such as hospitals and universities to only hire or treat or teach Catholics.

Anyone who works for these institutions is free to go elsewhere, they do not have to stay there. We are not free on the other hand. This freedom is guaranteed to us by the Constitution. Hope this makes our position clearer.

Ruth Dixon


School tax: Same story

What are the prerequisites for becoming a school board member?

1. Ability to spend money without accountability and know that your source of funding comes from people who live in Fayette County and that they have bottomless pockets and perhaps even have a money tree growing in their back yard?

2. Common sense not required and could prove a hindrance if present?

3. Ability during the month of August when a meeting is called to discuss property tax increases to vote "yes." End of discussion and meeting?

The Herald-Leader should contact the school board as soon as possible and obtain the dates for the next century when the meetings are called for discussion of rate increases and publish this once and only once as soon as possible.

This could be a template for your paper: "The Fayette County School Board will meet every August from 2013 to 2113 and has voted to increase the property tax 100 cents per hundred dollars of property."

Imagine then that this space could be used for jokes and the like.

Ira Fink


Venue needs sound check

I went to see Steve Earle and John Hiatt in concert at the Lexington Opera House. This was the second time I had seen Earle there, and both times his vocals were completely drowned out by the volume of the instruments.

I mentioned this to an Opera House employee during the intermission. She agreed and referred me to a Woodsongs volunteer, who politely listened and suggested that I visit the Woodsongs Web site.

I did, but there was no place on the site that was dedicated for patron feedback. I finally left my name and contact information on the reservation line. Of course, I did not get a response.

Is this typical for all concerts at the Opera House or is it only typical of Earle concerts? Having purchased my tickets in June, I had looked forward to this concert for two months. The anticipation was, sadly, much better than the experience. I don't know if this can be attributed to the sound technicians or it may be that the sound system is too much for the venue. There is definitely a need for some adjustments in the balance between vocals and instruments.

I would love to see Earle again, but I will definitely think twice before I pay to see him perform at the Opera House.

Janet Greene


Space for man

Neil Armstrong's death makes me think of what I observed in the night skies years ago. I remember seeing the Russian Sputnik streaking across the sky.

I vividly remember the Apollo landing on the moon with Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in 1972.

Now, however, the Obama administration has gutted our space program. No longer will we welcome back our manned spacecraft. They are in static displays in museums.

The Obama administration can send $527 million to Solyndra, which was bankrupt in a year, but nothing for a manned space program.

They can subsidize windmills and solar panels that can't compete with Chinese panels, but not much to our space program.

Now America must pay the Russians $63 million per man to get them to the space station. (I wouldn't get on a Russian skateboard, much less a Russian rocket.)

Is this hope and change or just change?

Bill Morton


Veteran salutes VA care

Lexington and Kentucky have gems in the Veterans Administration hospitals on Cooper Drive and Leestown Road.

As a veteran in need of knee surgery and rehab, I could not have been treated better. Being in the Leestown VA hospital for six weeks for physical and occupational therapy was a wonderful experience.

The facilities, employees and care were outstanding. Each veteran was treated with respect and got anything needed for a complete recovery.

I thank God for the VA daily. For many, it is our only hope to have a healthful life. We are treated with respect and dignity and are provided with the best care.

Churches, civic groups, American Legions, DAVs and individuals provide many activities at Leestown, including dinners, bingo, games, fish fries and pizza parties.

I talked to one of the ladies and thanked her for our dinner and she answered, "If it wasn't for your service to America, I and the church may not have had the chance to serve you dinner."

That brought tears to my eyes. People are always saying to us "thanks for your service."

Thank you, America, for creating the VA Hospitals for us veterans.

Lars Gudal