Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 21

GOP looking after its own while cutting off the rest

I am finding myself more and more irritated by Republican speeches. Somewhere along the line they lost interest in people.

For example, why would anyone be against extending health care insurance to almost everyone? Almost everyone needs health care and all are treated. If they cannot pay we all pick up the tab in higher health costs. Why not require health insurance as we require auto insurance? Are autos more important than people? Perhaps.

Another example is the Republican war against regulatory agencies. Do they care about people's health and safety? Do they not care that industries without regulation are free to do whatever they want with those things that make us poor?

I am beginning to question their interest in creating jobs. There are several states where Republicans are in charge. In these states job losses have occurred and unions have been weakened. Interestingly, those who are laid off have been teachers and fire and police professionals. Even more interesting are the latest economic reports that the public sector is the only sector that is still losing jobs. Surely these losses will affect the quality of life in those communities.

So you are left with the feeling that they are willing to cut everyone but themselves. These people are willing to cut programs for the poor and refuse to raise taxes on the rich. Is this a fair or equitable way to govern if they are elected?

Richard M. Royalty


Abortion solution

The solution to the abortion debate is quite simple. Let's support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, informally referred to as Obamacare. Women would have the option of various types of birth control advice and methods. The result would be fewer unwanted pregnancies and the elimination of most abortions.

Ed Votruba


Bare one's soul

Why would Rep. Kevin Yoder, freshman congressman from Kansas, apologize for skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee? He was trying to add a little transparency to government.

Duke Martin


Carpetbaggers back Barr

I am somewhat perplexed. Candidate Andy Barr's proposals and concerns address the Eastern Kentucky 5th District, yet he lives and runs for office from the Central Kentucky 6th District. I suppose the robber coal barons and Republican Congressional Campaign Committee chose the issues he must engage.

Rep. Ben Chandler leaves no doubt he represents the 6th District. I know personally that Chandler has worked diligently on behalf of veterans, Social Security and Medicare.

I know Chandler as a man of honor and trust. I read the Congressional Record. No apologies needed for his voting record.

Now Chandler is forced to battle the big bucks from wealthy carpetbaggers to win re-election. How could a sensible citizen here expect these nameless, faceless corporations who support Barr to be our honest governing advocates?

Deeds and honest service mean more than misleading rhetoric. Let's work and win again with Chandler.

John Britton


Newspaper anti-coal

The Herald-Leader is not a "news"paper but a "political" paper. Proof is the two-page report of the two dozen University of Kentucky students protesting the Wildcat Coal Lodge this month and the failure to cover Hands Across Bell County held Aug. 11.

This event had an estimated 15,000 people in attendance, based on a report from WBIR-TV in Knoxville. This "news" does not play into the anti-coal political bias the Herald-Leader is determined to promote.

Lisa Johnson


Must be a better way

Let us prayerfully draw lots on for whom to vote. Although I have already made up my mind, I plan to write the name of Barack Obama on one sheet of paper and Mitt Romney on another. Fold them into balls and recite The Lord's Prayer twice before dropping the balls on a table. The ball that rolls the farthest to the right will be the winner. If no ball rolls to the right, then let us vote according to our wise conscience. Don't you think it is time to make a change in selecting our leaders?

John Aguhob