Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: UK sports

Coach Joker Phillips walks the sidelines during Kentucky's 32-31 loss to Western.
Coach Joker Phillips walks the sidelines during Kentucky's 32-31 loss to Western. Herald-Leader

Clean house from the top

If the University of Kentucky can spend the type of money it has for men's basketball Coach John Calipari, why can't it do the same to get a high-caliber football coach to build a team that can win in the Southeastern Conference?

The other teams put up this kind of money and have good, if not great, teams. But the Wildcats football team just seems to pick a former player or a coach who will only coach a few years then retire.

After the Western Kentucky loss, it is time for a change in leadership starting at the top with the athletics director. It seems that the care of the fans just comes second, but the university sure wants to fill the seats with season ticket holders.

Well, this will stop if they don't win. Football tickets are easy to find, but if you want basketball tickets you have to go through Ticketmaster or a scalper.

How do they get these tickets when the people of Kentucky have such a hard time just getting one ticket?

Lets start anew and spend the money to get a coach who can put a team on the field that's able to beat the Floridas and Alabamas and make us happy to be fans of Kentucky football.

Timothy B. Nickoson


Football needs better coaching

Why hasn't Joker Phillips resigned yet? What's taking the University of Kentucky so long in firing him? He said Western Kentucky University was very physical but thought UK was just as physical.

What? We play in the SEC, the biggest, baddest, fastest conference in all of college football. Western is in the Sunbelt Conference and has been a Division 1 team only a few years,

We need SEC talent and SEC coaching. The coaching is an embarrassment to the SEC and UK. Phillips should resign; it looks better than being fired.

Bob McCarty


Herald-Leader's sour coverage

I read the Courier-Journal's coverage of John Calipari's charity basketball exhibition and then the Herald-Leader's. There is no comparison.

The H-L started the article with a negative quote: "I'm going to the hotel and going to bed." It mentioned the "announced" crowd of 10,173" and a "relatively muted Rupp Arena less than half-filled," referenced the "so-called Big Blue Nation" and mentioned only in passing a "light-hearted pickup game."

In contrast, the CJ article started with the uplifting paragraph "It's hard to argue (it) could happen many other places — if any," offers multiple quotes from former players and went into detail about the pick-up game with all-stars from the John Calipari Fantasy Experience — giving so much more context and fun to the story.

Why does the H-L article strike one as being poorly written if not mean-spirited?

Dorothy Hoskins