Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Oct. 23

Give Obama time

It is amazing that President Barack Obama has accomplished so much despite an obstructionist Congress that wanted to assure his defeat by blocking economic recovery. He correctly sees the insincerity of the GOP's talk of debts and deficits since the easiest way to address those problems would be to raise taxes on those most able to pay.

Obama has promoted equal pay for women, saved the auto industry and secured credit card reform. He has steadily reduced our dependence on foreign oil and energy sources to 45 percent. He has reaffirmed his commitment to a safety net for seniors, children and the unemployed, and secured an Affordable Health Care Act under a Democratic Congress.

His greatest successes are in foreign policy where he ended the Bush war in Iraq, eliminated odious al-Qaida leaders, and displayed an amazing tact, caution and wisdom in dealing with Libya and other Arab states. Obama deserves more time.

Henry Everman


What 'war on coal'?

Instead of debating whether a complete stranger is or isn't a coal miner, maybe we should be asking whether there really is a "war on coal" at all.

It's being accepted as a given, even though there's ample evidence of broader problems for the coal industry that have nothing to do with President Barack Obama or his administration. Many utility companies are switching from coal to natural gas because natural gas is cheaper. And we just had a mild winter, so many utility companies stockpiled coal instead of burning it. That's why they don't need to buy as much now.

These are the things hurting the coal industry, not some imaginary "war on coal." Unfortunately, it's easier (and politically beneficial) for some to use the president as a scapegoat, rather than face up to bigger problems that will exist no matter who's in the White House.

Alex Gibbs


Mossotti listens

Jennifer Mossotti listens. Mossotti not only listens, she is also a strong advocate on the council for the neighborhoods in her district.

As a result of her strong advocacy, Mossotti was awarded the Fayette County Neighborhood Hero Award in 2004. Again, the neighborhoods in the 9th Council District need a strong advocate on the council, and Mossotti is that person. As a 44-year resident of the Robinwood neighborhood, I urge you to vote for Jennifer Mossotti.

James E. Keller


Chandler an advocate

We are fortunate in the 6th District to have a Congress member who follows his conscience in supporting the interests of his constituents and responding to their concerns. I urge all residents of the district to cast their votes for Ben Chandler on Nov. 6.

We have an opportunity this fall to increase Democratic representation in the House of Representatives and to oppose the takeover by Tea Party Republicans. A vote for Chandler is an important step in this process.

Chandler is a strong advocate for senior citizens, small businesses, military members and veterans. He continues to work to protect Social Security and Medicare — programs that would be threatened by the election of his opponent, Andy Barr, who would like to gut Medicare to give tax breaks to millionaires.

Your vote is too important to lose.

Ruby Layson