Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (On art): Oct. 7

Why not shop local for graffiti artists?

How good it is that someone made a gesture accepting graffiti as an art form in Lexington. The new works of art at Sixth Street and North Limestone and 156 Market St. are very nice additions to the downtown area. The artists who painted them are gifted indeed. The sad part to me is that artists were brought here from another country. They were allowed to work during daylight hours, and appreciative audiences gathered to watch.

Did I miss the call out for any local graffiti artist who might be interested in painting the wall of a building in downtown Lexington?

There are some very talented graffiti/urban artists who reside in this town. If this is meant to be a community event, then why not use graffiti artists in this community who could create a wall of art to tell their stories.

Some of the best artists in Lexington have to hide under a bridge or some other out of the way place, usually under the cover of darkness, to create their art. I am definitely not an advocate of vandalism which is so often associated with graffiti. I would just like for the graffiti artists in this town to have the opportunity to display their work in places where it could be appreciated.

Lexington has already seen that beauty can be created with a spray can. Why not give the locals a chance to show you what they can do?

Sandi Elaine