Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: 6th District race (Oct. 22)

Rep. Andy Barr
is scheduled to host McCarthy at Keeneland on Oct. 31.
Rep. Andy Barr is scheduled to host McCarthy at Keeneland on Oct. 31.

Chandler for seniors

Rep. Ben Chandler represents a district of voters with widely varying political preferences and diverse opinions on a variety of issues. I have not always agreed with his votes, but I do understand that he tries to represent his diverse constituency to the best of his judgment.

I have decided to vote for Chandler in the approaching election because of his strong support for protecting and strengthening Medicare and Social Security as they are currently constructed. Preserving these bedrock old-age security programs for subsequent generations is as important as protecting them for the present generation of elders.

Comparing the details of programs championed by Chandler and his opponent, I am convinced that Chandler is committed to preserving the essentials of these programs while his opponent supports adopting changes that will eventually destroy them, and deprive future generations of the old age security presently enjoyed by today's beneficiaries.

Thomas Garrity


Barr misrepresented in ads

Ben Chandler's attack ads against Andy Barr are despicable. Desperate to hold onto a seat he believes he's entitled to because of family name, Chandler said on election night 2010 that no family should have had to go through what his family did, meaning the very narrow election win over Barr.

Barr's family had endured months of insulting and derogatory ads run by Chandler, accusing Barr of being a liar and a criminal.

Chandler attacked a real coal miner, who in fact is a third-generation coal miner, for becoming wealthy on his own merit. For liberals like Chandler and President Barack Obama, obtaining wealth is a terrible sin.

Chandler's ads referring to Andy Barr as a common criminal for using a fake ID when he was a teenager was the final straw for me.

Chandler is the most inaccessible, opportunistic and bullying person to ever to hold the 6th congressional seat.

Diana Maldonado


Chandler supports women

Rep. Ben Chandler has been a fierce advocate for women. Time after time he has cast votes, co-sponsored bills and provided funding aimed at improving their lives. He voted to increase funding for the Office of Violence Against Women. He voted for the Fair Pay Act.

He brought home $175,000 for Chrysalis House, $190,000 for mammography equipment in Richmond and $325,000 for Bluegrass Domestic Violence Transitional Housing.

Women in Central Kentucky need to keep him in Congress to continue to fight for equality, to protect women's health care and our basic rights as human beings.

We should all care about health care protection for women, just as we all should care about equal pay and protection from violence. Improving women's lives lifts all of society.

I urge all women and the people who care about them to cast your votes for Ben Chandler on Nov. 6.

Landra Lewis


Barr has Christian values

Andy Barr is an honest, reputable young man who upholds Christian values, supports senior citizens and will dedicate great efforts to preserve Social Security and Medicare for us. He values all human life, regardless of age, dependency or place of residence — including those helpless little ones who live in their mother's wombs. Barr supports a strong defense to protect America's freedom.

We have been unserved in the U.S. House for too long. I've made several attempts to meet with Ben Chandler but have never succeeded. I've been passed from one aide to another with "call back" promises unfulfilled.

Chandler almost never holds meetings to give citizens a chance to discuss issues with him. Barr will be accessible to his constituents.

Chandler supports "Obamacare," which can be used to pay for the killing of unborn babies and robs employers of religious freedom on birth control.

Vote Andy Barr on Nov. 6.

Hilda Pullen


Dems will save safety net

It is very important that we return Ben Chandler to Congress. He has done an admirable job of representing this diverse district. He cannot keep us all happy about his votes.

This is a critical time to keep a Democratic vote in Congress to protect the safety net provided by Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

The Democratic approach is to see that Medicare survives and works efficiently so that it can meet the demands of the future, rather than privatize it so elderly people have to go shopping for insurance.

Betty Gabehart


Barr will work to cut debt

What is the truth in advertising? Andy Barr does not seek office to cut Medicare for seniors.

Barr is a man of integrity and feels a moral responsibility to reduce our nation's debt.

Rep. Ben Chandler is a man of miswords and not of deeds for the 6th Congressional District. Why not debate the issues in an open forum in locations around the 6th District?

False advertising is not the American way.

Susan Anderson


Chandler best for veterans

Rep. Ben Chandler has long supported our veterans. His recent support in Congress includes supporting a new GI Bill that gave current veterans the same four-year education as previous veterans.

When the Bush Republicans tried to close the Lexington VA Hospital, Chandler fought them and kept it open. Now he is supporting the facility by voting for the biggest increase in veterans health care in 80 years. The work is under way at the VA to have state-of-the-art facilities at Leestown Road.

Kentucky veterans deserve the best care and the most modern facilities. The Republicans plan to cut the veterans' budget by 13 percent and $11 billion under the Paul Ryan plan.

Let's all work to keep Chandler in Congress and supporting Kentucky's veterans.

Warner Broughman III


Barr will protect babies

My grandmother never tired of retelling the time that Gov. Happy Chandler called to ask if she did "baby cases." Overwhelmed with emotion and widowed, she gushed, "I surely do, governor." The news of her humble business of love had reached the governor's mansion.

She proudly cared for Happy's precious grandson, Ben, for six months in a home far different from her tiny Nicholasville dollhouse with its coal furnace and cold water.

Ben Chandler's record on caring for babies, however, is quite different. He has a failing voting record with Right to Life. He is chummy with pro- abortion Catholic Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

He even voted to fund the billion-dollar death machine, Planned Parenthood, with our tax dollars.

Does Chandler accept any personal responsibility for the local EMW abortuary baby shredding? Probably not.

Andy Barr, like Granny Foley, knows that babies are a precious gift. He will protect them.

Dr. Patrick Schneider II