Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 5

Let Opera House know if there are sound problems

I am writing to respond to a recent letter regarding perceived sound issues at the Lexington Opera House. Audience members should be aware that most professional touring artists travel with their own sound engineers and equipment.

Though they sometimes augment their systems by tying into existing venue equipment, the operation and audio quality (the mix) is under the sole control of the touring sound engineer.

The Steve Earle Concert at the Opera House, mentioned in the recent letters, falls into this category.

If patrons are having difficulty with the sound or other technical aspects of the show, they should ask to speak with the house manager, who can make the production company aware of the issue.

It is up to the sound engineer and the production company to make any adjustments. The venue staff can only make recommendations. Most sound engineers work very hard to achieve a balance that is pleasing to both the artist and the audience. The patron experience is extremely important to the management and staff at the Opera House, and we endeavor to address all issues as soon as they are reported.

Luanne A. Franklin

Opera House Program Director


The choice is clear

One letter writer's wholesale dismissal of climate science on the grounds that it is distorted by an anti-capitalism bias threw me into a serious intellectual tailspin.

Who is one to believe? Let's see. On one side you've got near consensus among the world's scientists that the Earth is warming in large part due to increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases, and on the other you've got the conspiracy theories of a guy from Cynthiana.

Whew, give me a second. World's scientists or the Cynthiana right-winger? Evidence or crank political theory? Hmm, tough call. ... I think I'll go with the science.

Al Scovern


GOP right on taxes

When President Barack Obama said "you did not build that," he was completely wrong. We built it all. All public goods and services are provided with taxpayer dollars — you know, the money government extorts from the citizenry.

One thing in the Republican Party's favor: It seems each time Republicans give the citizenry a tax cut, the state and local Democrats increase taxes and our expendable income decreases overall.

Susan Saunier


Next: sponsoring players

I found it interesting that each room in the Wildcat Coal Lodge has its own donor plaque. I wonder how long it will be before we hear the following exchange between beloved Wildcat announcers Tom Leach and Mike Pratt:

"Well, Mike, it was a pretty close game until midway in the second when the Arch Coal 23 started knocking down those threes."

"That's right Tom, but let's not forget the contribution of the L.D. Gorman 54, who owned the lane tonight."

"Yes, Mike, and don't forget the valuable minutes the Wildcats got from the bench by the Armstrong Energy 3."

I bet Coach John Calipari would need an awful big plaque by his door to list all his donors.

Mike Downs


Value of life

If, according to Rep. Paul Ryan, a fetus is a person and the mother may be charged with murder for having an abortion (for any reason), then should the mother die in childbirth, will the fetus be charged with murder because the pregnancy caused her death?

Linda Sutherland


Training Afghan troops

Afghans, rather than American troops, should train Afghan recruits. Speaking the same language facilitates learning. We have been training Afghan troops for most of the 11 years we have been there. Many of the present instructors were in grade school when the first Afghans were trained. Surely some Afghans are ready and able to teach.

It seems obvious that disbelieving in the present government, not lack of training, is the reason Afghan troops haven't been able to overcome the Taliban fighters.

When 15 Taliban can invade a U.S. base where every American is to have a weapon at all times — yet still destroy six hangars and many $20 million planes without our sophisticated training — then training is not the problem.

If we are supporting a corrupt incompetent government, it must be replaced or we leave. If our enemies then return, bombers can probably handle that more cheaply.

Gordon Liddle