Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Oct. 12

Romney's omissions in debate were telling

After listening to the first presidential debate, I got the impression that all of the woes of the economy lay squarely on President Barack Obama's shoulders.

Mitt Romney did not mention that there is a global economic crisis or that Congress obstructed many of the president's attempts to create jobs, including a recent bill which would help veterans.

As far as Romney's history of job creation, it would be worthwhile to look into his time at Bain Capital. Bain used leveraged buyouts to make itself and its executives very wealthy. Unfortunately, some of the companies which were helped did not fare as well.

Romney said he misspoke about the 47 percent, that he cares about 100 percent of the American people, but his time at Bain does not support that claim. Closing factories and losing jobs do not equal job creation. This is not the type of economic recovery our country needs.

Cheryl Keenan


Global-warming trotting

Rep. Ben Chandler may have spent more time learning about global warming in luxurious and exotic locales than he spent anywhere near a coal mine. Most expenses were paid by taxpayers, the rest by environmental groups anxious to shutter our coal-fired power.

In 2006, Chandler went to Antarctica. The mean temperature was 16 degrees below zero, yet Chandler wrote that burning oil, coal and natural gas is causing the glaciers to melt.

In November 2007, Chandler visited Portofino, Italy, while discussing global warming with the European community. His 2008 trip was in the Galapagos for snorkeling, turtle-watching and accommodations at the Red Mangrove Aventura.

A 2009 trip to Sweden included talks that warned of wars caused by global warming. Last summer, anti-coal forces paid for a $15,000 10-day African safari.

No wonder Chandler didn't recognize a coal miner in Andy Barr's ad. He hasn't seen many up close.

Eunice Logan


Representative cares

Two years ago, my husband turned 65 and registered for Medicare. In November of the same year, he had hip surgery.

After the surgery, we received a $61,000 doctors' bill. After contacting Medicare, I found they had made a mistake on the effective date. After weeks of pleading to correct the error, I turned to our congressmen and senators.

On Aug. 22, 2010, I wrote letters to representatives. Ben Chandler called on Aug. 24 asking how he could help. After sharing our situation, he promised to get it resolved.

Two days later, Chandler's office informed me the error had been corrected. I didn't receive a call from our senators for two more weeks.

When the day is done, our representatives should represent and help us when we ask. Chandler responded expeditiously. I appreciate when people keep their promises, don't you?

Ginger Sanders


Where's Chandler?

About the only time we hear from Ben Chandler is election time. He sometimes speaks to special-interest groups but some local radio stations have tried to get him on for years without success.

We need an accessible representative, one who will speak to us at times other than election time via something other than commercials.

Andy Barr has already been on local radio talk shows numerous times. It is really time for a change after years of essentially being ignored.

David W. Phillips


Get big-name coach

So? Do we want a football program at the University of Kentucky or not? We have tried a former retired coach and an untested coach with no head coaching experience, with little or no success.

It's time for Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart and the administration to either spend the big money — and I do mean big money — for a top-notch coach or tell the fans they don't care about football, but please buy tickets so we can finance other athletic programs.

At least with new coaching, we should be able to be the No. 1 team in the state instead of — what? Embarrassing is the word.

W.R. Warren