Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Sept. 25

A slide shown from the Bigfoot event in Morehead Saturday featured a forensic sketch of a witness's description of a sasquatch reportedly seen on April 24 near DuBois, Pa.
A slide shown from the Bigfoot event in Morehead Saturday featured a forensic sketch of a witness's description of a sasquatch reportedly seen on April 24 near DuBois, Pa. Lexington Herald-Leader

Unions need to focus on revenues, not just demands

Wisconsin is in the center of financial turmoil again. The unions have found a judge, in the state's quagmire of judicial bodies, to again revive the collective bargaining issue.

This state, as well as many others, is experiencing the results of deficit spending which will eventually bankrupt the state to the point of irrecoverable circumstances: chaos, massive layoffs, no pensions, questionable future.

The unions of this country should not only stipulate what demands they want for their members, but also provide a discrete revenue stream so as to clarify where the money will come from. If that revenue stream isn't there, therein lies the real problem that must be negotiated.

One only needs to look at the rest of the world news to see where the above path leads. One only needs to read between the lines when a prominent presidential candidate states the "middle class" are those earning $200,000 to $250,000 and less.

The recently completed U.S. Census states the middle class average earnings to be $50,000.

Simply stated: Those presently in office have absolutely no idea who the middle class is, yet fit in "fixes" to a ruined economic system while operating in a dysfunctional mode for the past three years. This is an absolute shame, and it's bringing this country to its knees.

Not one of them has stated health insurance as the culprit in job losses. Temporary workers, with no pension or benefits, are not the answer.

Joseph Williams


Excessive celebration

After reading the letter about the Lexington fireworks ban satisfying "crybabies" in this town, I felt the need to reply.

I and many like me in Lexington have absolutely no problem with the letting off of fireworks for the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve, with reasonable time limits set.

Here's the problem — the cannon fireworks started in our neighborhood around the second week of June and as of the middle of this month were still going off.

As in most things in life you have the few people who decide that no one is going to tell them what to do or have absolutely no manners or regard for anyone around them. You know who they are. They are the ones who say it's their right to let off their fireworks and try to say they are being patriotic.

I have found that most of these folks doing it now have no idea what the word means.

I think that a compromise could have been met somewhere in the middle, but for the folks like the ones now who are still just being a neighborhood nuisance, they shouldn't get a simple $250 fine, it should be $1,000 and they should be forced to pay it.

After all, if you have money for the fireworks, you have money for the fines. And, by the way, I think calling someone a "crybaby" can go both ways.

Yo Wood


Fireworks fun snuffed

Lexington's fun police are at it again. Due to complaints by a few unpatriotic people, we can no longer celebrate Independence Day with certain types of fireworks.

It really is sad when a few whiners or special interest groups ruin a special holiday for the rest of us. America is no longer the land of the free and the majority no longer have a voice. It's all about special interests and what they want.

C. Wayne Baker


Wrong about church

Regarding Lexington psychologist's Steve Mangine's tired attempt to misinform the masses about birth control using isolated quotations from ancient Christian writings which are bound to be misunderstood when taken out of context: The Catholic Church regards women as "the gate to heaven."

Tom Jameson


Our national interests

Syndicated columnist Mona Charen's Sept. 7 column castigated the Democrat Platform Committee's reluctance to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and to mention God in the platform.

Did anyone else notice she did not really seem concerned about the "God" part, but spent the rest of the column fulminating at the lack of a promise of full support for Israel in all things?

Does anyone else wonder why this is such a "debacle," as she put it, or why it is considered a death sentence for any American politician to do less than promise full support for Israel in whatever actions it may take, including a military attack on Iran, which could involve us in another Middle East war?

Is this in America's national interest?

On another subject, does anyone else wonder why we are borrowing money from China to send Kentucky men and women to risk their lives to try to broker peace in Somalia, one of the most dangerous places in the world right now, where the people have been fighting forever.

Is this in our national interest? Does anyone else wonder why we are borrowing money from China to keep troops in Bosnia, Korea, Germany and nearly every country on Earth?

Is this in our national interest?

Kelvin Keath

Mount Sterling

Bigfoot: Bad hair day?

I read with interest the article on the permits being issued to people hunting for Bigfoot.

The accompanying Sasquatch sketch is scary but ... um ... doesn't it look like a man who just lives in the woods?

Furthermore, that's what I look like when I get up in the morning.

Sharon Woodworth


No talk of disabilities

How come President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney have not met and talked to people with disabilities about what needs to be done to stop the discrimination and bullying against them?

Does that non-action show Obama and Romney support discrimination and bullying against people with disabilities?

Rep. Ben Chandler and challenger Andy Barr have not met and talked to people with disabilities on what needs to be done to help them in Kentucky.

Is it because Chandler and Barr support discrimination against people with disabilities?

What has Chandler done in Washington to help people in Kentucky with disabilities? Nothing.

What has Barr done to help people in Kentucky with disabilities? I have not seen a thing he has done.

So what would Barr do in Washington to help people with disabilities in Kentucky?

Jerry Ginter