Letters to the Editor

Letters: Unendorsed candidates

Independent voice for change

I am disappointed that the Herald Leader editorial board chose to endorse my opponent in the Senate District 17 election.

Given the dysfunctional performance of the legislature over the last 10 years, someone with different ideas should be welcomed.

Unfortunately, it has been my experience that if you do the same thing over and over again you should not expect a different result.

I take exception to the comment published in the endorsement to the effect that a candidate who is a common citizen is somehow less capable of serving as a legislator because they have chosen not to accept money from special interests.

A lot of people would agree that separating money from politics is an admirable improvement to the election process.

Voters can be assured that I will have no conflicts of interest and if elected will represent them in Frankfort with honesty and integrity. My campaign may be unconventional, but I chose to differentiate myself from the typical career politician.

It is my hope that the voters in my district will consider the choice I offer in fixing what is broken, finding solutions to the issues before us and getting the people's work done in a timely manner.

We cannot continue to stand by and do nothing about the performance of our General Assembly. Kentuckians deserve better than the status quo.

David Holcomb

Democratic candidate, Senate 17

Editorial board predictable

I wanted to express my thoughts about the lack of an endorsement using a familiar fable:

One day a scorpion is hanging around the side of a stream. A frog happens by on his way across the stream.

The scorpion cannot swim so he stops the frog and asks if he can climb on his back for a ride across the water. "Do you think I am crazy?" The frog says. "If I let you on my back, you'll certainly sting me and I'll sink in the water and die."

The scorpion replies, "Hey just think about it for a second, I can't swim. If I sting you, then you'll die and I'll sink and die too.

The frog thinks for a second and decides that makes sense, so he proceeds to give the scorpion a ride across the stream. About half way across the stream, the scorpion stings the frog. The frog screams "What are you doing? Why did you sting me? Now I am going to drown and die and you are going to sink and die too."

The scorpion says "because I am a scorpion."

The moral of this fable is that the Herald-Leader continues to endorse an endless parade of Democrat candidates just because they are Democrats.

It rarely varies. But, like the scorpion, that's just who they are.

Doug Jones

Republican candidate, House 56