Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 28

Christians should reject the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by liars (Bill Clinton), murder (abortion) and depraved (gay) marriage, all of which are condemned by the Ten Commandments and elsewhere in the Bible. Because these issues are in their party platform, many will be deceived and walk this plank right into the abyss.

In 1992, when Clinton said, "Keep abortion safe, legal and rare," I could no longer be a Democrat and changed my registration. A Christian should never be in favor of taking an innocent life, no matter how it's been sugarcoated with words such as "choice, embryo, fetus, not human, etc." It's still a baby created in God's image.

Now the Democratic Party has moved a giant leap toward the abyss by ordaining unholy unions (gays and lesbians) to become a holy institution (marriage).

I believe the only way to get the Democrats to change their platform is for Christians registered as Democrats to change (repent) and pray. Go to your local courthouse, change your registration, then pray for God's mercy and grace.

As Christians, we're not to love in words only but by our actions and truth. Perhaps then God will hear and see what we're doing and heal our land.

Tom Hamm


Can't 'scale back' loss

Scaled back. When I got up to read the paper this morning these words jumped out at me ("9/11 remembered: Anniversary ceremonies scaled back this year," Sept. 12). You tell me how you scale back when you lose a loved one.

I lost my husband to cancer eight years ago, and believe me every Aug. 13 the pain is as severe as it was eight years ago. Yes, I know you have to go on because that's God's plan. I spent half my life with this man and I have no intention of scaling back.

I keep him alive in my heart and the hearts of my children and grandchildren, and yes great-grandchildren. Scaled back is not in my plans. Bad, bad choice of words.

Judi Lowery


Chandler better of bad choices

Andy Barr, a Tea Party right-winger, has not exhibited any ability to think for himself, and thus has become no more than a puppet manipulated by the likes of anti-tax activist Grover Norquist and others.

We have Ben Chandler, who calls himself a Democrat but who most assuredly is not. He is a "say what they want to hear" politician without any real convictions.

The government has a duty and obligation to help those who cannot help themselves. I believe it is the responsibility of government to see that no one is left without enough to eat or a place under a roof or access to proper health care.

This can be abused, of course, but we cannot and should not throw the baby out with the bath water. We must compromise.

So, hold your nose and vote for Chandler, because he is the lesser of two ill-suited candidates.

Charles Arbogast


Barr won't hide or lie

Andy Barr is a great candidate who will represent Kentucky well in Washington.

The current representative, Ben Chandler, is President Barack Obama's puppet. He hid and would not meet with the people he represents in the heat of the debate about "Obamacare."

He would not hold town hall meetings and would not show his face in times of crisis. He did not want to know how his constituents felt about issues; he only cared about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Obama and his tenure in the House.

Let's elect a man who will not hide from the issues and will not be a rubber stamp.

Big plus: Barr will tell the truth, not lies, about Medicare and Medicaid. He will face the electorate and level with us on the issues.

Shirley Wiseman